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Required configuration
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Software setup
Document setup
Launching OMeR
1. making a picture file
2. building a document
3. Computing a document
4. Improving recognition
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In first...

This document is intended to guide you in using OMeR. Only OMeR features are explained here. Please refer to the specific documentation for Melody Assistant or Harmony Assistant for more details about these two programs.
OMeR can be used as well from Harmony or Melody.

In this manual, the term "Harmony-Melody" will mean any of these two programs.

What is OMeR ?

OMeR converts a printed musical score in a music file you can hear, modify and print with Melody Assistant or Harmony Assistant. If you often copy printed scores under Melody Assistant or Harmony Assistant, and you own a scanner; OMeR will greatly ease your job.
OMeR will drive your scanner, collect one or several pages and analyze them to generate a musical document usable directly under Melody Assistant or Harmony Assistant.

OMeR can be run as an independent program, but you'll need Melody or Harmony to view documents generated by OMeR.

OMeR is shareware. Go to this page to see the distribution mode.

Important : At the end of this document is the Software license chapter. You must read it before using the software.

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