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symbol marks changed chapters.


What's new ?

Version 1.7.6 / July-August 2023

PDFtoMusic / PDFtoMusic Pro 1.7.6d - August 3, 2023


  1. Drawing of some horizontal lines
  2. Key display on virtual keyboard.

PDFtoMusic / PDFtoMusic Pro 1.7.6c - July 19, 2023


  1. Crash when sending some emails (especially for requesting a 64-bit license extension)
  2. MacOS: Selection color issue in editable fields.

PDFtoMusic / PDFtoMusic Pro 1.7.6 - July 12, 2023

New features

  1. Algorithm for merging accented characters drawn in two parts.
  2. When exporting tracks, it is now possible to process voice parts specifically in order to create a separate file for each voice, highlighting the main voice. This can be achieved by either reducing the sound level of other singers (while keeping the orchestration unchanged) or by placing the main voice on the right and all other voices on the left in the stereo position.
    This feature is especially useful for choirmasters who can easily generate practice tracks for their singers.


  1. The mode for excluding oversized images from processing has been extended to filled rectangles.
  2. Improved handling of legato.
  3. Enhanced management of rests in chords.
  4. When displaying the key signature on a system with two staves, the key signature now appears on both staves.
  5. Separate track export is now available in batch export, allowing the creation of a customized set of tracks from a list of PDF files.
  6. To avoid a series of dialog boxes, the digital export format is no longer prompted every time but can be selected via a button.
  7. Ability to define the default Unicode mode of operation: new "Fonts" tab in the preferences.


  1. Fixed an issue with launching on Mac OS 13.4 with M1 chip.
  2. Fixed an intrusive message when manipulating the Myriad HQ palette.
  3. Fixed an issue where it was impossible to disable Virtual Singer when the score was empty.
  4. Fixed an issue where music would automatically play upon loading documents at application launch.
  5. Fixed the positioning of the export configuration dialog box, which was centered on the log window instead of the foremost document.
  6. Fixed an issue where the default path for saving or exporting was incorrect for all applications.
  7. macOS: Fixed a crash when attempting to export with no documents present

Version 1.7.5 / August-September 2022

PDFtoMusic / PDFtoMusic Pro 1.7.5c - September 16, 2022


  1. New font option to give full priority to Unicode


  1. Windows: management of hi-resolution screens in PDFtoMusic and PDFtoMusic Pro


  1. Miscelleneous fixes in file selector
  2. Windows: app icon on desktop and in taskbar

PDFtoMusic / PDFtoMusic Pro 1.7.5 - August 24, 2022


  1. New file/folder selection box (still possible to use system boxes).
  2. New "Enable ancient notation" option (Pro version) in order, among others, to allow accidentals above the staff. Also enables to exclude rests outside the staff.
  3. Setting for seeking chord diagrams in expert mode
  4. First version of figured bass management (Pro version)


  1. Limit in number of displayed erros on TrueType fonts
  2. Displaying glyphs not found in red is now optional
  3. Improvement in slurs tracking
  4. macOS: better management of application in background when music is playing
  5. Adjustment of palette position on startup
  6. Deactivating "Correction > Dynamics" menu option also removes crescendo/decrescendo seeking
  7. Better finding of guitar chord diagram
  8.  Management of a special case:   Al coda  followed by the coda symbol
  9. Better response of the virtual keyboard.
  10. Improvement in recognition of chord names related to diagrams


  1. Selection playing when several parts are selected
  2. Text editing of an annotation broke the music font
  3. Keys remaining pressed on virtual keyboard
  4.  Windows: verifying that another instance of the application is already running was made after controlling or requesting the serial number
  5. Note positionning quality evaluation: separated notes could be considered in chord, or on the opposite chords split to successive notes
  6. Removing all changes could crash
  7.  Crash in mixer
  8. Changing font processing management type could make the "Performance" menu disappear
  9. Font correction could lead to displayin an empty score
  10. Management of maximal distance between the note and its ornament
  11. Resetting calculation parameters
  12. Wrong management of some fonts (rare) could lead to an incorrect rendering on screen, thus recognition error
  13. A bit too enthusiastic recognition of crescendo/decrescendo symbols on very tilted lines
  14. Drum sets

Version 1.7.4 / December 2021


  1. Recognition of some slur symbols
  2. Better management of slurs drawn through mirror or not
  3. Better display of recognition result for mirrored slurs


  1. Fixed display of tie symbols in result preview
  2. Loop when playing selection range didn't work
  3. Saving of the loop state
  4. Random problem when starting playback
  5. Removal of slurs drawn on top of each other

Version 1.7.3 / August 5th, 2021


  1. Can run in forced Ascii or Unicode mode


  1. Fixed problem of symbols drawn as pictures on retina screens
  2. Fixed refresh problem on the keyboard palette
  3. Fixed problem with Type 1C fonts

Version 1.7.2 / January 2021

PDFtoMusic / PDFtoMusic Pro 1.7.2d - January 25th, 2021


  1. Following dashes over a measure edge has been improved


  1. Digital export applied the forced tempo to the first staff only

PDFtoMusic / PDFtoMusic Pro 1.7.2c - January 11th, 2021


  1. Problem of music performance
  2. Problem when playing tremolos
  3. Problem when printing : unwanted display of selection area

PDFtoMusic / PDFtoMusic Pro 1.7.2 - January 5th, 2021

This version provides a complete access to the Virtual Singer voices and MyrSynth instruments settings


  1. Complete settings for Virtual Singer voices
  2. Virtual Singer palette
  3. Virtual Singer settings are savec in MusicXML files
  4. Palette for MyrSynth instruments settings
  5. Sound base path selection
  6. New option for splitting between left and right hand


  1. track export now manages tempo changes on all staves
  2. Management of the multiband graphic equalizer in sound output settings 
  3. Scrolling in "scroll" mode
  4. Better management of beam complex drawing


  1. Problem on RealSinger voices rendering 
  2. Access to Gold base on Windows
  3. Keyboard palette
  4. Display of recognition results in scroll mode
  5. Possible crash when the % character was present in a word
  6. Mismatch in the contextual menu "Correction" of the batch export

Version 1.7.1  / February 2020

PDFtoMusic / PDFtoMusic Pro 1.7.1d - April 6th, 2020


  1. Graphical interface libraries have been updated
  2. Interface scale selection

PDFtoMusic / PDFtoMusic Pro 1.7.1c - February 12th, 2020


  1. Better management of diacritics in stave names


  1. Fixed infinite loop in recognition of some (rare) files

  2. Recognition of some Unicode characters

  3. macOS: Deactivation of Retina mode

PDFtoMusic / PDFtoMusic Pro 1.7.1 - February 3rd, 2020


  1. macOs : system notification at the end of batch processing

  2. macOs : management of Retina screens. Can be disabled in global settings, "Screen" tab

  3. Magnifier mode for visually impaired ("Screen" tab)


  1. Management of complex tempi, e.g when reference note duration is a dotted half note

  2. Corrections are now applied before the file is edited through an external software

  3. Management of lyrics line containing only one syllable

  4. Management of zero-width lines. This is very rare and has been only seen on two pictures on the thousands we own


  1. Better management of batch processing when the application is hidden.

  2. Windows : problem to run automatically Melody/Harmony Assistant

Version 1.7.0  / June 2019 - October 2019

PDFtoMusic / PDFtoMusic Pro 1.7.0j - October 15th 2019

  1. New keyboard shortcuts
  2. Recognition of dots drawn with lines is now related to "Authorise special lines"
  3. macOS: many cosmetic improvements


  1. Performance menu items were not responding properly

PDFtoMusic / PDFtoMusic Pro 1.7.0i - August 8th 2019

  1. Clicking the "drawer" (page preview on the right of the window) brings the window to front


  1.  SVG/Myrweb export displayed some horizontal lines (e.g. beams) in white instead of black

PDFtoMusic / PDFtoMusic Pro 1.7.0h - July 31st 2019

  1. Possible crash when processing file without interface (PDFtoMusic Pro in command-line mode or  PDFtoMusic launched from Harmony/Melody Assistant)

PDFtoMusic / PDFtoMusic Pro 1.7.0g - July 18th 2019


  1. "Time slider" window, to quickly play from any position in the score


  1. Fixed overflow in files containing many paths
  2. Connection with Harmony for PDF processing

PDFtoMusic / PDFtoMusic Pro 1.7.0f - July 9th 2019


  1. New "correction" option to eliminate too big pictures

  1. Font viewing on the document in font correction mode
  2. Virtual Singer didn't sing some notes well, when another notes with a 0 velocity was overlapping. This is used for creating notes that are starting point of several slurs
  3. Windows: fixed installer (in particular the application desktop shortcut icon)

PDFtoMusic / PDFtoMusic Pro 1.7.0d - June 21st 2019


  1. Fixed miscellaneous minor graphical problems

PDFtoMusic / PDFtoMusic Pro 1.7.0c - June 14th 2019


  1. Problem when saving default access paths, that could lead to a crash

PDFtoMusic / PDFtoMusic Pro 1.7.00 - June 12th 2019

New features

  1. First 64-bit version of PDFtoMusic and PDFtoMusic PRO
  2. Retina/4K option for big size display.
  3. Interface theme selector, transparency.
  4. Dark mode


  1. Improvement in symbol recognition database
  2. Display of symbols deleted by the user has been improved
  3. Management of note dots drawn via very short lines with rounded ends.


  1. Area selection, when click and drag was made from bottom to top and/or from right to left
  2. Deleted symbols calculation could be wrong on PDF files containing EPS (without embedded font)

Version 1.6.5 / March 7, 2018

New features

  1. Inclusion and exclusion areas ("Correction" menu)
  2. Now possible to defer document processing when applying changes ("Edit" menu)


  1. Implemented specific processing for PDF files that have been generated from the MyrWeb print option.
  2. New icons: reprocessing, areas, e-mail
  3. Linux: application window size and position are saved between sessions


  1. Fixed name buffer overflow in staves and system correction mode
  2. Fixed "deadlock" problem on PDF files with non-standard page size (icon placement)
  3. Fixed character size problem in type 3 fonts (drawn using pictures)
  4. Fixed side-by-side page display
  5. Windows: Fixed potential crash source at startup

Version 1.6.4 / February 1, 2018


  1. Management of the "US-English" language variation in song lyrics
  2. Improvement of grace notes recognition
  3. Adjustments made to process some files in which note dots were removed by the dust cleaner


  1. Selection range playback was sometimes not well managed the first time
  2. Playback position marker could show the wrong measure
  3. When entering measure list for playback, the bar shown on score wasn't always in sync with the required measur
  4. Window choice in "Windows" menu didn't work well in standard (non-pro) version
  5. Wrong items in "Windows" menu when the Kooplet search window was open
  6. Linux: fixed crash at startup
  7. Fixed time signature recognition problem, that could lead to a sudden speed up in playback
  8. Fixed inconsistency in note time positions (a note to the right could be inserted before a note to its left)
  9. Pro version: Fixed glitches in MusicXML export, especially on 8va & 8vb clef management

Version 1.6.3 / November 28, 2017


- MyrSynth instruments management, providing an improved sound realism for plucked string instruments when the Myriad HQ module is registered.
In Pro version, Myriad HQ is fully-functional without needing an additional license

- This version is the very first to be available for Linux

- Spanish version of the GUI

  1. Better duplicate characters deletion in type 3 fonts
  2. Management of Unicode characters in type 3.
  3. Improvement in ambitus management
  4. Improvement in maverick tempi management 
  5. Digital output settings in batch export
  6. Improvement of selection range playback
  7. Default octave shift for Guitars and Basses
  8. OCR improvement for some text fonts
  9. Improvement of Basque language detection in lyrics

Fixes and Changes

  1. "Enable rounded lines" becomes "Enable special lines"
  2. Fixed crash when playing/exporting scores that contains very small images
  3. Fixed confusion between ledger lines and tenuto
  4. Fixed management of incomplete charset on fonts using a wrong unicode encoding

Version 1.6.2 / March 8, 2017

The main new feature is the annotation system. It enables a PDF file to be overlayed with text, graphics, boxes or arrows.
These annotations can be animated, to appear or disappear at a defined moment when music is playing.
Annotations can only be created and edited with PDFtoMusic Pro.
PDFtoMusic (non-pro) will, however, display them.

  1. Annotations
  2. New option in correction menu to disable grace notes processing
  3. New option in correction menu to process chord names written in complex typography
  4. If expert settings have been changed, it is shown in configuration menu
  5. Changes in general tempo now affect the miscellaneous exports (MusicXML, Myrweb, etc)
  1. User name and address can now be specified on command line
  2. Windows: new memory management, that lets cross the 1.4GB limit
  3. Improved playback for crescendo and decrescendo symbols
  4. Improved playback of long melismas
  5. Calculation of the played bar array has been optimised. It speeds up the end of document calculation
  6. Management of part start symbols, which are now easier to identify
  7. Improvement in some instruments detection
  8. On Windows, and to a lesser extent on Mac, score drawing has been speeded up. Display and scrolling are faster 
  9. On MacOS, possible to use CoreText instead of ATSUI to display text. This can be set in global setup, "Glyphs" tab
Fixes and changes
  1. The PDFtoMusic Pro command line (P2MP) no longer enabled program registration
  2. Possible crash when resetting corrections and score reload
  3. "Modified" state wa slost when reloading the score automatically after a chsnge in Corrections
  4. Fixed export of some text, that could add extra rest at the end of the bar
  5. Possible crash when switching language
  6. Possible crash when opening the box for forcing played bar list
  7. Fixed barline export problems (e.g. repeat end) when the bar was split by a clef or key change

Version 1.6.1 / January 12, 2017

  1. Full management of GOLD II sound base instruments
  2. Possible to try instruments and human voices
  3. A progress bar show the status of batch export, and this process can be easily stopped
  4. Default processing settings can be selected directly from the interface
  5. Changed processing settings are shown in bold in the menu
  6. Menu option to quickly get back to default settings
  1. More accurate playing position in Myrweb format
  2. Better management of key changes on staves that are not displayed on some systems
  3. Automatic picking of human voice in SATB scores
  4. New management of left/right hand in virtual keyboard. The part for each hand can be selected, and the matching color changed
  5. Direct access to help from the palettes
  6. Better following of staves across systems, based on their names
  7. Option in e-mail contact to attach the current document
  8. Better management of grace chords
Fixes and Changes
  1. File extension in automatic export
  2. MIDI channels assignation
  3. Instrument changes loading
  4. "Allow brackets to make groups" option is now saved
  5. Windows: Fixed path drawing colors (component were inverted)
  6. Fixed antialiasing errors on graphical path drawing
  7. Some grace notes could be attached to the wrong note
  8. Some grace notes could be incorrectly considered as plain notes
  9. Multiple grace notes could be processed in the reverse order
  10. New storing algorithm for amenements in the PDF file
  11. Lyrics management after measures split by a clef change

Version 1.6.0 / January 2, 2017

This major version brings several technical improvements in version PRO. For instance, viewable and playable documents can be published on the Internet in HTML format without needing any plug-in to be installed in the browser.

PDFtoMusic can also convert PDF documents to SVG format.

New features
  1. Myrweb export, enabling to publish stand-alone documents with score view and audio. (PRO only)
  2. SVG Export (PRO only)
  3. Multi-pages SVG Export (PRO only)
  4. New display layout option: pages are displayed side by side in pairs, instead of one below the other
  5. New music display while playing: Lectern mode (PRO only)
  6. New setting for ignoring corrections that have been stored within PDF files
  7. New play option: semitone transposition  (PRO only)
  8. New palette: lyrics monitoring  (PRO only)
  9. New setting for activating lectern mode or regular mode as default (PRO only)
  10. Metronome playback
  11. New correction options to ignore tempo changes or dynamics
  12. New command to jump to the page that contains a given bar, and show this bar on page.
  13. Title, Composer, Remarks are highlighted on page, and can be manually selected.
  14. New option to enable group names
  1. Complex tempi recognition
  2. Improvement of implied tuplets processing
  3. Bar number display now manages multi-rest bars
  4. Better spotting and processing of crescendi/decrescendi.
  5. Title, Composer, Remarks now manages cover sheets. MusicXML export  of these items has been improved.
  6. Multi-style text management has been impoved, as well as stitching of text blocks.
  7. Improvement of numbered parts processing.
  8. Better staff following
  9. "N.C." chords recognition is managed
  10. Added new chord types : x2(no3) and xno3 that match xSus2
  11. Management of 4, #4, b4 in chord names.
  12. Management of bb and ## as a single character in chord names
  13. Better language recognition for Virtual Singer
  14. Management of local staves written with small notes
  15. Management of dots on small notes.
  16. Small notes are now properly exported in MusicXML.
  17. Management of partially shared lyrics
  18. Better management of composite accented characters
  19. Recent files menu now displays the whole name
  20. Recognition improvement of some fonts
  21. Management of words written from right to left

Fixes and change
  1. Fixed bar number display in scroll mode. Could occur in parts where first staff was hidden. 
  2. Fixed scroll bar problem in scroll mode
  3. GOLD base wasn't well managed
  4. Automatic break symbols management (adding repeat symbols when the number of lyrics line doesn't match what is played) was broked.
  5. Icon on desktop (Windows)
  6. Management of available tool icons in standard version and problem fix when PRO-specific icons were placed on the toolbar.
  7. Semitone shift in instrument correction was ignored for sung voices.

Version 1.5.1 / September 2015

New features and improvements
  1. New option in the "Correction" menu : computing without ledger lines
  2. New languages for Virtual Singer (*): Bulgarian, Catalan, Slavon, Czech, Dutch, Esperanto, Basque, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Macedonian, Portuguese, Romani, Romanian, Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian, Turkish et Vietnamese
  3. Improvement of voice management within staves
  4. Improvement in following parts over multiple systems
  5. Recognition of chord names partially written using a music font
  6. Improvement in finding and processing tempo changes
  7. It's now possible to change a free text to an ending symbol.
  8. Detailed information added in the calculation progress bar
  9. Improvement in finding and processing Endings, Segno, Coda etc.
  10. Clicking a part name in the mixer window shows the page at which this part begins
Fixes and changes
  1. Fixed a problem of word splitting by a dash, that made the syllable be sent to a random line
  2. MusicXML export now uses the standard language nomenclature
(*) Most of these languages are still being improved. We wish to thank the users who actively help us to adjust them.

Version 1.5.0 / December 2014

New features and improvements
  1. Better management of chord targetting, recognition and storage
  2. Measure selection in scroll mode
  3. Keyboard shortcuts to control music rendering
  4. Exported page range selection (PRO only)
  5. Signal tone at the end of document computation (several possible tones)
  6. Measure number display in scroll mode
  7. Management of measure start repeat symbol
  8. New option to loop play selection range or the whole piece
  9. When displaying the about box, search for an updated version of the application
  10. Better management for shapenotes
  11. Management of Mensurstrich systems with dotted lines
  12. MP3 export, including lyrics
  13. Ogg export
  14. Improvement of staff connection between pages
  15. Direct communication between Melody Assistant, Harmony Assistant and PDFtoMusic
  16. crossed circle symbol recognition
  17. New selection areas
  18. Better management of tuplets on rests
  19. Better management of font glyphs out of character map
  20. New option to ignore multiple rests
  21. Improvement in grouping brace fragments
  22. Better targetting of group names
  23. Possible to ignore or modify a time signature change
  24. First German version
  25. First Dutch version
  26. New manageme nt of PDF with non-embedded fonts
  27. Dynamics are better assigned to their staff
  28. Management of tuplets with incomplete brackets
  29. Clean denial of PDF files that contains large scanned pictures
  30. Finding and processing of rehearsal marks
  31. Better management of arpeggio symbols
  32. Management of staff names written vertically
  33. Recognition of circled digits (string number)
  34. Better determination of instrument related to a staff in a group (bracket or brace)
  35. Better determination of instrument on organ keyboard staves
Fixes and changes
  1. VirtualSinger voices could be silent when playing a selection range located near the end of the score
  2. Possible to change a font from "Music font" to "Text with optical recognition"
  3. Possible to force a font to "Music font"
  4. Fixed possible confusion between bar numbers and time signature with unknown bottom number
  5. Fixed possible confusion between bar numbers and lyrics
  6. Fixed key signature change misplacement when empty bars are present
  7. Fixed lyrics export in .kar
  8. Fixed management of cautionary key signature
  9. Fixed confusion between Capo (capodastro - guitar clip) indicator and "Da Capo"
  10. Fixed MusicXML saving problem in case of multiple brackets and braces
  11. Fixed MusicXML export of imposed measure array
  12. Fixed user break
  13. Fixed singer language display
  14. Fixed management of tremolo on stem
  15. Fixed management of broken slurs
  16. Fixed path assembly module
  17. Fixed preference file conflict between pro and standard version
  18. Fixed "Save As" when saving under the original name
  19. Some special characters in the embedded font names could trouble the MusicXML export
  20. Windows: The document icon in the upper left corner of the window could disappear

Version 1.4.2 / October 2013

News and Improvements
  1. In scroll mode, position in the score and automatic scrolling have been implemented
  2. Tremolo recognition on single notes
  3. Improvement of scores made of a single-line drum staves

Fixes and Changes

  1. Slurs on two notes not consecutive of same pitch could be incorrectly considered as ties.
  2. Fixed some elementary drawings
  3. WIndows Vista/7/8: Possible crash when sending an e-mail from the program

Version 1.4.2c (October 14th 2013 )

  1. Document writing at the end of the recognition process has been speeded up

  1. Fixed glyph management
  2. Fixed editing of staff following
  3. Some options of the File menu like "Open PDF file w/ editor" remained active even when no document was loaded. This could lead to a crash
  4. Fixed possible crash when resizing document window
  5. Fixed dynamics position calculation
  6. Source files have been processed by a code analyzer. Some minor non-conformities have been found and fixed.

Version 1.4.1 / July 2013

News and Improvements
  1. PDF files can be printed directly from the program
  2. PDF files can be opened with an external editor
  3. Better versionning of the OCR database, enabling to update more easily this base alone
  4. Dutch version of the GUI

Fixes and Changes

  1. Select an object behind an icon
  2. Beam detection
  3. Time signature detection
  4. Fixed crash when playing after getting a file from a Kooplet text search
  5. Processing of staff lines drawn with characters has been reactivated
  6. Windows: crash when processing a file that has % characters in its name

Version 1.4.0 / April 2013

This version brings an enhanced stability, a better symbol recognition, new computing options as well as some user interface improvements. In particular, it's now possible to group objects together and apply changes to all of them at once.
Two new floating tools are included : mixer and virtual keyboard.
The played measure list can now be forced.

News and Improvements
  1. New floating window: Mixer
  2. New floating window: Virtual Keyboard
  3. Quick opening of the current document in the score editor of your choice.
  4. Page change on Pg Up & Pg Down keyboard keys
  5. Specific processing of thin beams ("Correction" menu)
  6. Specific processing of note stems drawn using curves ("Correction" menu)
  7. Better management of slurs across end of line
  8. Lyrics language displayed through a small flag
  9. Improvement of language automatic recognition
  10. Improvement in text spacing recognition
  11. Optional display of file complete path in the window title
  12. New setting for playing the score automatically after processing
  13. Independant key signature change on staves
  14. Corrections are applied to all selected objects of the same type
  15. Now possible to select objects through discontinuous selection, exclusion of a selection area, selection of one or several staves
  16. Edit menu: delete changes on selected objects
  17. Edit menu: select all, deselect all
  18. Improvement of Da Capo management and better export
  19. Management of 7-shapes Fasola notation
  20. Improvement in shape note recognition
  21. Improvement of title, composer and remarks recognition
  22. Improvement in speed for module: staff following from one system to the next
  23. Improvement in speed for module: music symbols optical recognition
  24. Improvement in ottava symbols processing
  25. Management of fontless documents like the PDF files generated by iWriteMusic
  26. Better processing of information written outside the staff area
  27. Virtual Singer voices (SATB) are better determined and set 
  28. Better processing of staff group name
  29. A new options enables to display measure numbers and to spot measures that are never played (it's generally due to a mistake in break symbols)
  30. Now possible to force the list of measures to play
  31. When compressed MusicXML format (.mxl) is used, pictures of the document are now managed in a standard way, and therefore imported by programs that can process such embedded pictures (PDFtoMusic Pro only)
  32. Miscellaneous PDF-specific graphic settings are now calculated: stem line width, staff line width, grace note size, etc. These settings are exported in MusicXML (PDFtoMusic Pro only)
  33. Shape-note notation management module has been completely rewritten
  34. Better management of incomplete measures (anacrusis, upbeats) before or after repeat start and end barlines.
  35. Management of staves with different time signatures
  36. Management of implied tuplets through rhythmic pattern recognition
  37. Improvement of chord diagrams recognition
  38. Improvement of lyrics and note association
  39. New algorithm for grace note tracking and processing
  40. Better management of double-sharp symbols
  41. Recognition of a new ornament : staccatissimo.
  42. Improvement of C (Tenor) clef spotting
  43. Improvement of distinction between key signature and note accidentals. 
  44. Management of dotted notes with double stem
  45. Better processing of stemless notes
  46. Better spotting of dotted barlines
  47. Management of tempo mark made of several words
  48. Better management of arpeggio symbols
  49. Better recognition of lyrics language
  50. In global setup, default corrections that will be applied when a PDF file is loaded can be selected
  51. Better management of numbered parts (endings) at the beginning of a line
  52. On documents with several lyric lines, when break symbols are missing or wrong, break symbols can be automatically created to match the number of repeats.
  53. New option in the export to create a separate file by part (PDFtoMusic Pro only)
Fixes and Changes
  1. Relation between file types and opening application
  2. Management of TrueType CID type 2 Fonts
  3. Fixed crash on corrupted bitmap pictures
  4. Fixed crash when a long line of text is considered as the lyrics syllable related to a note
  5. Fixed icon positions when settings are reset to default values
  6. Chord line management when conflicting with bar numbers
  7. Fixed problem when saving instruments
  8. Online search for free PDF score files using Kooplet has been improved, and the quantity of indexed files drastically increased.
  9. Some combinations of break symbols and numbered parts (endings) could result in an infinite play.
  10. Fixed a problem in shared lyrics recognition.

Version 1.3.1 / May 2012

  1. Better beam handling
  2. PDF files are now managed up to version 1.7
  3. Better ledger lines management
  4. Management of copy/paste protected PDF files
  5. New version auto detect
  6. Better broken slurs management
  7. Better 8va and 8vb management
  1. Recent files menu
  2. User's toolbar
  3. Mensurstrich notation
  4. Dynamics vertical position on one line staves

Version 1.3.1d (May 15, 2012 )

  1. Title, Composer, Remarks are extracted from the PDF and exported
  1. Better management of repeat start/end recognized as piece start/end

Version 1.3.1c (April 19, 2012 )

  1. Possible crash when playing a score that contains lyrics written in an unknown language
  2. Windows: Fixed problem in the memory management library of the PDFtoMusic non-pro version, that could prevent processing of long scores

Version 1.3.0 / March 2011

  1. The Kooplet music search engine is included, to search the Internet for PDF scores
  2. Possible to deactivate the chord name search ("Correction" menu)
  1. Position of the play bar in multi-rest bars
  1. Rest display
  2. Marcato Staccato ornament display
  3. Tuplet rests in MusicXML export
  4. Rests that fill a bar in MusicXML export
  5. Rests vertical position

Version 1.3.0c (March 17, 2011 )

  1. Repeat barlines between clef and time signature weren't processed.
  2. Fixed toolbar update problem when setting up the icons to display
  3. Fixed crash on some files, Windows version

Version 1.3.0d (March 24, 2011 )

  1. Better management of slurs/ties drawn astride a line break
  2. Some chords were incorrectly played arpeggiated

Version 1.2.1 / April-May 2010

  1. Management of forced bar numbers
  2. Management of incomplete time signatures
  3. PDFtoMusic Pro: Command-line access (without GUI)
  4. PDFtoMusic Pro: Batch processing: Messages can be saved in a log file
  5. PDFtoMusic Pro: Expert mode: Maximum grace note size setting
  1. General improvement of musical or alphabetical characters
  2. Better management of double barlines
  3. Improvement of numbered endings management
  1. Page number in the drawer
  2. Dots localisation problem
  3. On some files, accidentals and grace notes recognition
  4. MusicXML export: "<" character in lyrics
  5. Space character management

Version 1.2.1c and 1.2.1d ( May 4th - 6th 2010 )

  1. Improvement of music export (any format)
  2. Improvement in the way melismas are performed by Virtual Singer
  3. Improvement of the arpeggio symbol management
  4. PDFtoMusic Pro: MusicXML export: stem sizes of secondary staves of a group (e.g. piano bass staff) weren't properly saved
  5. Windows: Packed MusicXML (.mxl) didn't work
  6. Windows Vista/7: once the program was installed, the system displayed an alert box saying that the install might not be completed properly
  7. Windows Vista/7: The appearance of dialog boxes could not be as expected

Version 1.2 / April 2009

  1. The toolbar can now be customized
  2. A folder of sample PDF files is now provided
  3. It is now possible to exclude break symbols (segno, coda...) from the processing

  1. Better export of grace notes (appoggiaturas) in MusicXML.
  2. Better recognition and export of tremolos.
  3. Better management of repeat start and end symbols
  4. Better management of drum staves, especially on documents that only include such staves.
  5. .myr export now manages metronome
  6. Verse number in lyrics are now better managed.
  7. Better recognition for half notes
  8. Crossed grace notes are now located and exported
  9. Better management of whole bar rests
  10. All actions available from menus can be activated through an icon, and vice versa

  1. Fixed performance of some kind of drum staves
  2. Fixed a small problem of file compatibility between PDFtoMusic and Melody Player
  3. Fixed problem in beam recognition
  4. Crash on embedded Adobe Type 1 fonts with composite diacritics.

Version 1.1 / September 8, 2008

  1. Packed MusicXML format (.mxl) is now managed
  2. Correction Menu : item to allow bracket to create groups
  3. Correction Menu : item to ignore the clefs vertical offset
  4. Management of implied tuplets
  5. Now possible to export in MusicXML 2.0 format (global setup)
  1. Better management of drum staves
  2. Opening a PDF file from the desktop doesn't load the last documents
  3. Shift + mousewheel changes display scale
  1. Confusion between tuplets and part start
  2. Chord diagrams management
  3. Confusion on drum staves
  4. Memory crash when deleting a change made to the document

Version 1.0.4 / April 24th, 2007

  1. A correction can now be applied to a group of symbols.
    Right-click to define a selection area. Symbols in this area appear as selected. Right-click on any symbol in this selection area and select a correction to apply: it will be applied to all the symbols of the same kind in the selection area.
  1. Better memory management for page graphic cache. Enables to manage bigger PDF files.
  1. Seeking of the staff related to chord diagrams

Version 1.0.3 / April 3rd, 2007

  1. Optimization of processing time
  2. Better management for chord name written on shifted lines.
  3. Better management of grace notes
  4. Accented characters made of two parts
  5. Recognition of guitar chord diagrams drawn with an emty grid character and a set of dots
  6. Recognition of some key changes
  7. Parenthesis around an accidental or a notehead, when drawn with a text font
  8. Font OCR database updated.
  9. Macintosh: Multi-screen management
  1. Recognition and export of the Aiken FaSoLa notation
  2. Management of Adobe Type 1 fonts
  3. Applying a change on a document with a guitar chord diagram
  4. Recognition of horizontal beams, when overlapping a staff line
  5. Problem when a chord name was "Re"
  6. PDFtoMusic Pro: empty pictures are no more exported in MusicXML
  7. MacTel: keyboard management

Version 1.0.2 / February 21st, 2007

  1. Possible to change note duration AND add or subtract a dot.
  2. Crossed grace notes management
  3. New keyboard shortcuts for display scale, 200% scale
  4. Dynamics merging ensure that the result is logical, for instance to avoid merging "mf" and "sfz"
  5. New full screen and drawer management
  6. Font OCR database updated.
  7. PDFtoMusic Pro: New setting for the expert mode: maximum beam thickness.
  1. Tenuti recognition
  2. Ties within slurs
  3. Breve rest recognition
  4. Tempi display, edit and export
  5. Beamed notes with double stems
  6. Stem direction in chords
  7. Framed text could interfere with part numbers

Version 1.0.1 /  February 8th, 2007

  1. When defining a new kind of tuplet, it's added to the tuplet value list.
  2. .myr files are now packed.
  3. "How to create PDF files with Mac OS 9" chapter added to the manual.
  4. "How to create PDF files with Linux" chapter added to the manual.
  5. Improvement in bar number seeking.
  6. Time signature detection has been improved.
  7. Improvement of paragraph recognition for free text objects.
  8. Font OCR database updated.
  9. .myr export: default instruments for the metronome are automatically created.
  10. PDFtoMusic Pro: After changing expert mode settings, possible to compute all the open documents again.
  11. PDFtoMusic Pro: In batch export, it's now possible to define the amendments to computation settings that will be applied to each and every processed file.
  12. PDFtoMusic Pro: When editing expert settings, when at least one item has been changed from the reference value, the matching topic name is highlighted in the list, and the offset from the current value to the reference is also displayed.

  1. Miscellaneous problems in general settings.
  2. Problem that could occur when trying to edit or play a non-vector document (scanned page or not a music score)
  3. Infinite loop when selecting a user tuplet
  4. Exported page selection in other formats than MusicXML
  5. Double barlines at end of bar could be not well recognized.
  6. File kind detection according to its extension when exporting
  7. Chord names and text related to the staff could be not exported in .myr format
  8. Output device related to the instrument when exporting in .myr format
  9. Alert about bar numbering when applying correction on systems
  10. Windows: files with accented characters in their name are now properly managed.
  11. Windows : default value of the selector when selecting a folder.
  12. PDFtoMusic Pro: dynamic size when exporting in MusicXML format
  13. PDFtoMusic Pro: "slash notation" export in MusicXML format

Version 1.0.0 / February 1st, 2007

Very first public version.

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