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Kooplet is a search engine specialized in music scores.

From a note pattern Kooplet will display a list of documents from the Internet that contain this pattern.
Processed file formats are those containing all necessary information to provide an editable score. For instance, digital audio formats (wav,aiff,mp3,etc) are ignored.
Kooplet will provide links to files in Myr, PDF, Mu3, Mus, XML, MXL, Abc, Etf, Tef, Nwc, Enc, Tab, Mid, Kar, Mod, S3m, Cmf, Sty, Rhp, Etf, Gp5, Gp4, Gp3 or Gtp format.
PDF files can be converted by PDFtoMusic or PDFtoMusic Pro, the others can be imported directly in Harmony Assistant.
By clicking the "Play" button below the search result area, you'll be able to hear the note pattern in its context.

Three search modes are available. Search mode can be selected from the first icon in the toolbar:

- Search for pitch, regardless of the rhythm

- Search for rhythm, regardless of the pitch

- Search for both pitch and rhythm
It is also possible to search music score files for text, as well in the titles or comments as in the lyrics.

If a text and a music pattern are entered, result documents match both the text and the pattern.

Contrarily to other generic search engines, Kooplet extracts information from within the music file content.
Documents are not stored on the Kooplet servers but remain on the site where they have been found. Therefore, when downloading or viewing a document, you will read it directly from the original site that hosts it.

The toolbar

The toolbar changes according to the selected search mode, or whether you insert notes or rests, etc.
From left to right, you can find:

Search mode selection
- Start and stop pattern playback
- Delete the whole pattern
Pattern input from the microphone (experimental)
- Sharp mode for note input
- Note/Rest input mode
- Symbol duration
- Dot mode


You can add symbols by clicking the virtual keyboard.
If you click the keyboard or the staff with the Shift key down, you hear the note without inserting any symbol.
If you click a symbol with the Alt key down, it is deleted.
If notes are selected in the frontmost document before Kooplet is activated, these note will be used as search pattern.

Advanced search

When searching for a text, if you write the words between quotes, search will be performed on these words in this order. Without quotes, it will be performed on these words in any order.
For instance, if a score contains lemon tree, it will match the tree lemon search, but not "tree lemon" between quote marks.

If you write a minus symbol before a word, this will have to be absent from the document text.
For instance, if you search for Ave Maria -Gounod, matching files will contain the words Ave and Maria, but not the word Gounod.

The "Setup" button set up the search broadness.

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