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The document window

PDFtoMusic displays Adobe PDF files as documents. Several documents can be loaded simultaneously.

General points
Saving files

General points

While loading and processing a PDF file, analysis progress is shown through icons. You can cancel the processing at any point by hitting the "Esc" key or by closing the window.

Once the analysis is complete, the PDF drawing is displayed in a document window.


The toolbar in the upper part of this window enables you to play music, navigate within the score, pause and restart playback and adjust volume or tempo (playback speed).

  • To quickly start or stop playback, use the space bar.
  • To activate "loop mode", use the  "*" key
  • To fast forward, use the "+" key
  • To fast backward, use the "-" key
  • To pause music, use the "=" key
  • Page up and Page down keys to change page

If the document contains several pages, the following icons enable you to switch to the previous or next page. You can also use the vertical scrollbar to move through the whole document.

The next icons change the display scale of the document.

The "info" icon displays information about the document. These details are extracted from the PDF file: title, document author, creation date, as well as the character fonts embedded in this document.

If the Adobe PDF document include lyrics, the "bird" icon is present. Click this icon to activate the virtual singer before starting playback. This default setting can be changed in Preferences, "Document" section.

The "export" icon exports the music piece in the current format specified in general preferences, "Export" section. But you can also select another format from the file selector, by typing in the matching extension. For instance, to export in Wave format, end the filename with ".WAV".
You can cancel the export at any time by hitting the Esc key.

Right-clicking (or Shift + click) on the toolbar changes its appearance.

The "Setup..." option enables to customise the toolbar icon list according to your needs.


If your document contains several pages, the last icon opens and closes the drawer. A drawer is a secondary window, linked to the main one, that shows a general preview of the document. Click a thumbnail to jump directly to the selected page.
If errors have been found, a warning sign is displayed, specifying the number of errors detected on this page.


Saving files

When amendments have been applied to the document, as for instance a change in the instruments, volume, or music symbols recognition, you can save these changes so that they will be preserved when loading the file again later.
PDFtoMusic lets you choose beween two modes that can be set up from general preferences.

1- Save changes in the Adobe PDF file itself
(When Settings > Preferences > Document > Store corrections in PDF file is checked)

Data is preserved in the Adobe PDF file. A backup copy of this file is performed. This doesn't affect the way this PDF file is displayed by other programs.

The advantage to this mode is that, when you send the file to somebody else, your changes are carried along.

2- Save changes in a separate file
(When Settings > Preferences > Document > Store corrections in PDF file is not checked)

The original Adobe PDF file is not modified, and the data are stored in a separate file, created in the "Correction" subfolder of your user file space.

Please note that, in this mode, you can still generate a PDF file in which your amendments are embedded by using the "File > Save as..." menu option.

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