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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions, along with their answers:

-> PDFtoMusic displays a score but says that the document doesn't include any exploitable music data. Why?
Some PDF files embed only a single picture for the whole score, instead of  a collection of simple graphic objects. This kind of PDF file has probably been generated from a scanned paper sheet. PDFtoMusic can't extract and process elementary graphical items in such cases, and reports that such a document cannot be processed.

-> How to know whether a PDF file can be processed by PDFtoMusic?
The simplest way is to ask PDFtoMusic to load it. It will then tell you.
Otherwise, open it with Acrobat Reader (or equivalent) and do "Select All". If the PDF file contains exploitable data, the selection range will be fragmented. If the PDF file contains only a scanned picture that can't be processed either the selection range will be empty, or the whole score will be selected as a single block.

-> Why are certain characters specific to a language not recognized?
You must verify that the unicode information is correct.
Open the PDF with Adobe Acrobat Reader or equivalent.
Select the relevant text, copy.
Paste in a text editor.
If the characters are incorrects, the unicode data in this PDF file is not valid.

-> A password is asked when I load or export the PDF, why ?
The author of the PDF file had protected his work, contact him to got the password.

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