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What's new ?

This page describes the improvements of Melody and Harmony Assistant.
How does our version notation system work?
The version looks like this :
  • When we make a major change we add one to X.
  • When a new feature is added, we add one to Y
  • When a bug is fixed or a cosmetic detail is corrected, we add one to Z
Melody version 1.0 matches Harmony version 3.0.
If you own Melody, subtract 2 from the Harmony's major version number to know the changes made in your version.

Harmony Assistant 9.9.2

Melody Assistant 7.9.2

March - May 2020

Main improvements in this version are score export as video, HD screen management, and option for defining the GUI scale.

Harmony Assistant 9.9.2e / Melody Assistant 7.9.2e - May 18th, 2020

  1. Adjustement of palettes look and feel in dark mode
  2. Display of some lines : chord line frames, divisions on accordion and harmonica tablatures, ghost rests... 
  3. Dock activation has been sped up
  4. Part of video export has been rewritten to use multiple processors.
  5. Better management of staff type change
  6. Improvement of score page layout when importing MusicXML files that don't include objects position or size
  7. Windows: pixel accuracy (DPI) information is taken into account in JPG/PNG graphical export
  8. macOS: Icon size in menus
  9. macOS : Better reactivity of events on window.


  1. Changing color of text objects related to staves could change their size
  2. Possible crash when inserting a note fails
  3. Affichage des jauges.
  4. Crash in undo/redo
  5. Low level problem when displaying thin vertical or horizontal lines
  6. Non-resizable windows could be unwillingly resized
  7. Crash when attempting to resize a windows with a negative size
  8. Ornaments icons display in Dock when dark mode is active.
  9. Fixed item update problem when importing digital tracks
  10. WAV export could produce invalid files
  11. Fixed crash when clicking on VSTi module list when empty
  12. Fixed played notes display in scroll mode without automatic scrolling
  13. Display of scroll mode when switching from page mode with mirror mode active
  14. Fixed rest insertion in grid drum staves
  15. Fixed crash when inserting previous measure repeat symbol failed.
  16. Harmony Assistant : User instruments were destroyed when loaded with a different program version
  17. SVG Export : fixed some problems of character fonts
  18. macOS: Fixed problem of SoundFont selection in SoftSynth output
  19. Windows / Linux : opening menus or displaying alert boxes could become very slow
  20. Windows : wrong calculation of graphical height of character fonts

Harmony Assistant 9.9.2d / Melody Assistant 7.9.2d - April 6th, 2020

  1. Added display layer (background, intermediate, foreground) for "graphics" and "lines" objects of the staff
  2. Graphics layer is displayed in objects general editing
  3. Linux: support of video export through ffmpeg

  1. Staff settings: background color
  2. Text preview when copying lyrics from one staff to another.
  3. In list selecion, Command (Ctrl on Windows) A selects all elements in the list whenever possible.
  4. Test for unsufficient buffering for Virtual Singer calculation
  5. Outlining of bright colors in guitar tablature fingering display
  6. Harmony Assistant / Video export: a progress window has been added to make the user wait while ffmpeg is running
  7. Harmony Assistant / Video export: some programs (Windows Media Player, Edge) don"t properly process audio tracks that don't start at the beginning. Export has therefore been modified to work around this issue
  8. Windows: Some display and graphical transfer functions have been sped up


  1. Graphical glitches in text editing
  2. Fixed block copy of lyrics from a staff to another
  3. Fixed Gregorian display
  4. Fixed diacritics in tutorials
  5. Harmony Assistant: In "Other languages" script, new line characters in staff name could make the list blink
  6. Harmony Assistant: unwanted opening of folder windows in Myrweb export, when "display exported file" was selected in digital audio exportS
  7. Windows: Mouse pointer zoom management, that depends on the system display scale for HD screens, user-defined display scale, and moise pointer scale.
  8. Windows: at several places (running an external program, calls to ffmpeg, seeking the application to open a file type, etc), management of accented characters and spaces in files and folders name 
  9. Windows, video export: fixed infinite loop problems when waiting for ffmpeg to end processing. Apparently a problem in ffmpeg that asks for overwriting file despite the "-y" option
  10. macOs: management drop-down windows when not related to a master window
  11. macOs: miscellaneous displays

Harmony Assistant 9.9.2c / Melody Assistant 7.9.2c - March 13, 2020

  1. Fixed Dock icons display

Harmony Assistant 9.9.2 / Melody Assistant 7.9.2 - March 12, 2020

  1. Harmony: Video export of scores (scroll mode & page mode) for macOS and Windows
  2. New ornament: customizable finger number
  3. Compatibility with Retina/4k screens on macOS and Windows
  4. Management of GUI scale factors between 50 and 200%
  1. Numbered parts display in mirror mode
  2. Improvement in graphical appearance of tremolo (thick bars crossing the note stem)
  3. Improvement in screen precision of beams drawing
  4. "Live" resizing of text windows
  5. Activity indicator on text staves
  6. Windows: Desktop picture drawing has been sped up on high precision or scale
  1. Fixed: Applying a position change to all text ornaments in a selection range deleted these ornaments
  2. Fixed crash when moving files in the Jukebox list
  3. Fixed alert display problem about non-playable lyrics staves.
  4. Myrscript: Fixed ForcedNumbering
  5. Possible crasjs when generating spoken voice
  6. Crash when trying spoken voice when voice list is empty (too restrictive search criteria)
  7. Fixed, NWC, Finale, etc import by drag & drop or File > Open
  8. Fixed graphical appearance of Jukebox & Kooplet search icons in Retina mode
  9. Fixed overflow in jukebox creation
  10. Fixed search in interface
  11. Fixed Spanish & Italian manuals install
  12. Fixed contextual help on palettes
  13. Proper input of accented characters (diacritics) was impossible in many editable fields (note & instrument names, license owner name and address...)
  14. Problems when displaying some text in Japanese (alerts, drop-down menus...)
  15. Right-click on an accidental to select an enharmonic didn't work when selecting "flat"
  16. Virtual Singer: ~ or * character in lyrics troubled the singer and made them sing out of sync
  17. MyrScript: function names with a digit in the contextual menu
  18. Fixed possible crash in Myrweb export from the Jukebox
  19. Fixed mixer when regenerating jukebox list
  20. Fixed text copy/paste problem from a view to another
  21. Fixed text copy/paste problem to the album
  22. Windows: Fixed LLSynth alert
  23. Windows: Fixed opening of a folder in Windows' explorer (for instance at the end of a digital audio export): the file could be launched instead of shown
  24. On Windows / Linux, windows titles weren't visible when the window is minimized 
  25. macOS: screen capture in Retina mode
  26. macOs: on some versions of the system, outlined display of text generated a crash

Harmony Assistant 9.9.1

Melody Assistant 7.9.1

January 2020

The main new features in this version are chord notation in roman numerals, spoken voice and right-to-left score notation.

Harmony Assistant 9.9.1c / Melody Assistant 7.9.1c - January 27th 2020

  1. Text position accuracy on printed page
  2. Unmerging voices in MyrWeb export

  1. Dashed barlines display
  2. Free object editing from print preview
  3. macOS: problems with Retina screens

Harmony Assistant 9.9.1 / Melody Assistant 7.9.1 - January 22th 2020

  1. Harmony Assistant : Chord notation in roman numerals (degrees)
  2. Vertical episema in gregorian notation
  3. Spoken voice for "Text" staves
  4. Harmony Assistant : Right-to-left notation
  5. New management of grid drum staves. Clicking on a celle is now enough do activate/deactivate it
  6. New appearance for grid drum staves


  1. Better page setup when importing text tab file
  2. The MyrScript alert that warns about executing an external program can now be disabled by unchecking the sentitive file protection option.
  3. Improvement in writing and reading MusicXML tempo change objects
  4. Improvement in calculating forced page and margin size. Now accurate up to half a millimeter
  5. Better management of temporary files

  1. Fixed font for printing stave chord grid
  2. In object coloring box (Edit > Action > colorize), the check box for dynamics wasn't selectable anymore
  3. Fixed consistency, for local diagrams, between chords displayed on chord line and those in the final array
  4. Keyboard shortcut for editing current stave rule set
  5.  Fixed crash when copying/pasting on tablature
  6. Possible sound crackles when playing at high volume
  7. Fixed display of cautionary rests on tablatures
  8. Management of identical chords in a same measure while printing chord grids
  9. Fixed display in template selector, when nothing is selected.
  10. <name> tah substitution in header, footer, and chord array
  11. Transforming tablature fingering into chord diagram
  12. Fixed possible crash when importing .gp2 file
  13. Bass/chord line on accordion tablature was played too "staccato"
  14. Fixed crash when formatting accordion tablatures
  15. Consistency or paper size and areas between printing and graphical export
  16. Management of melisma of size 0
  17. Display of additional information on clef on merged tablatures
  18. Unexpected displacement of note related ornaments
  19. MyrScript: Fixed crash when importing external documents (e.g Finale)
  20. Windows, MyScript: Fixed crash when using video management functions
  21. macOS: management of character size for embedded fonts
  22. macOS: fixed delay when clicking Dock icons
  23. macOS: fixed encoding for system scrapbook
  24. macOS: implementation of a generic solution for window iconizing
  25. macOS: initialisation of hi-accuracy timers could be incomplete, leading to inaccurate timings in MIDI input

Harmony Assistant 9.9.0

Melody Assistant 7.9.0

June 2019
October 2019

This version is the first to be available in 64-bit.
The main difference is that, in Myriad HQ, the VST modules that can be used are the 64 bit version instead of 32 bit

- On Windows, both editions don't install at the same location

- On Mac OS, 32 & 64 bit editions are packaged altogether. The user can select which version to be run, until macOS 10.3. This choice has been withdrawn from macOS 10.14, and the whole 32-bit support abandoned from macOS 10.15.

- On Linux, both versions are included in the installer, and the 64-bit version installs whenever possible. Install of 32-bit version can however be forced through command line

Note that codes for Harmony Assistant purchased before the release of this version are cannot work on 64 bits. A license extension can be purchased.

This version also includes support for Retina/4K display and night (dark) mode.

Harmony Assistant 9.9.0j / Melody Assistant 7.9.0j - October 15th 2019


  1. Added option for exporting jukebox lists to text format from Melody Assistant
  2. New digital export option to view automatically the generated file.
  3. Management and offset for non-barré chord diagrams
  4. Memory used for Undo switches to temporary file in order to save memory
  5. macOS: many improvements in GUI
  1. Fixed truncated text when searching via the Help menu
  2. Fixed screen refresh in chord grid edit box
  3. Crash when validating currently edited cell while closing the chord grid edit box.
  4. Graphics related to the staff where destroyed when saving the file
  5. Crash when clicking "Cancel" when editing break marks, after modifying the "Force List" status
  6. Fixed Help on clefs from contextual menu
  7. Fixed inconsistency between manually defined chord diagrams in chord grid and chord diagrams printed in the grid on score
  8. Harmony Assistant: Fixed problems when running a script from another script
  9. macOS: Fixed clipping problem when printing, that prevented measures to be hidden

Harmony Assistant 9.9.0i / Melody Assistant 7.9.0i - August 8th 2019


  1. Improvement of output digital sound effects (global surround & reverb) : at high volume, cracklings could be heard
  2. From now, keeping Shift key down changes the window content scale only when resizing main window and not its sub-windows (split view)
  3. Large mixer has been improved in Dark mode
  4. Harmony Assistant : new script for quick export in MP3 format
  5. macOS: printer settings are stored
  6. macOS: better accuracy when printing

  1. Crash when loading old files that use a special kind of embedded pictures
  2. Reinstatement of copy/paste of stave-related text
  3. macOS: management of an error returned by the font manager
  4. macOS: management of printing scale
  5. macOS: management of Alt key in some cases
  6. macOS: foxed a problem preventing special fonts to be embedded in SVG & PDF files
  7. Linux: crash when attempting to use computer keyboard as real-time music input device.
    Note: this feature is still unimplemented on Linux but won't crash anymore

Harmony Assistant 9.9.0h / Melody Assistant 7.9.0h - July 31st 2019


  1. Better positionning of overbow mark on harmonica tablatures
  2. CPU load for graphical operations on Dock is now limited
  3. Better font management in style palette
  4. Improved graphical compatibility with old-style pictures embedded in music files
  5. Updated interface translations in English, German and Portuguese
  6. macOS : better selection of default font for MusicXML. 
  7. macOS : event processing has been sped up
  1. Crash when resetting instrument vibrato or tremolo settings
  2. Crash after adding a voice on a stave that contains clef ornaments
  3. Pictures used as note ornaments could swap when saving the file
  4. Random problems of PDF export (blanc pages). Occurring often in Linux version
  5. Windows: Fixed external app search (PDFtoMusic / PDFtoMusic Pro) from Harmony/Melody in 64-bit
  6. macOS: System double-click management
  7. macOS: Fixed scrapbook conversion
  8. macOS: Fixed complex outlined shapes printing
  9. Linux: explanation window about 32/64-bit license extension didn't show up. The program displayed "ALRT 216 not found"
  10. Linux: confusion between portrait and landscape while printing

Harmony Assistant 9.9.0g / Melody Assistant 7.9.0g - July 18th 2019


  1. Chords from a chord line related to a staff have their own playback settings, independent from the staff itself, in mixing tables or music following window.

  1. When printing, some fonts could be drawn at the wrong size, e.g. when printing the MyrScript manual
  2. Possible crash in break/repeat edit box, when changing the number of repeats. Could also affect other boxes, especially those containing lists
  3. Fixed low-level crashs in graphical operations, for instance when clicking on the save icon in the Action tools palette
  4. In SVG or PDF export, drawing colors could be wrong, with possible confusion between blue and black
  5. Harmony Assistant: forcing display position by script of an opening  MyrScript floating window could be ignored.
  6. Harmony Assistant: fixed crash when displaying contextual help on a script window
  7. Windows: an error in information collection when the program crashes prevented us to fully process submitted problem reports
  8. macOS: some graphical drawings (circles, etc) could be missing when printing
  9. Linux: flags for singer languages didn't appear anymore. This could also apply to other icons, and potentially other OSes

Harmony Assistant 9.9.0f / Melody Assistant 7.9.0f - July 9th 2019


  1. Possible to select the spacing between grace notes in score display setup: taken into account in display, edit, save, load, Myrscript and engraver mode
  2. Adder little finger (chiquito) in guitar right had fingering
  3. New document template: Viola da gamba quartet (submitted by Oliveira)


  1. Printing through a high-definition picture (Global setup, "Print/Export" section) was very slow, and has been sped up. Printing a page was taking 18mn and now takes only 2 seconds.
  2. Improvement of micro-icon display in dark mode
  3. Improvement in staff group name position, when display angle is vertical. Changes the appearance of previously written scores that use this feature
  4. The "Dock" becomes completely opaque (was slightly transparent)
  5. Automatic translation system for staff and instrument names has been improved
  6. Moving the right edge of a triplet bracked was resetting the appearance of the whole triplet
  7. macOS: Several files can now be open at once from the Finder
  8. macOS: tests have been set up for avoiding the program to be run on pre-10.7 macOS versions

  1. MP3 file import was wrong. Decoding generated hisses and distorsions
  2. Virtual Singer didn't sing some notes well, when another notes with a 0 velocity was overlapping. This is used for creating notes that are starting point of several slurs
  3. Crash when exporting keyboard shortcut or chord diagrams to PDF to Multi-page SVG
  4. Fixed crash when selecting font for multi-rest number in score display setup
  5. Fixed documentation unpacking error
  6. Offset in eding values for objects related to staff
  7. Fixed help in license number input box
  8. Cosmetic fixes for MyriadHQ palette
  9. Harmony Assistant: Fixed crashs when editing accompaniment or drum patterns
  10. Harmonica tablatures: multiple grace notes and mordents weren't properly displayed
  11. Changed help text of "Slide" effect, improperly called "Bend"
  12. Fixed possible crash when clicking on the Dock
  13. Fixed crash when inserting MyrScript item
  14. Fixed a dozen of small memory leaks in SVG/PDF/Myrweb export
  15. Fixed memory leak in menu management
  16. Fixed memory leaks in ock management
  17. Windows/Linux: When opened, some bowes were truncated when the main window is too narrow
  18. macOS: Conflict with the Finder Dock
  19. macOS: Dialogs could be sent behind the previous dialog
  20. macOS: Fixed window activation on some OS versions
  21. macOS: Fixed folder opening from Finder
  22. macOS: Located and fixed memory leak in file selector
  23. macOS: Fixed app deactivation event problems on macOS 10.14
  24. Linux: Crash when opening Virtual Singer palette
  25. Linux: Fixed problem in file compression, when sending an e-mail from the program 
  26. Linux: Crash when reducing score to minimum
  27. Linux: confusion in font size, some character coud be displayed at the wrong size

Harmony Assistant 9.9.0d / Melody Assistant 7.9.0d - June 21st 2019


  1. Problem in selecting and saving the font name for editing e-mails
  2. The window name didn't appear anymore in the title bar, except in Aqua theme
  3. If a graphical shift was applied to the first note of a staff, the played notes didn't appear in the right place till the end of the tune
  4. Crash when clicking on the general volume in the small mixing table
  5. In the complete mixing table, output power indicators didn't take the general volume into account
  6. Possible crash when quitting the application while a music is playing
  7. Crash when loading very old files that contain graphical objects in PICT format
  8. Harmony Assistant: script floating palettes could open below the Dock
  9. Windows/Linux: the saved files version number was incorrect
  10. Windows / Linux : better adjustment of window position and size when switching the Dock on and off, or moving/resizeing it
  11. Windows: improvements in executable program details (possible confusion between 32/64-bit edition and the "Win32" mention that refers to the kind of app and not the number of bits)
  12. Windows: Graphical problem when music is scrolling while playing, in scroll mode
  13. On Windows XP, the program couldn't start due to a missing entry in a library (available only with Vista and later).
  14. macOS: Fixed crash in lyrics printing
  15. macOS: Fixed menu management problem, dialog box deffered opening.
  16. macOS: Fixed folder opening via the Finder
  17. macOS: Melody Assistant : Fixed crash when editing keyboard shortcuts

Harmony Assistant 9.9.0c / Melody Assistant 7.9.0c - June 14th, 2019


  1. Problem when saving default access paths, that could lead to a crash

Harmony Assistant 9.9.0 / Melody Assistant 7.9.0 - June 12th, 2019

  1. 64 bit version for Windows et Mac OS
  2. Retina/4k mode, enabling to enlage the whole graphical interface, or, on Macintosh, to make all drawings sharper
  3. Night (dark) mode
  4. Drawings are now made in FPCT, which removes graphical aliasing and improves accuracy on screen and on printer. A proprietary export format (.fpct) is available
  5. New icons, palettes and mouse pointers in HD
  6. New graphical interface themes: Aqua 107 and Windows 10
  7. In the "Staves" menu, new entry to quickly edit settings for the related singer.
  8. New staff template, "Percussive > Metronome", to add a metronome staff (in two lines, one for the click, the other for the bell) to a score. Custom sequences can be written, this staff can then be masked from printing.
  9. Macintosh: "Carbon" library is no more used. Replaced by the "Acam" library, that enables to select any graphical theme. Minimal version for MacOS becomes 10.7
  10. Macintosh: now possible to select a Soundfont as sound output


  1. Improvement of SVG, PDF & Myrweb export
  2. Improvement of MIDI file import quantizing when the file contains lyrics (some notes could be brutally shortened)
  3. MusicXML import: default style for text and lyrics is managed
  4. Harmony Assistant, Myrweb export (File > Export menu option or export from the Jukebox), the HTML code accessing our app now uses the https (secure http) protocol. Generated Myrweb files can then be used directly within a secure web site
  5. Harmony Assistant, MyrWeb export: file protection settings are now exported and processed by the Myrweb app. For instance, a file that is protected against printing can't be printed from the app.


  1. Graphical Interface improvement: better accuracy for icons, palettes and mouse pointers.
  2. Inverting tuplet direction didn't have any effect on isolated tuplet notes. It nows inverts the tuplet number position relatively to the note stem.
  3. Rests on a whole measure were centered on the measure, and the graphical offset was ignored. It is now possible to alter their position through this setting
  4. Improvement in beam tilt for note groups containing rests. This can alter the appearance of existing scores
  5. Improvement of "line" objects appearance.  This can alter the appearance of existing scores:
      - line width setting was not managed by wavy and dotted lines or by arrow ends
      - Dots of dotted lines weren't circular
      - vertical/horizontal dashed lines didn't always end well
      - Segments for diagonal dashed lines had sharp ends
  6. Harmony Assistant: in page mode, when pages are displayed vertically, space between pages has been reduced.
  7. Harmony Assistant, MyrScript: Note name display script has been improved: it now enables to select latin note names in Italian format ("Re" instead of "Ré"), to select the horizontal and vertical offset of note names relatively to their default position, as well as text angle and size
  8. Better readability of selected text in editable fields

Sound rendering

  1. Improvement of sound output: internal sound sources can now be mono, stereo or quadriphonic. Thus, stereo position and effect for VSTi instrument are managed
  2. Improvement when reducing sound space (7.1) to dual channel (stereo)
  3. The Pause button starts playback if not already playing
  4. Virtual Singer: improvement of treble notes rendering. Unconscious phonetic alterations from the singer when performing treble notes have been simulated
  5. Virtual Singer: part that have been muted by a dynamics or a tacet were still faintly audible


  1. Improvement in management and configuration of dynamics ("fff, "ppp", etc) et pedal ("Ped" and "*") symbols: they can apply to:
      - The staff on which they are written only
      - This staff and all the staves merged with it (default value in general case)
      - This staff and all the staves in the same group (system), i.e included in the same brace or bracket in the margin. It's the default value for dynamics placed between the staves of a dual-staff system
     - All staves in the score
  2. Pedal end symbols (*) become optional. When to symbols of pedal start (Ped) follow each other, the pedal is briefly released before being pressed again
  3. In "Edit > General", "Target" tab, selecting "Apply to note pitches" and letting the field empty will apply the action to all notes instead of none.
    Before that, "C0-C9" had to be entered in this field
  4. Added ornaments "Volume up and down" and "Graphics" to "Mark 1 tools" palette
  5. Some notes couldn't be selected in chords when graphically shifted
  6. Virtual Singer: some commands for changing language had changed. Now, both the old and new syntax is accepted.
    Thus, switching to Latin can be done through [!lat] or [!latin]
    Switching to Spanish can be done through [!sp] or [!espa]
  7. In "Dock" mode, icon sets cannot be selected anymore from general settings
  8. In Dock, a new icon has been added, to deselect all selected tools and get back to default values
  9. Harmony Assistant: new command to quickly copy lyrics from a staff to another


  1.  When displaying a system alert (memory problem, etc), validating this box with Shift-Alt-Click will gerate a crash on purpose, in order to send us a clear error report about the problem that has been encountered
  2. Starting application: documents that were open when closing the previous session are now displayed in the same order
  3. Several functions in the program have been sped up (exports, graphical transfers, etc)
  4. Better management of default folders for load, save and export file selectors
  5. Harmony Assistant: improvements in User space (MUSL) management and archiving
  6. Harmony Assistant: possible to select several files at once when adding files to MUSL space
  7. Harmony Assistant, MyrScript: possible to define custom black and white patterns in hex or binary, instead of only using preset values only
  8. Harmony Assistant: menus are updated when script info changes
  9. Harmony Assistant: new versions for graphical export scripts
  10. Windows: Web access library has been replaced by another more reliable
  11. Windows: the application windows wasn't selected at startup (needed a click to get focus)
  12. macOS: Now, manual will be located in "Myriad Documents/Docs" instead of being embedded in the application package
  13. macOS: windows masking when application is masked
  14. macOS: switching to and from the application could un-collapse windows
  15. macOS: better management of system keyboard shortcuts
  16. Linux: display functions have been rewritten and sped up
  17. Linux: installer has been improved, when the .run was located in a folder which name contains a space character


  1. Rotating a dynamics by Alt Click only covered half a circle
  2. Fixed color error in PNG export. This occurred when exporting a score containing colored symbols.
  3. Closing a split score widow with palettes in "Dock" mode could generate a crash
  4. When printing or graphically exporting a score with stemless notes, the hook could still appear close to the notehead.
  5. When a play start marker was present, MP3 export from a script exported too long files, ending with silence
  6. Fixed possible crash when exporting MP3 with lyrics
  7. Fixed crash when testing a rhythm pattern in the grid with the hammer tool
  8. Fixed crash when switching a drum instrument to MyrSynth
  9. Fixed problem when applying style in batch mode from the jukebox
  10. Fixed RealSinger phoneme recording
  11. Fixed RealSinger phoneme equalizing
  12. Fixed crash when editing text with Windows-style end of lines
  13. Lyrics syllables on narrow measures could disappear from display in scroll mode
  14. Fixed default value for volume increase/decrease ornaments
  15. Fixed error that could lead to characters mismatch in SVG/EPS/Myrweb export
  16. The option for copying lyrics from one staff to another (staff contextual menu) made the original lyrics line inactive
  17. Fixed problems on some palettes (e.g. note appearance) when rotated, scaled, opened from the master palette, or a combination of these three operations.
  18. Fixed tuplet export in ABC format
  19. Possible crash in custom digital instruments management
  20. Harmony Assistant: the check mark before "last bar to print" in page mode didn't work well
  21. Harmony Assistant: il was impossible to select the last visible bar in page mode when a printing bound was defined
  22. Harmony Assistant / MyrScript: Score.PositionView(...)didn't work when pages were displayed vertically
  23. Harmony Assistant: The script for exporting all the tracks in audio format was corrupted, and the fixed version available from the script Internet update. The proper version is now provided in standard
  24. Macintosh: Fixed an old problem in DFont browsing, that could make the Myrweb or SVG export crash
  25. Windows: Fixed possible crash in Internet accesses

Special Thanks

We wish to thank:
  • "Pepe" Oliveira
  • André Baeck
  • Danièl Frouvelle
  • Scott Kagle
  • W. Irlingham
  • David Lawrence
  • Wolfgang Henderkes
  • Roeland Bekker 

for their help in the making of this version.

Harmony Assistant 9.8.1

Melody Assistant 7.8.1

April-July 2018

Harmony Assistant 9.8.1 / Melody Assistant 7.8.1 - April 26th, 2018

New features
  1. Possible to export .myr score files as a .zip archive. This prevents file corruption during transfers.
  2. Possible to open a mono or mult-file .zip archive, and extract any music file from it.
  3. To override the limit to only one slur starting or ending on each note, an unlimited number of "slur" ornaments can be added to any note, rest or clef
  4. Harmony Assistant, Accordion tablatures: possible to define the left hand notes (basses and chords) pressure time
  5. Harmony Assistant, Accordion tablatures: possible to disable the imposed push-pull direction by left hand when computing right hand


  1. Possible to define individual display scale of each dynamic, ottava or pedal symbol
  2. Moving any note in a group of notes tied together by slur symbols will now move the whole group
  3. Slur symbols used to tie notes together avoid the note dot if necessary
  4. Encore file import script has been sped up when the file isn't at the right format
  5. Accordion tablatures: cell number display in chord is now in ascending order
  6. Some operations could corrupt the current score display scale and position. These operations include:
    • Myrweb Export (Harmony Assistant)
    • MusicXML export (Harmony Assistant)
    • Multi-pages SVG export (Harmony Assistant)
    • Karaoke play mode
    • Forcing number of measures per line (Harmony Assistant)
    • Key signature change
    • Graphical export from print preview
    • Score printing
    • Chord grid printing (Harmony Assistant)
    • Lyrics printing
    • Street organ cards printing (Harmony Assistant)
    • Staff template display using MyrScript (Harmony Assistant)
  7. New default settings for score display. This only affects new scores
  8. MusicXML import: text alignment modes in lyrics are processed
  9. MusicXML import: vertical position of lyrics line is processed
  10. MusicXML import: consistency check between line number and precise position. This enables to properly import MusicXML files in which lyrics line numbers are incorrect.
  11. Harmony Assistant, MusicXML export: lyrics position has been fixed, they are now exported using two coordinate systems (line and absolute position) to ensure higher compatibility
  12.  Harmony Assistant, MyrScript: the function to quickly play a group of notes has been improved to manage non-interger semitone values, enabling to play quarter tones and commas
  13.  Harmony Assistant, MyrScript: Added "Rawtable.ToBase64(),
    RawTable.FromBase64(), Instrument.Duplicate()
  14. Linux version: main window size and position is now saved when exiting the application
  1. Fixed melisma display problem on line start
  2. Crash when loading some scores without staves or notes
  3. Fixed staff conversion to digital track (the audio was one octave too low)
  4. In "nwclike" keyboard layout, crash when hittng Ctrl + Backspace on an empty staff or when the cursor is before the first note
  5. Fixed a possible crash source at application start
  6. Fixed chord diagram display in the display settings window
  7. Fixed crash or vanishing icons when deactivating/reactivating Dock
  8. Fixed graphical offset between selection range display and its actual position on some text windows (e.g example sections in MyrScript manual)
  9. Possible crash when loading MP3 files that include Unicode ID3 tags
  10. Fixed MIDI output forcing when playing scores from the Jukebox
  11. Fixed problem when changing note duration in selection range, when the selection covers several staves, or a merged staff
  12. Fixed potential problem of user sound or Realsinger voice recording. This problem was especially noticeable on MacOS and Linux
  13. Channel number display in staves/instrument edit
  14. Changing fingering on a guitat tablature didn't recompute chord line diagrams
  15. Fixed default cell number in guitar tablature contextual menu
  16. Fixed chord diagram calculation from tablature fingering on high-pitched notes
  17. Implemented automatic cleaning of chord diagrams that have been automatically generated to match tablature
  18. Fixed problem (inconsistent string) when inserting a note on the standard staff of a priority tablature
  19. Fixed dynamics display scale problem in MusicXML import
  20. Myriad HQ: fixed crash when playing on a MyrSynth instrument that own less strings than the tablature (for instance, playing a 7-string lute score on a 6-strings guitar)
  21. Harmony Assistant, MusicXML export: MIDI channel numbers were wrong
  22. Harmony Assistant, MusicXML export: ppppp dynamics export
  23. Harmony Assistant: fixed beats graphical position in MusicXML
  24. Harmony Assistant: Myrweb export from a view other than general view corrupted the general view settings
  25. Harmony Assistant, MyrScript: Fixed problems in date/time management functions
  26. Harmony Assistant: In language other than French or English, the MUSL space file pannel didn't refresh well
  27. Windows: Moving notes in discontinuous selection briefly displayed green note stems in the document window upper left corner
  28. Linux: Problem in crash management, preventing the reports to be sent

Harmony Assistant 9.8.1c / Melody Assistant 7.8.1c - April 27th, 2018


  1. Wrong printing of "slur" ornaments on notes, rests and clefs
  2. Item inconsistencies in the "Save" settings panel
  3. Unexpected "GetShortPotard" alert box when closing some windows, for instance the crescendo/decrescendo dynamics edit box.
  4. Melody Assistant: problem on some GUI items in languages other than French

Harmony Assistant 9.8.1d / Melody Assistant 7.8.1d - May 18th, 2018

  1. Harmony Assistant: the script that shows note names has been completed with notation by degrees.
    Degrees in minor keys can be processed according to 3 modes: natural minor (aeolian), harmonic minor and melodic minor.


  1. When calculating the ideal position for slurs, they tried to avoid overlapping with "slur" ornaments, making uneasy to adjust them
  2. Added slur ornament in "Marks 2" (classic palette and Dock), and adjusted the MyrScript constants accordingly
  3. Better spacing between key and time signature when clef isn't displayed
  4. Harmony Assistant: Improvement of accordion tablature calculation when chords impose the push-pull direction.
  5. Harmony Assistant: Better positioning of key/time signatures in music fonts other than standard
  6. MyrSynth: Improvement in string determination

  1. Note duration selection in Edit > Action > Change duration"
  2. Arpeggio selection and dragging
  3. Fixed crash when a sung (actually, spoken) lyrics staff was played using a forced measure list
  4. Fixed crash in jukebox when playing or activating metronome
  5. Metronome before playback could be at the wrong speed when playback didn't start at the beginning of the score, and there were time signature changes
  6. Fixed arrow keys management in jukebox
  7. Fixed unwanted display of contextual help in font selector

Harmony Assistant 9.8.1e / Melody Assistant 7.8.1e - July 13th, 2018

  1. Windows / Linux: Added "Windows 10" interface theme (skin)


  1. Displaying PCT graphic objects: some text could be wrongly rendered on screen
  2. Digital track loading speed has been improved
  3. Harmony Assistant / SVG/EPS/PDF Export: better character outlines for some fonts (e.g. Times.dfont)
  4. Harmony Assistant / SVG/EPS/PDF Export: better management of graphics fonts (e.g. WingDings3)
  5. Harmony Assistant / PDF Export: management of non-ASCII characters
  6. Harmony Assistant / MUSL: account creation has been improved, in order to ensure compatibility with our new server
  7. Harmony Assistant / MUSL: better management of accented characters in account full name and country name

  1. Outline/shadow text style combination wasn't properly rendered on screen
  2. Possible crash when converting a staff to digital track
  3. Digital track saving was incorrect when the "compact standard files" option was deselected
  4. Played bar lists wasn't immediately recomputed when deselecting the "Impose list" check box in break symbols edit window
  5. Possible crash when changing tab in windows that use this feature
  6. Possible crash when closing the text style palette
  7. Fixed intermittend problem when entering non-latin characters (cyrillic, etc) in lyrics under the staff
  8. Myriad HQ: possible crash when echoing notes to a MyrSynth instrument
  9. Harmony Assistant / SVG/EPS/PDF Export: Fixed crashes
  10. Harmony Assistant / Myrweb Export: problem when exporting played bars list. During playback, the progress bar could stop before the end
  11. Harmony Assistant: Fixed some errors / verification of accompaniment matrix consistency on file load
  12. Harmony Assistant / MusicXML Export: Fixed wrong tempo change value when reference note was absent
  13. Harmony Assistant / MyrScript: possible crash when echoing notes with commas
  14. Harmony Assistant / MyrScript: fixed memory management issue when converting to and from Base64

Harmony Assistant 9.8.0

Melody Assistant 7.8.0

November 2017
April 2018

This version embeds the Myriad HQ module, providing high-quality sound and instruments

Minor versions

Harmony Assistant 9.8.0f / Melody Assistant 7.8.0f- February 28th 2018

New features
  1. The "Dock" can now be displayed on any side of the screen (setting in "Configuration > Global Setup > Dock")
  1. Crash when inserting some break symboles on the first clef of the score
  2. Crash when editing rhythm bar for the first time
  3. Crash when changing a whole texy (for instance the complete song lyrics) after editing a dynamics)
  4. Crash when enabling or disabling the Dock
  5. Crash in WAV export when Myriad HQ is deactivated
  6. Exporting WAV files could lead to an empty file
  7. Crash when clicking the help buttons on the Myriad HQ palette

Harmony Assistant 9.8.0e / Melody Assistant 7.8.0e- February 16th, 2018

New features
  1. New script-driven palette to add a text annotation to score files.
  1. MP3 Import/Export: ID3 tag encoding can now be of 4 kinds: ISO-8859-1 (Windows), UTF-16LE with BOM, UTF-16BE without BOM or UTF-8.
  2. In the MP3 export box, ID3 tags are selected through a menu. The selected value is preserved between sessions.
  3. In script editor, now possible to define the standard text color
  4. Improvement of Dock appearance: different placement of the miscellaneous tool strip, movements and scale change of icons are limited
  5. Windows: Improvement of crash reports to our tech support: fail-safe procedures for screen copy, mouse position is now marked
  6. Management of ".musicxml" file extension for MusicXML files
  7. Improvement of staff lines and clefs drawing accuracy in Gregorian mode
  8. Now, sixteenth note beams are split on half-beat when this setting is set to "Very strong"
  9. Added page in manual to explain Dock management
  10. In MyrScript, whole kit for managing chord diagrams related to chord lines, and  fingering in chord diagrams.
  11.  Myriad HQ: Workarounds to improve VSTi modules compatibility - module list updated  
  12. Possible to define that the default path when selecting "Save As..." is the document's original folder.
  13. Harmony Assistant: PDF export has been improved to make these file processed better by PDFtoMusic.
  14. F1 and F2 keyboard shortcuts are available in the whole program. 
    F1 display the manual, F2 provides a form to contact tech support.
  15. SVG/PDF/Myrweb export: better management of Unicode-32 font charset
  16. MacOS: SVG/PDF/Myrweb export had probmem with Geneva, Courier, Monaco, Helvetica and Times fonts, that are provided by Apple in a non-standard format. This format is now properly managed
  1. Application crash or freeze when inserting a note on Accordion tablature through right-click
  2. Fixed a potential problem of alternate fingering seeking on Accordion tablatures
  3. Crash when adding a lyrics line to a digital track
  4. MusicXML Import: Fixed management of some tempo indicators (tempo was then set to 5000)
  5. Myrweb Export: fixed wrong metronome "tick" export (were replaced by metronome "bell")
  6. Fixed possible application crash or unstability source when pasting at the very beginning of a staff 
  7. Unwanted alert about missing VSTi module when importing non-native files
  8. MP3 Import/Export : Fixed ID3 tags in unicode format (added BOM at the beginning of each tag)
  9. Fixed crash when sending scores to the MUSL space
  10. Fixed incomplete update of MUSL space due to special characters in space description
  11. Fixed possible crash when using automatic accompaniments based on an empty pattern
  12. Possible crash in special text management, when defining tuplet with a first number greater than 15
  13. Fixed infinite loop in fretted string instrument tablature editing
  14. Fixed crash when using Master palette
  15. Fixed several problems in the "Digital Sound > Change Pitch/Tempo" script
  16. Fixed (rare) statics sounds due to a digital saturation in some effect processors
  17. Fixed crash in management of some fonts when exporting in SVG/PDF/Myrweb format
  18. Windows / Linux: better positioning of child palettes when the master palette is horizontal
  19. MUSL: erreur in comment management. Comments from the first page were duplicated on all the other pages. To fix this, the user will have to upload these files again
  20. MyrScript: fixed possible crash in variable window
  21. MacOs: fixed non-persistance of selected interface language
  22. It was possible to change neck when editing chord diagrams related to the chord line or chord grid
  23. Fixed crash in management of some VSTi modules (when the module provides more than 8 output channels)
  24. Fixed problem when copying chords to the album
  25. Fixed memory corruption problem in copy/paste operations
  26. Fixed missing fonts when exporting to PDF from the print preview
  27. In the same box, crash when exporting to PDF or EPS after exporting pixel image (BMP, PNG...)
  28. Fixed export of text and graphics ornament related to a note
  29. When editing staff chord line, update problem when changing parameters in real time
  30. On MacOS, fixed default path for "Save as"

Harmony Assistant 9.8.0d / Melody Assistant 7.8.0d - January 12th, 2018

New features
  1. New options for sending e-mail to the tech support: send frontmost document, send a screen capture, send several files chosen by the user...
  2. New crash management: with the user agreement, all necessary information will be sent to tech support, including all the open document at the time of the crash, and a screen capture
  3. Myriad HQ: new guitars, new ukuleles
  1. Improvement of sharp symbol appearance in the default music font (SToccata / Myriad Music Font): vertical lines have been shortened to avoid overlapping in chords
  2. Improvement of digital export settings: sample rate, bit depth, number of channels in WAV, AIFF and BRT export
  3. Dots for square-head notes (Fasola notation) were shifted right. They are now aligned with those for other notehead shapes
  4. Key changes in the middle of a line were too close to the barline
  5. Improvement of the "graphics" ornalement editing: in the note edit box, the "Edit effect" button enables to select another graphic file
  6. MusicXML Import: automatic management of cautionary clefs, keys and time signature at end of line
  7. Jukebox: space bar can be used to start/stop playback again
  8. Myriad HQ: Management (exclusion) of crashing external modules during initialization phase. A button has been added to process again such modules excluded because of their instability.
  9. Myriad HQ: In optimized echo mode, MyrSynth and VSTi instrument echo is now instantaneous
  10. Myriad HQ: Tuning for MyrSynth instruments didn't offer neither all the strings setups for Harmony/Melody, nor the user-defined settings
  11. Myriad HQ: when replacing automatically a a "sound base" instrument by a MyrSynth instrument, tuning is selected so that all notes currently present on the score for this instrument can be played
  12. Myriad HQ: entering license number instantly unlock all the module capabilities.
  13. Harmony Assistant / MyrScript: the "Guitar & color" script can now color notes composing a chord according to they relative position from the root note
  14. Windows, Linux: graphical improvement for zoomed icons
  15. Windows: Installer improvement: on some versions, the installer got folder access right issues
  1. Problem when playing back slurs used as ties
  2. Using pedal symbols on overlapping staff brace groups could lead to freezes in score playback
  3. Fixed crash when loading a too wide PNG file (>9700 pixels wide)
  4. Saving a score "broke" graphics related to notes (e.g. wind instruments tablature), as well as slur types
  5. Virtual Keyboard: keys remained highlighted (pressed) when playing note echo
  6. MP3 Export: wrong management of input sample rate
  7. MyrScript: modifying digital track data by indexing on NormalizedDigitalData element didn't work
  8. Graphical export, "Page mode" option didn't manage forced page size
  9. Fixed default value for user instrument digital data compression quality (empty field and export error)
  10. Fixed crash in "Fix all" option in staff object global edit window
  11. Fix in list management of global setup
  12. MusicXML import: fixed time signature error, leading in unexpected tempo change when playing the score back
  13. Myriad HQ: deactivating HD output deactivated VSTi external modules
  14. Windows, Linux: crash when displaying an alert box over the staff chord setup box
  15. Mac OS: error in function providing file size
  16. Mac OS: Fixed palette masking issue in Sierra mode
  17. Linux: fixed crash when building the audio devices list, on some input & output 
  18. Linux: fixed freezes when playing note echo on some audio cards

Harmony Assistant 9.8.0c / Melody Assistant 7.8.0c - December 14, 2017

New features
  1. A long right-click on the Play icon (non-Dock palettes) enables to adjust the score general volume
  2. A long right-click on the metronome icon (non-Dock palettes) enables to adjust the metronome volume
  3. Option to reset the ornaments settings to their factory values (all, or only the currently edited type)
  1. MusicXML import: tempo change objects could be invisible. They are now visible by default
  2. Macintosh: The "Times" font, provided from the beginning of MacOS isn't included anymore in MacOS 10.13. We adjusted our font substitution strategy to manage this
  3. Stability improvement for VSTi plugins support
  4. Improvement of general settings default values:
    - Old-style palettes
    - Only third-party file format have their instruments converted to MyrSynth
  1. Miscellaneous crashes when editing score that include views
  2. In MP3 export settings box, ghost pop-up menus could appear when clicking on an empty area
  3. Fixed crash when playing echo for a MyrSynth instrument on an empty staff
  4. Fixed crash when a multi-rest measure was located at the very end of the score
  5. Impossible to select the Myriad HQ palette in "Dock" interface mode
  6. Fixed information display for tempo objects in the global edit box.
  7. Fixed problem on the German version of Melody Assistant
  8. Crashes related to a discontinued feature (management of old desktop accessories of MacOS 9) could occur randomly on Windows and Linux
  9. Numbered ending management has been restored to the old version, the new algorithm could generate infinite score repeat
  10. User-defined ornament default settings were not applied when adding the ornement through the note edit window
  11. Crash when playing some trills with Virtual Singer
  12. Some fixes on guitar tablature display
  13. Fixed merged tablature display in scroll mode
  14. Fixed crash when a part sung by Virtual Singer contained more than 32000 syllables. Maximum score duration Virtual Singer can sing is still limited to 3h1/4 though
  15. Fixed chord diagram preview in score display setup
  16. Fixed mistakes when adjusting instruments to existing sound devices on file loading or import
  17. Fixed MyrSynth and VSTi instrument use on rule-driven multi-instrument staves (could crash with VSTi)
  18. VSTi plugins: problem when several staves were sharing the same instrument
  19. Myrweb export: crash when the document included a digital track
  20. Myrweb export, SVG and PDF graphical export: fixed export of Chinese Unicode characters

Major version

Harmony Assistant v9.8.0 - Melody Assistant v7.8.0

November 27, 2017

New features

  1. Myriad HQ module that improves sound output for the application:
    • High-definition digital output and PCM export (up to 96 kHz, 32 bits)
    • High-definition digital post-processing, with a multi-band equalizer
    • Multi-channel digital output (up to 8 loudspeakers -7.1-)
    • MyrSynth-Guitar Physical Modeling Synthesizer, for realistic guitars, basses, etc
    • VSTi external module support, for using third-party sound modules
  2. New splash screen that shows the additional module status (Virtual Singer, Myriad HQ, GOLD Base)
  3. New management of chord diagrams (fretted string instruments)
  4. Possible to define the preferred chord diagrams for each document
  5. In chord diagrams, added a 5th finger to use thumb for some chords
  6. When chord diagrams are related to a playable chord line, the diagrams are actually played, as if the chord was really strummed
  7. New option to add chord diagram library at the end of the score
  8. Piano chord diagrams
  9. Ambitus notation has been included in the program. It is set up globally for the score, but can be disabled on a per-staff basis. Its appearance can be set up for each score, and it's automatically updated when changes are made to the score
  10. Dialog box to view all the additional objects related to a staff: dymamics, ottavi, tempi, text objects, etc. From there, object settings can be seen or objects deleted
  11. Added keyboard shortcuts for increasing/decreasing volume, activate AGC, bass boost, reverb, etc
  12. Harmony Assistant: New script to play grace notes earlier so that the main note plays at its written position (time for grace notes is then borrowed from the previous note)


  1. Improvement of TAB files import
  2. Management of complex clipping regions (used to hide measures) in SVG, PDF and EPS export
  3. Measures are automatically added when the user enters lyrics after the last measure
  4. Improvement of tablature calculation when grace notes or a glissendo define the string to be played
  5. When editing graphical objects related to a staff, problems are detected, and errors displayed, with an option for automatic correction
  6. Better splitting of ghosts rests, and rests when created from ghost rests
  7. Partial implementation of loop point storage in WAV files when exporting instrument samples
  8. Possible to directly edit tablature display settings from staff display settings edit box
  9. MusicXML: general tempo is Imported/Exported
  10. Improvement of MUSL upload. In the 1st (automatic) conversion, very long tunes are truncated to 15mn, in order to avoid a too fast storage space overload. They can be exported in a longer form afterward.
  11. From the jukebox, when exporting in Myrweb format files that are protected with the same password, this password is asked only once.
  12. Multi-page PDF files can be created from the print previex.
  13. In "distance values display" mode, digits after the decimal dot can be edited directly on the document.
  14. New option in the staff contextual menu to activate/deactivate quickly chord playbackl
  15. Changes in security management for protected documents.
  16. MacOS versions are now digitally signed.
  17. Macintosh: text display through CoreText
  18. Macintosh: digital audio input through CoreAudio
  19. Better display of grace notes on accordion tablatures.
  20. New notation for the "Note names" script: dTAB.
  21. Now possible to display a cautionary accidental on grace notes
  22. Noteworthy import improvement: marcato problem
  23. Improvement of documentation to explain more clearly the relations between Harmony Assistant and Melody Player
  24. Note management in accordion tabletures has been improved:
    - Now the miscellaneous chord notes can be accessed directly from the tablature
    - When changing push/pull state for a note or a chord, the other notes are computed accordingly.
    - Row display has been improved to manage complex chords
  25. When asking for playing the accordion left hand through a chord line and a chord isn't present in the playable chords list, nothing is heard. Now, an alert is displayed to warn the user. 
  26. When notes isn't found for right hand in the push/pull state defined by left hand, a "?" is displayed on the line that matches push/pull
  27. Management of tempo changes in ABC export.
  28. New option in staff display settings, to print empty staves, even if the "Do not print empty staves" option is on in print setup
  29. When changing settings of an ornament related to a note, these latest values will be used as default when :
    - adding a new ornament from the note edit window
    - injecting a new ornament directly on score
    - adding ornament to several notes from the "Apply to selection" box
    These default value will apply to all documents, and are kept when launching the program again
  30. Slash chords (inversions) are managed in chord names
  31. Management of maj7 chords (alternate spelling for M7)
  32. File overwriting confirmation box now also applied to multi-pages graphical exports.
  33. Improvement of ornament positioning in TAB text files
  34. Commands have been adder to the contextual menu in page mode: group two by two, separate page, etc
  35. Option to deactivate addition of scripts to other application menus
  36. Improvement of conditional parts (endings) in nested repeats
  37. Improvement of triplet automatic beaming over barlines
  38. When editing ornaments related to symbols, only useful ornaments are displayed, in particular when editing rests.
    This mode can be disabled in global settings in order to add any ornament to rests, when editing symbols or using the injector tool
  39. Possible to activate/deactivate lyrics on staff directly from the staff display mode window
  40. Improved automatic correction of GOLD base, "Bouzouki" instrument, when loading old files


  1. Problem of notes that didn't disappear from the virtual keyboard after having played slides or grace notes
  2. Possible incorrect windows size after import of documents created by PDFtoMusic
  3. Fixed Dock automatic activation after program update
  4. Fixed appearance of staff-related digital effects edit box
  5. Fixed problem when creating chord diagrams for Ukulele.
  6. In dynamics edit box: second value was edited for simple dynamics
  7. Fixed click problem in tree list scroll bar, that opened the first folder.
  8. Fixed horizontal offset for grace notes drawn after the note on harmonica tablatures
  9. Fixed lyrics line masking problems
  10. Fixed multi-rest bar calculation when end-of-line positions are forced
  11. Fixed lyrics export problem in MIDI Karaoke (.kar) files when chords are displayed on the sung staff
  12. Virtual Singer crash when playing notes with a 0% pressure time
  13. MusicXML import: some misplaced objects could lead to measures with extra length
  14. MusicXML import: fixed wrong measure duration when followed by a time signature change
  15. Quite important graphical positionning problems fixed in clef, key and time signature display.
  16. Problems when importing/exporting barlines at the end of a measure (e.g. repeat end barline) when the measure is split by a clef or key signature change
  17. Clicking "No" when the program asked for truncating a too long score coule leat to a crash
  18. Fixed crash when exporting chord diagrams in PDF format
  19. Fixed lyrics printing on organ cards
  20. Fixes on chord diagrams printing
  21. Fixed extra/unnecessary staff name display in page mode with control handles on
  22. Fixed crash when closing the About box when virtual keyboard palette is open.
  23. Fixed Tablature palette graphical update when switching to another document.
  24. Fixed display problem on guitar tablatures
  25. Fixed Myrweb export problem in tryout mode.
  26. On MacOS, fixed default path management when opening folders
  27. Fixed tempo change positionning in ABC import
  28. Fixed problems in TAB import
  29. Fixed problem in Unicode characters transcoding (e.g. bullet) into HTML
  30. Fixed option mismatch in Dutch version, for the staff display mode edit box
  31. Fixed compatibility problem between Dock and rhythm editing
  32. Fixed user palette refresh when all palettes are deactivated
  33. Fixed "Full width" mode in automatic document resizing  when loaded
  34. Fixed horizontal scroll bar when editing text without line break
  35. Music playback module has been redesigned, to fix some mistakes. For instance, grace notes after the main notes weren't played when trying with the hammer or from the note edit box
  36. Linux: Fixed copy/paste to Harmony/Melody from another application

Harmony Assistant 9.7.1

Melody Assistant 7.7.1

February 2017

 PDF & PNG native export, Jukebox improvement, many fixes

Minor version

Harmony Assistant v9.7.1c / Melody Assistant v7.7.1c (February 6, 2017)


  1. MyrWeb Export: PDF can be embedded


  1. Memory leak in slur drawing
  2. Memory leak in ghost rest drawing
  3. Windows: inaccuracy in exact click position (mouse pointer hotspot)
  4. Objects copy/paste in individual selection
  5. Double display of tuning on merged guitar tablatures

Major version

Harmony Assistant v9.7.1 - Melody Assistant v7.7.1

February 3, 2017


  1. Direct PDF export from the program (File > Graphical export).This format is also available from Batch Export.
  2. Gold Sound base sound identifiers can now be stored into MusicXML files
  3. New way of calling PDFtoMusic from Harmony
  4. Now possible to convert PDF files from Harmony (via PDFtoMusic) and publish them on MUSL
  5. Harmony Assistant (scripts): New diagnosis tool, especially dedicated to SATB. Searches for voice crossing (Soprano who sings at a lower pitch than Alto for instance), or close voices (Soprano & Alto, Alto & Ténor) singing with a difference of more than one octave. These notes are highlighted in color.


  1. Jukebox appearance and features have been improved : same display of list, score view, keyboard and karaoke between Melody Player and the Jukebox
  2. MusicXML import: crescendo/decrescendo (wedge, hairpin) are applied from the current dynamic value and not in an absolute way (a crescendo from a forte starts from forte then increases)
  3. MusicXML import: mélismas or dashes over more than one measure could not be properly handled by Virtual Singer
  4. During a copy/paste of notes with special beam, stem direction remains identical to the original
  5. PNG import//export are no more dependent from the system (OS)
  6. Graphical improvement of deactivated palette icons
  7. Change in metronome state didn't mark the document as modified
  8. Better positioning of dots in tempo mark. The setting in score display mode is now managed
  9. Now possible to select the ghost rest display type for the wol score from "Score > Display setup". This setting can be overriden on each staff through "Staves >Display options"
  10. New contextual menu on Album to save, load, add or delete albums
  11. Possible to move the whole content of an album to another by drag&drop
  12. Added fingerings on the "Guitar neck" palette
  13. Better graphical adjustment between printing and graphical export
  14. Better accuracy in graphical export (10th of millimeter)
  15. Ghost rests are displayed again in page mode even when control handles are hidden. Then are then displayed semi-transparent
  16. Floating palettes can be moved through a click in the window area
  17. Jukebox list can be saved as a text file
  18. New script to duplicate dynamics on all staves
  19. Better computation of audio delays on Macintosh: they are now shorter, since we now use CoreAudio.  
  20. Document and staff templates with lyrics have been updated
  21. Virtual Singer: In a manual phonetisation, using an unknown phoneme could shift the sung part from the rest of the music
  22. Virtual Singer: Improved Bayesian module for automatic lyrics language guessing
  23. Virtual Singer: Fixed pronunciation problems on some Greek transitional vowels
  24. Virtual Singer setting files loading have been speeded up at application start
  25. Staves with masked lyrics (from the staff display options) still showed the frame around (not clickable)
  26. Accidental bar indicator on chromatic harmonica tablature has been graphically repositioned
  27. Unclosed parts (endings) display has been improved
  28. On Harmonica tablatures, grace notes generated from an ornament are now displayed the same color as the ornament. Engraver mode now handles them for its calculation
  29. Better input of alternate fingerings on Accordion tablatures
  30. Macintosh: important bugs in Mac OS X Sierra lead to display defects, or problems in dialog boxes. Workarounds have been implemented in order to make the program usable on these systems. These workarounds are not perfect though, so if you encounter this problem (huge fonts when printing), you *must* report them to Apple.
  31. Linux: OMeR for Windows/Wine registration numbers are managed by native Linux Harmony / Melody


  1. Crash when changing note duration on a discontinuous selection, when these notes have ornaments
  2. Fixed problem in custom character sets
  3. The Mya export was unusable
  4. Possible crash in Myrweb export
  5. Possible crash when staves were deleted within staff groups (braces, brackets)
  6. Fixed problem when masking Dock.
  7. Fixed problem in relation between contextual menus and tooltips
  8. Loading MU3 files then saving them in the new format could generate corrupted files
  9. A conflict between automatic saving alert box and tooltips could hang
  10. Multi-page SVG export: bitmap fonts could only be displayed on the first page
  11. SVG export: Some bitmap fonts weren't exported well
  12. SVG export: Some characters in vector fonts could be missing when the document contains vector drawings that are not part of a font
  13. Fixed interaction problems between file export and virtual keyboard
  14. Fixed display and double-notes printing on multi-voices tablatures
  15. Fixed file size display problem when adding a file to MUSL
  16. Virtual Singer: possible crash when lyrics without notes were present
  17. Virtual Singer: crash when trying words in voice editing
  18. ABC import: possible crash when the file contained syntax errors
  19. Incompatibility with custom digital instruments. Custom instruments (.mui) created with version 9.7.0 to 9.7.0f and containing digital effects might not be loaded with next version.
  20. In some cases, copying/pasting Fx processors could forget some settings
  21. Fixed ornament management when applying pitch change to a range of notes
  22. Fixed access to Accidental panel on tablatures
  23. Fixed problem when moving an element from an album to another
  24. Fixed fingering calculation on accordion tablatures
  25. Fixed alternate fingering selection on accordion tablatures
  26. Fixed slur display on unresolved notes on accordion tablatures
  27. The "other fingering" option in guitar tablature could change the note pitch.
  28. MyrScript: Fixed scroll bar problem in Log window
  29. MyrScript: Problem with some Unicode characters in gsub with %p %d %s and %x 
  30. MyrScript: crash when closing a dialog from the "Idle" method of one of its item
  31. Windows: problem when calling PDFtoMusic 
  32. MusicXML import: wrong management of some fermata
  33. Melody Assistant: missing file when installing the Japanese version
  34. Harmony Assistant, Macintosh: fixed a problem of graphical inaccuracy in Myrweb/SVG export

Harmony Assistant 9.7.0

Melody Assistant 7.7.0

Virtual Singer 4.0

October 25, 2016
 February 1, 2016

This version includes many new features, and in particular a new interface called Dock.
Virtual Singer, the embedded module that sings the lyrics is upgraded to version 4.0, and brings more than fifteen new languages.
Links with PDFtoMusic have been set up to enable importing PDF files directly from Harmony Assistant.
In Harmony Assistant, a new export format (MyrWeb) enables to exchange music scores in the blink of an eye, these files being viewed and listened to on any device, without needing to install anything beforehand. The Myriad Users Score Library now uses this new format.

N.B. 1: On Macintosh, the application is now Intel only, PPC version is discontinued.
N.B. 1: The Myriad Music Plug-In is not handled anymore by recents web browser and is discontinued. You need now to use the MyrWeb file format.

Minor versions

Harmony Assistant 9.7.0f / Melody Assistant 7.7.0f - December 2, 2016


  1. Grupetto, Mordents & Trills ornaments are now displayed as fingering on guitar & harmonica tablatures
  2. Trailing grace notes are now displayed on harmonica tablatures.
  3. Better accuracy in drawing, and shorter files in SVG / Myrweb export
  4. In Virtual Singer voice edit box, detection and on-demand automatic conversion of voice files using an outdated format
  1. Infinite loop in when searching for alternate fingering in accordion tablatures
  2. Problem when applying a text style on the whole lyrics
  3. Crash when merging the two first measures of a score
  4. Masked lyrics cells could reappear after the file is loaded
  5. Lyrics text style could be wrong after editing
  6. Drum staves didn't use the right sound after MusicXML import
  7. Possible crash when duplicating a digital track
  8. Windows: problem launching PDFtoMusic from an trial version
  9. MacOS 10.12: Old style palettes have been reactivated in order to work around a title display problem in the OS
  10. User charsets

Harmony Assistant 9.7.0e / Melody Assistant 7.7.0e - November 25, 2016

  1. The HTML template used in Myrweb export can be customized
  2. Possible to hide slurs and ties on tablatures
  3. Better display of ornaments and slurs on harmonica tablatures
  4. Possible to undo lyrics text import
  5. Improvement of graphical accuracy of bold tilted lines (beams) in SVG export
  6. Better calculation and display of grace notes in harmonica tablatures

  1. Duration display in jukebox
  2. Problem of infinite loop in accordion tablature calculation
  3. The SOS mode could be unnecessarily triggered at startup
  4. Interpretation problem for "volume decrease" ornament when it followed a fermata
  5. Blocking alert when trying to record a RealSinger voice
  6. Problem when recording a single RealSinger phoneme in fragment list
  7. Duplicate of ornament display setting in harmonica tablatures
  8. Harmony: Accuracy of graphical export from MyrScript
  9. MacOS: File name selector in graphical export
  10. MIDI export: The quote character in text and lyrics wasn't exported well
  11. Crash when importing some Finale files
  12. Staff contextual menu: problem in text style when loading lyrics text, and non-reflexivity betwen loading and saving of these text.
  13. It was possible to get access to a second chord line by using arrow keys on a repeated measure
  14. Harmony Assistant : reexporting a whole folder to MUSL didn't work
  15. Harmony Assistant : Exporting a zither tablature to EPS didn't work well
  16. Linux : Fixed file type choice in file selectors
  17. Windows : Sometimes a blank line could appear in the background picture of mixer or user palettes
  18. Windows : selecting paper size in "File > Printer setup" hadn't any effect
  19. Windows : communications betweeen Harmony Assistant and PDFtoMusic didn't work well. Complete fix will need to wait for the next version of PDFtoMusic
  20. Melody Assistant, Windows: window minimize button didn't work
  21. Tempo line display when reference note wasn't present
  22. Date display in MUSL management
  23. Default font for tablatures on old files
  24. Dynamics could alter metronome sound

Harmony Assistant 9.7.0d / Melody Assistant 7.7.0d - November 7, 2016

  1. Now possible to set up the tuplet tool from the Dock, by double-clicking its icon
  2. Crash or wrong operation in advanced chromatic/diatonic transposition
  3. Colors on Harmonica tablature
  4. Rest display on priority guitar tablatures
  5. Virtual Singer: Crash when resetting a RealSinger fragment to its default value
  6. Virtual Singer: Crash on some files, when lyrics don't match any note
  7. Graphical problem in Myrweb export, causing pages to appear blank (brought by v9.7.0c/7.7.0c)

Harmony Assistant 9.7.0c / Melody Assistant 7.7.0c


  1. Virtual Singer: Basque language, management of "ü" and "ñ" in order to pronounce the "Souletin" regional variation
  2. Harmony Assistant: improvement of the exported SVG graphic file internal structure
  3. Time signature window has been protected against 0/0 signatures
  4. Better display of modified state in the JukeBox.

  1. Crash in the score display setup
  2. Fixed musical characters in PICT export
  3. Virtual Singer: management of single letters (letter names) in Latin
  4. Melody Assistant: removed alert about paper area change when loading
  5. Harmony Assistant: unexpected script exit in Finale import
  6. Windows: Important problems when the Windows user name include accented characters
  7. Macintosh: problem displaying ghost rests as regular rests

Below, the list of new features, improvements and fixes for the major version


  1. New tools management: Dock
  2. PDF files can be loaded by a call to PDFtoMusic (settings in Global settings)
  3. Last chance save: after a crash, unsaved files can be retrieved
  4. New kind of staff group, the sub-system
  5.  Valved Harmonica tablature management
  6. Dutch manual
  7. Important improvement of Virtual Singer, with more than 15 new languages
  8. When a sung staff starts with notes without lyrics, instead of being silent, Virtual Singer can sing "Mm", "Aah", "Ooh", or even any custom syllable. This also applies to notes without lyrics that follow a rest.
  9. New commands in the target menu to skip to the previous or next target.
  10. New display option: crescendo/decrescendo line thickness
  11. New mode for tablature calculation in which diamond-shaped noteheads are harmonics. Tablature calculation manages them and write these harmonics between < and >
  12. New "Tablature" tool palette
  13. Harmony: management of diatonic cithars in printing
  14. SVG format export (Harmony only)
  15. HTML format export (Harmony only)
  16. Myrweb format export (Harmony only)
  17. New icon in the accidental tool palette to select the "bracketed accidental" mode
  18. 128th and 256th note display


  1. Free object frames can be filled with a picture
  2. New option in the free object contxtual menu to change quickly the related text or picture
  3. Now possible to delete all forced end of page on a score by entering "0" as required number of pages
  4. In print preview, free object editing: resize, move, add, delete...
  5. Adjustment of the forced bar list when adding or deleting bars
  6. Selection of staff with lyrics in MP3 export
  7. Display of an help message when a note is inserted outside the regular pitch range of the staff
  8. New item in the Palette menu to reset all the tools
  9. Notes and rests edit window has been redesigned
  10. "Frame around lyrics" option is available from the staff display mode
  11. The note dot can be made invisible or can be graphically shifted
  12. Graphical export in scroll mode (Mac OS only, experimental)
  13. Video export of the score (Mac OS only, experimental)
  14. When adding a forced end of line or end of page on a multi-rest bar or a multi-repeat bar, it applies to the last bar instead of the first
  15. When tying notes, a validity check is performed and an explanatory message displayed, especially when notes are not consecutive
  16. When hovering over the palettes in the "Windows" menu, the matching palette is highlighted
  17. When a bar is split (for instance by a clef change) the "Display ghosts rests as rests" option displays only one rest
  18. Splitting a bar doesn't break multi-rests
  19. MIDI 1 export and import: multi-voice staves are exported in a single track (or not). This can be set up in the global settings
  20. Pedal marks are managed like dynamics: they can be applied to a single staff, the group of the whole document
  21. Automatic centering of pauses
  22. Displaying ghost rests as regular rests can be set up independently for each staff
  23. Precise display of alternate fingering in guitar and accordian tablatures
  24. Forced list of played bars is exported/imported in MusicXML
  25. Management of "rehearsals" in MusicXML
  26. Notehead between parenthesis (regular and grace notes)
  27. In page mode, control handles on, the staff name appears dimmed to ease identifying staves when line start isn't visible
  28. When moving the mouse over a chord, the whole chord is echoed instead of a single note, even on merged staves
  29. New PostScript export. Adobe-specific PostScript export (epsf) is discontinued
  30. Adjustable pause before and after the tune in digital export
  31. Metronome bars in digital export
  32. Speed improvement: calculation of note positions in engraver mode, pitch shifting (+/- a semitone, a line, an octaveà or a selection range or the whole score, automatic calculation of slur positions to avoid notes when the latter are modified
  33. New management of standard drum staves
  34. New script to quickly change the string on a group of notes, on guitar tablatures
  35. Slurs drawn as small dashes, dots or curves
  36. Tablature for Kantele (MyrScript script)
  37. Selection of curve tension on tuplets
  38. Management of grace notes on Harmonica tablatures
  39. Page setup in graphical export identical to printing (can be disabled in global setup)
  40. Inversion of slur orientation when writing on a merged staves with forced stem direction
  41. Automatic ornament positioning to avoid staff lines
  42. Organ card printing: in preview mode, notes that don't match any pipe are colored
  43. Organ card printing: in preview mode, punches can be temporally shifted by clicking on them.
  44. Organ card printing: detailed text report of encountered errors
  45. Keyboard shortcut on the Jukebox
  46. Jukebox and Tutorials: the search field has been redesigned
  47. Jukebox can play digital audio files
  48. Jukebox can display a view of the score, like the Myriad Music Plug-in
  49. Jukebox can display piano fingering
  50. In the Jukebox, new columns: annotation, list of played bars, file type
  51. Complete compatibility between lists created by the Jukebox and Melody Player
  52. Enrichment of Mya format. Many new information added.
  53. Ctrl+mouse wheel changes document display scale (Command-mouse wheel on Mac OS)
  54. Horizontal movement in the docuiment through Shift+mouse wheel
  55. New calculation of lyrics line height, that takes text style into account
  56. Customizable display of complex date/time in text objects
  57. In the contextual menu that appears when right-clicking a selection range, new options: set stems to auto, and beam on beat
  58. Tablature font can be selected independantly for each staff
  59. Better positionning of ornaments on tablature
  60. Management of many codepages in MIDI export
  61. In digital export, pause durations are memorized
  62. MIDI import: No more duplication of staves when events are located before the first program change
  63. List of staff templates has been extended, especially in the Tablature section
  64. Guitar tablature calculation: now possible to manage ottava symbols
  65. In Hammer mode, now possible to move a note in both directions by Alt+Click
  66. Street organ card printing: new option to preserve note color
  67. Virtual Singer: Number of notes in a melisma (singing a single syllable on several notes) was limited to 64. This number is now unlimited
  68. Rotation angle for dynamics, crescendo/decrescendo and ottava
  69. Display of calculation status in MusicXML import
  70. Performance improvement in heavy MusicXML file import
  71. Items in "Windows" menu in non-dock mode have been reshuffled
  72. Application start-up is faster
  73. Possible to cancel punch move on street organ cards (print preview)
  74. Improvement of management in staff list
  75. Management of text meta-event (0x4b) found in some MIDI files
  76. Possible to view .mid scores in jukebox
  77. Midi export is now faster
  78. When setting up chord line related to a staff, it's now easier to get access to display styles
  79. Font for bar numbers in chord grid printed at the end of the document can now be changed
  80. Possible to save in old MYR format (ascending compatibility)
  81. Option to merge several bars together
  82. Possible to crop bars to the actual notes duration
  83. Automatic lyrics formatting
  84. Special beams are now properly exported in MusicXML
  85. New option for displaying numbered parts (endings)
  86. Rythmics patterns $(xxx) can be used in lyrics
  87. Harmony Assistant: New management of MUSL (Web space to share one's music scores). Increased allocated space.
  88. Virtual Singer palette: Improved singer name and flag position, in order to avoid overlapping
  89. Free objects: Layers (front, back) now also apply to page header and footer
  90. JukeBox: New option to retrieve file on disk
  91. Jukebox:  New contextual menu to quickly apply an action
  92. Jukebox: List refresh and file checking have neen speeded up
  93. During digital recording, better selection of default target track. 
  94. Possible to quickly specify, from the digital track recording palette, the number of leading metronome bars.
  95. Windows: Menu management has been improved in order to avoid that the last menu option could disappeat when the main window has an horizontal scroll bar.
  96. Windows: SHA-256 certificates
  97. MacOS:  child windows now open on the same screen as their father.
  98. MUSL: You can now connect to several accounts from the same computer.
  99. MusicXML: Rotated texts management
  100. MusicXML:  Texts related to symbols management


  1. Note pitch on Harmonica tablature when switching to priority tablature
  2. Overbend indicator has been repositioned
  3. Persistence of "rule text" effects
  4. Management of lyrics in "Add" mode
  5. MusicXML import and export
  6. NoteWorthy import
  7. Saving of scaled user palettes
  8. "60's organ" sound in the Gold sound base
  9. End of pahe, end of line, no end of line, etc markers didn't display in multi-rest or multi-repeat bars
  10. Palette magnetism
  11. Extra braces in "Enable single staves" mode
  12. Windows: fixed errors when loading scores by double-click and access path is very long
  13. Problem editing "bend and release" guitar ornament settings
  14. Symbol alignment in mult-voice printing mode
  15. Moving dynamics from one staff to another
  16. MyrScript text editing
  17. Unwanted stem direction change of the last note in a group with special beam, when a note is inserted right after
  18. On virtual keyboard, when music was playing, grace notes were displayed on the wrong piano key
  19. Automatic slur direction when inserting notes in a chord
  20. Default time signature and margins when adding a bar at the end, when the last bar is split by a clef change
  21. Changing note with grace notes to rest
  22. "string number" ornament color
  23. Wrong display of note stems on priority tablatures when beamed to a rest
  24. Interface Composer window resizing
  25. Barline height calculation in Lute tablature
  26. Paper size in graphical export
  27. Display of staves merged to a priority tablature without standard staff display
  28. Semitone transposition didn't mark Virtual Singer staves as modified
  29. Fixed Virtual Singer calculation when music start is set after a repeated part (VS could be mute)
  30. Changing a crescendo/decrescendo dynamic didn't mark Virtual Singer staves as modified
  31. In Orchestra management window, ther was a problem when duplicating a multi-voice staff
  32. Problem of color when displaying fingering (number within a circle)
  33. Possible crash when undoing bar deletion in a score with views
  34. Fixed street organ cards printing when card length is specified
  35. Fixed street organ punches movement in print preview
  36. Fixed MusicXML lyrics export when language is undetermined
  37. Fixed problems for anacrusis (incomplete bars) non-multiple of 64th note
  38. Possible error on triplet rests
  39. Fixed path name encoding problems on Macintosh for Jukebox files
  40. Fixed Japanese ISO encoding in Virtual Singer
  41. Fixed lyrics line movement in page mode
  42. MusicXML import: complex tempi (with caption) are now properly managed
  43. Fixed printing options window for street organ cards
  44. A chord with a slash written in the chord grid could be transformed to a simpler equivalent when performing some operations. It's now fixed
  45. Fixed interaction problem between Miscellaneous and Ottava palettes
  46. Moving a note whith a bracketed accidental deleted the bracket.
  47. Jukebox: Fixed play issues
  48. Jukebox: Fixed management of delay between pieces
  49. Jukebox: Fixed box area saving
  50. MusicXML Export: Fixed memory saturation when big images were embedded in the score
  51. MusicXML Export: Problem when exporting tablatures for instruments above 6 strings (e.g Lute)
  52. Harmony Assistant: Fixed menu activity problem when a MyrScript palette is open
  53. Windows: working with the mouse on street organ punches on print preview didn't work after the program loses and regain focus
  54. Windows: general graphic problems after minimizing then restoring the program's main window.
  55. Windows: Virtual Singer: icon of some singers appeared with white areas instead of black
  56. MyrScript: fixed non-reflexive methods (e.g. different spelling in reading and wrtiing) or unsorted (e.g. defined outside a section)
  57. Virtual Keyboard display
  58. Pattern repetition in free objects, picture kind
  59. Transpose in several staves templates


  1. On MacOS: PPC version is not supported anymore
  2. Drag and drop on Windows/Linux : dragging a document on a score window load the document instead of embedding it as a free object.
  3. Myriad Music Plug-in is discontinued

Harmony Assistant 9.6.3

Melody Assistant 7.6.3

June-October 2015


  1. To insert very low or high pitched notes outside the staff area, you can press the Shift key while inserting the note.
  2. In multi-voice staves or in a staff group, it's now possible to insert notes that continue the melody that has been written on the above or below staff (continuous input). It becomes easy to write a melody that switches between staves without having to fill with rests.
  3. An option shows the rests in continuous input
  4. New accidental notation: Old accidental cancellation
  5. When importing a Karaoke MIDI file or a MusicXML file with lyrics, the algorithm for deciding on what language to use (for Virtual Singer) has been completely rethought. It is now much more accurate.
  6. When inserting points in parameter curves, the Shift key enables to insert a "end of curve" point, that is detached from the following point. This enables to create discontinuous segments, or even isolated points.
  7. New optional way to display flagged notes : flags are displayed as unconnected horizontal beams (Flamenco notation)
  8. New ornaments : golpe (guitar body hit for flamenco), strumming up, strumming down
  9. In the complete mixer, it's now possible to adjust volume or panning of all the select staves at once, by pressing the Alt key while a value is changed.
  10. Now possible to hear the hovered notes on score
  11. New kind of tablature for Kuntigui, a single-stringed African instrument
  12. Pictures related to staves are now exported and imported in MusicXML
  13. Harmony Assistant: A new "Voice meter" script lets you hear the beats and fractions of beats, counted by a human voice (German Auszählen)
  14. Harmony Assistant: Two piano learning scripts enable to view and fix performer mistakes when playing a complete score, or to view the note names to be played step-by-step
  15. Harmony Assistant: A "MIDI-Digital Sync" script helps computing very finely the audio output latency, and doing so synchronize Digital output with MIDI output
  16. Harmony Assistant: When the compressed MusicXML format is used (.mxl), pictures that are embedded in the document are processed according to the mxl guidelines and recognised as such by music programs that manage pictures
  17. Harmony Assistant / MyrScript: New powerful graphical functions ("Surface" object) enables to work on picture, and import or export them in various formats.
  18. Harmony Assistant / MyrScript: Quick help on the selected word in the script editor
  19. Harmony Assistant / MyrScript: Auto-completion of keywords, variable and function names in the script editor


  1. Changing a measure width through the ruler handle now changes the next measure with in order not to alter the total width of the system. The previous way or managing measure width is still available by pressing the Ctrl (Windows/Linux) or Command (Macintosh) key while moving the handle.
  2. In the French version, the term for "beaming" has been changed from "accroche" to "ligature"
  3. Possible to beam eighth notes by groups of 4 in 4/4 time signature
  4. When working on a note, the area on which beams are recomputed has been shrinked in order to impact as few notes as possible
  5. The "end of printing after this bar" mark is now shifted when set to the end of tune and a new measure is inserted there.
  6. Now possible to insert vertical lines objects with bracket ends
  7. When while editing break symbols, a jump to a missing measure was set, an alert box could appear endlessly, making difficult to apply any change.
  8. Better accuracy when clicking on a text with the dedicated mouse pointer
  9. On the virtual keyboard, played note display is smoother and more in sync with audio. No note is forgotten, even when the audio output latency is high.
  10. Play cursor can now switch smoothly between bars.
  11. Notes outside pitch range (Edit > Search) are now located while taking transposing instruments into account. To make this search run properly with some instruments (e.g. clarinet), transposition has then to be set as expected.
  12. Some items of the interface slightly overlapped.
  13. Play cursor width can now be adjusted
  14. Improvement in the appearance of drum grid staves. The various line widths can now be adjusted in the score appearance box
  15. Improvement in the appearance of crescendo / decrescendo symbols when they cross over an end of line.
  16. Rotation in degree of graphical objects related to the document, a staff or a symbol
  17. When the mouse hovers an ornament, the ornament area as well as its owning note are shown.
  18. Key signature changes are now aligned when a clef is invisible
  19. When asking for loop playing and a play start mark is set, music restarts from the mark.
  20. While editing, the Alt key switches temporarily in selection (lasso) mode
  21. On scores that contained tempo changes and at least one not with an important negative delay, play could go off-sync
  22. Key change at the first bar of a piece doesn't inster a double barline at the beginning anymore
  23. Removed the inopportune alert box when cancelling export of a digital track area
  24. Mouse wheel handling has been implemented in mixers and on the document itself: titles, text related to a staff, staff name, etc. Using the mouse wheel on a scroll bar, a slider or a knob will increase or decrease its value.
  25. Text alignment mode can now be selected in manual chord line settings
  26. When the user adjusts manually a slur symbol control handle, the "automatic adjust" setting is deactivated for this slur.
  27. Dynamics now apply to all the staves in a multi-voice staff, even if the staff became multi-voice after the dynamics has been inserted
  28. When some palettes were moved outside the screen bounds, they jumped back too far to the center of the screen
  29. Virtual Singer palette has been redesigned. Icon positioning now occurs in perspective on the stage
  30. When targets were present on an empty line, the staff was displayed even if "do not print empty staves" was turned on. Now, the staff isn't displayed anymore, but the target mark is
  31. New tuplet display and editing. This can slightly change the appearance of existing scores.
  32. Improvement in dynamics insertion accuracy
  33. Now possible to insert dynamics and solme other kinds of objects in velocity edit mode
  34. New default area for dynamics and tempi, that avoid areas that can't be accessed by the mouse
  35. In page mode with small zoom, staff lines can go over the last barline on the right. We reduced this unwanted effect
  36. MIDI playing and export of scores that contain panning curves made some instruments to be heard completely to the left
  37. A more explict message is now displayed when trying to adjust the digital input an no audio input device has been selected
  38. Removing th ebackground picture of the document windows doesn't affect the "complete mixer" and "user" palette backgrounds
  39. All document templates have been changed in order to remove the play start mark
  40. Space or carriage return characters are now allowed in the played bar list
  41. Improvement of beam management over an invisible rest
  42. Improvement of the Karaoke window, with cautionary clef and selection of staff display size
  43. Gregorian notation: horizontal episemes are now managed (ancestor of the tenuto)
  44. Default page header and footer of "Configuration > Global Setup> Print" are now used when importing an external file (e.g. MIDI file)
  45. When processing stem direction, the reversible ornaments (e.g fermata) didn't always move to the right side of complex chords, and were losing the user adjustments
  46. ABC Import: missing parenthesis in the imported text could freeze the program
  47. MusicXML Import: staves with a different time signature are now automatically converted
  48. MusicXML Import/Export: better calculation of the distance between a note and its ornaments
  49. MusicXML Import/Export: general settings for score appearance are processed: stem width, staff line width, grace note size, etc.
  50. Default tempo value when importing MusicXML has been changed from 120 to 80
  51. MusicXML import and export have been improved, especially for the graphic position of pedal, dynamics, ottava, chord diagrams, text objects.
    Above this, tempo change objects are now properly imported and exported
  52. Improvement of automatic edit area positionning in scroll mode
  53. Line width of inverted triangles in harmonica tablature wasn't properly managed
  54. MusicXML import: break symbol text, ending bracket, beam, slur and tie widths now follow the staff scale
  55. MusicXML import: ottava symbols could make note stems be abnormally long
  56. MusicXML import: Better management of orphan ties
  57. Harmony Assistant / MusicXML Export: Beams and clef change in the middle of a bar have been improved
  58. Harmony Assistant / MusicXML Export: Management of staves that are not printed (for instance, when empty)
  59. Harmony Assistant / MusicXML Export: Switched to MusicXML 2.0 format
  60. Harmony Assistant / MusicXML Export: Better export of grace note accidentals
  61. Harmony Assistant: street organ card printing didn't manage note delay. This could lead in wrong punch position when, for instance, the score had been made from a MIDI import
  62. Harmony Assistant: lyrics can now be printed on street organ cards
  63. Harmony Assistant: for each file collection in the jukebox, a delay between pieces can be specified
  64. Harmony Assistant: Now possible to grab a staff that has been moved out of the screen bounds
  65. Harmony Assistant: Better management of resizing and moving of free objects: now possible to work outsitde the page area
  66. Harmony Assistant: When there is no staff in the document, the "Views" menu is inactive
  67. Harmony Assistant / MyrScript : update of split text windows when stopping debugging has been improved.
  68. Harmony Assistant / MyrScript: now possible to access the character set related to a staff
  69. Harmony Assistant / MyrScript: The "Tablature for Wind Instrument" scripts has been amended to properly manage grace notes.
  70. Harmony Assistant / MyrScript: Improvement of Encore/MusicTime/Rhapsody/Compositeur import script
  71. Windows: resizing of all the palettes have been rewritten, in order to manage the click & drag on any of the 4 palette edges.
  72. Windows: the Enter key confirms alert boxes
  73. Windows: In some window that enable to edit a multi-line text and that own a default button (e.g. document title edit) the Return key of the main keyboard inserts a line break in the text, while the Enter key of the keypad validates the box
  74. Windows: general improvement in application stability
  75. Linux: order of templated in the "new staff" box was random. They are now sorted in order to make the most frequently used staves appear first.
  76. Linux: improvement of graphical accuracy when printing.
  77. Mac/OS : graphical export in JPEG and PNG.


  1. Fixed crash when clicking in the tempo staff margin in scroll mode, then selecting an option in the menu
  2. Fixed problem when dragging objects from a discontinuous selection (Alt-click) to the next staff
  3. Slider for selecting scale of graphics related to an ornament has been fixed in the note settings selection box
  4. Fixed problems in list update
  5. Fixed numbered parts display problems when the score starts by a text staff.
  6. Fixed crash in break symbols edit box
  7. Fixed display of octave change when clef is hidden
  8. Fixed number of repeats display, at the end of a line
  9. Flags of 128th notes didn't display when stem is downwards
  10. Fixed change in staff area height, when moving the bar number line down
  11. Fixed calculation of bar start symbols according to the score display settings.
  12. Fixed behaviour of embedded text edior when moving the cursor while a selection is present.  
  13. Fixed brace display position on staff groups of one staff
  14. Some MIDI Karaoke file export could crash or hang when some very long lyrics are present
  15. When adding a staff to an empty score, the "Edit", "Delete" and "Duplicate" buttons were active. The "Delete" button crashed.
  16. When defining a rule, it was difficult to enter "Do" (Latin notation) as a criterion for rule matching
  17. Fixed problem in NoteWorthy import.
  18. Fixed problem in editing grid drum staves
  19. Fixed small graphical glitch in .ogg export box
  20. Fixed a crash in MIDI export on files containing several hours of music
  21. Fixed copy/paste problem on notes with double-stem
  22. Fixed problem in slur digital adjustment
  23. Better management of dynamics and multi-rests
  24. Fixed problem in brace and bracket display when music is stopped
  25. Display problem on frame and line between an ornament and its note when hovered
  26. It was not possible to define a staff group (brace or bracket) that joins a regular staff and its tablature
  27. The tuplet direction onversion didn't work on quarters and unbeamed eighths
  28. Management of dynamics on volatile staves
  29. Fixed display problem on document number of pages when ueing start page number offset
  30. Fixed calculation of number of pages when reserved pages are present
  31. Fixed minor problems in MIDI import, while processing illegal meta-events
  32. Minor fixes in lists and some floating windows
  33. Crash in Edit > Appearance > Colorise.
  34. Possible crash in tablature calculation, when the user forced a cell number for the last note of the staff
  35. Play start mark could be misplaced when creating a document that starts with an upbeat, or when inserting bars at the beginning of the document
  36. Crash when a (de)crescendo symbol was overlapping the last barline of the score
  37. Buffer overflow in Virtual Singer when the whole lyrics were written without any space or separator
  38. Crash when closing the score appearance box
  39. Fixed note stem display on harmonica tablatures
  40. Fixed display of some notehead when staff scale is different from 1.
  41. Search for note outside pitch range didn't work anymore
  42. MusicXML import: several instances of buffer overflow could lead to unstable memory or crashes
  43. MusicXML import: chord names in italian notation if the option is activated
  44. Harmony Assistant: Wrong processing of line breaks when computing lyrics syllables width in engraver mode.
  45. Harmony Assistant: Undoing an operation of printing scale change (page mode) didn't work properly
  46. Harmony Assistant: Fixed a defect in vertical scroll bar manageùent when deleting lines in the script editor
  47. Harmony Assistant: Fixed "Virtual Singer > Show lyrics phonetics" script
  48. Harmony Assistant: Several scripts have been fixed in order to avoid unwanted program termination in rare cases
  49. Harmony Assistant / MyrScript: Fixed string sunstitution problem that could make the Tabledit import crash
  50. Harmony Assistant / MyrScript: Fixed text block indent in text editor
  51. Harmony Assistant / MyrScript: Fixed font problem in log window
  52. Harmony Assistant / MyrScript: Fixed window resizing problem
  53. Windows: Problem when printing graphical object with alpha (transparency) layer
  54. Windows: Fixed memory loss when managing low-latency MIDI echo
  55. Linux: Crash when using some windows. The overall program stability has been improved.
  56. Linux: Management of text including music symbols from another font than Stoccata has been fixed
  57. Linux: Wrong management of fonts without gap between lines like "My Figured Bass"
  58. Linux:  A type of notehead disappeared when printing
  59. Macintosh: Problem in rendering of some instruments from sound bases. This made some notes of the GMSE sound base sound out of tune, for instance E5 of the French accordion.
  60. Macintosh: Fixed MIDI input init if the device is off when application is started
  61. Macintosh / Harmony Assistant: Fixed display of picture free objects
  62. Macintosh / Harmony Assistant: Fixed icons printing problem
  63. Macintosh / Harmony Assistant / MyrScript: Fixed problem in GetPixel

Minor versions

Harmony Assistant 9.6.3i / Melody Assistant 7.6.3i (October 2nd 2013)

  1. Editing lyrics on a score without lyrics that only includes one staff will automatically add the lyrics line to that staff
  2. Macintosh: On Macs with a single-button mouse, Ctrl + Click is now equivanent to a right-click. (the "Shift" key now being used to insert/move object outside the staff area).
  1. Some palettes could move away from the screen edges
  2. When unsuccessfully trying to tie two notes (different pitches, etc), an unwanted alert box was displayed
  3. Dutch interface text has been amended

Harmony Assistant 9.6.3h / Melody Assistant 7.6.3h (September 27th 2013)


  1. Now possible to quickly activate or deactivate the frame around lyrics by right-clicking a lyrics cell
  2. Activation/deactivation of frame around lyrics can now be undone
  3. After having edited the staff lyrics, text is automatically formatted according to the syllables in the score
  4. Default height of triplet brackets has been reduced, in order to be graphically nicer. This default value can still be adjusted by double-clicking the 3:2 icon in the palette, then individually for each triplet by editing the note
  5. Height of triplet brackets can now be forced on a whole area through "Edit > Appearance > General"
  6. Harmony Assistant: "Track Export" script has been changed in order to manage file format that include staves (myr, mu3,xml)
  1. Fixed problem in break symbol management
  2. Fixed problem in break symbol deletion
  3. Fixed translations in various languages
  4. Fixed offset in numbered part start, coda and segno at the beginning of a line with cautionary clef
  5. Fixed display of $B tag in page footer
  6. Fixed application freeze when editing ill-formatted lyrics
  7. Fixed a problem in styled text edit
  8. Fixed display problem on Virtual Keyboard
  9. Fixed possible crash when editing lyrics, when moving to previous cell
  10. In Virtual Singer, language couldn't be changed via the [!language] command when the document contained one measure.
  11. Melody Assistant:  Possible crash when loading a file created with Harmony Assistant that contains dynamics
  12. Harmony Assistant: In page mode, moving an object on a text staff could result in the object moving to another staff
  13. Harmony Assistant / MusicXML export: possible crash on split bars that contain lyrics
  14. Harmony Assistant: Fixed MUSL interface definition
  15. Harmony Assistant / Diatonic Accordion Tablature: Fixed mistake in notes played by left hand buttons in the "Diatonic G/C 3 rows" accordion definition
  16. Harmony Assistant / Diatonic Accordion Tablature: Fixed grace notes display
  17. Harmony Assistant / Diatonic Accordion Tablature: Fixed user-defined accordion editing
  18. Windows: it was impossible to open folders that contain accented characters when right-clicking on the document title bar
  19. Windows: Fixed graphical offset of palettes below the menu bar
  20. Windows: crash when prinnting pictures of less than 3 pixels wide
  21. Windows: fixed access to sound base by the low-latency synthesizer

Harmony Assistant 9.6.3g / Melody Assistant 7.6.3g (September 12th 2013)


  1. When the selection range is played in loop, metronome pre-count can be played at each loop.
  2. A slur between two consecutive notes of same pitch (equivalent to a tie) didn't radjust graphically when changing its direction
  3. When inserting a slur between two consecutive notes of same pitch, its graphical appearence was slightly different from a "real" tie
  4. When saving a picture from a free object to a separate file, the file extension now matches the content of picture data
  5. Hierarchical lists (template selection, MUSL space): improvement and overall speed-up
  6. Now possibme to create parameter curves that contain discontinuous values, i.e. in which the parameter will take the required value, and keep it until a new value is encountered
  7. Management and appearance of parameter curves have been improved
  8. When inserting a dynamics in the bar margin (space between barline and first note), the dynamics could be not inserted at the required position
  9. Problem for selecting multiple objects on several staves using the Shift key
  10. Lyrics text file: the default file name is now built from the document and the staff name
  11. Compressed storage of pictures in the MusicXML format addition
  12. MusicXML Import: management of implicit lyrics line numbers
  13. Harmony Assistant: Improvement of file import from recent version of NoteWorthy (205).
  14. Harmony Assistant: improvement of the "MIDI > Echo Program Change" script in order to make the use of an external MIDI keyboard simpler
  15. Harmony Assistant: improvement of the "File > Export > Batch Export", by enabling to clone the source folder tree in the target folder
  16. Windows: The low-latency softsynth has been improved, in order to manage MIDI bank numbers
  17. Windows / Harmony Assistant: A setup file has been created in order to enable using the "Doremi" music font
  18. Windows: Specific alert that will tell the user that he didn't run a version of the program that matches his version of Windows.
  19. Windows: An alert saying that the program didn't close properly appeared just after having updated the program
  1. Fixed a problem of memory deallocation when using dynamics
  2. The text of break symboles at end of bar could be shifted and truncated when displayed at the end of a line on printer (or in Harmony Assistant's page mode)
  3. Fixed display of brackets on barlines
  4. Fixed problem on interface search (Help menu)
  5. Fixed memory problem in user palettes
  6. Fixed a problem of target staff selection after a real-time MIDI input, when the list needed a scroll bar
  7. Amendments on German version of the interface
  8. Amendments on Italian version of the interface
  9. MusicXML Import: Fixed a page layout difference for tablatures between the plugin/player and Harmony/Melody
  10. MusicXML Import: Fixed management of page lost margins, that generated discrepancies between page mode and printing
  11. MusicXML ImportFixed chord line when the chord kind stored in MusicXML was unknown.
  12. MusicXML Import: Fixed crash when loading files that contain errors (created by an old version of Photoscore)
  13. Harmony Assistant: the picture of the 6-holes Native American flute was missing in "tablature for wind instruments" script.
  14. Harmony Assistant, MyrScript editor: Fixed a crash that could occur when creating dictionaries for autocompletion
  15. Harmony Assistant: Fixed display problem when using the "Maestro" music font
  16. Harmony Assistant: Fiexe a problem of key signature position when using some music fonts 
  17. Harmony Assistant: Possible computation errors in tablatures for accordion
  18. Harmony Assistant: Fixed display problems on some scripts
  19. Linux: menu bar is now displayed 25 pixels below in order to avoid overlapping the system barline
  20. Macintosh: Fixed a problem of user instrument export in .mu3 format

Harmony Assistant 9.6.3f / Melody Assistant 7.6.3f (July 30th 2013)


  1. Fixed a crash in MIDI import
  2. Problem to grab margin control handles after the first page

Harmony Assistant 9.6.3e / Melody Assistant 7.6.3e (July 26th 2013)


  1. When moving an object related to a staff, a visual spot shows the target staff.
  2. Now possible to grab objects related to a staff but located outside its area
  3. MIDI Import: microtonal pitch shift that are constant for a staff are now taken into account in the frequency parameter curve
  4. Kooplet search: Web sites that do not want direct download are now managed
  5. Better management of dot when displaying double-stem dotted eighths


  1. Fixed a crash when editing MUSL space, when there are only folders (no file)
  2. Fixed an offset problem when copying/pasting regular drum staves
  3. Fixed possible crash when using headless notes
  4. Fixed note color when inserting a slur, using the hammer, etc.
  5. Fixed dashes display between syllables at end of bar
  6. Effect processors located on the left of the first note in a staff weren't considered
  7. Adjustment of some graphical elements in guitar tablatures
  8. Fixed palette magnetism.
  9. Harmony Assistant: Grid drum staves now follow engraver mode positionning

Harmony Assistant 9.6.3d / Melody Assistant 7.6.3d (July 3rd 2013)


  1. When importing an MusicXML file, when several lines of lyrics are present and the number of repeats is not specified, the additional lines are not deleted anymore
  2. Harmony Assistant / MyrScript: a new method enables to find automatically the appropriate language for lyrics on a staff. This method is now used in file import: Finale, Encore, etc.


  1. A serious source of instability has been fixed on Windows. It could generate crashes, especially when opening various windows.
  2. About 400 small irregularities, that could cause more or less important instabilities, have been fixed in the program source code
  3. A problem in parameter curves management made them be applied by default to the whole score
  4. Harmony Assistant: Possible crash when moving cursor outside any staff area in page mode
  5. Harmony Assistant / MyrScript: improvement of item info display in the script editor (clipping problem)
  6. Harmony Assistant / MyrScript: source code was duplicated when editing dialogs and floating windows

Harmony Assistant 9.6.3c / Melody Assistant 7.6.3c (June 28th 2013)


  1. In the time signature alternate display, when the field was left empty, "0" was displayed. Now, nothing appears.
  2. Better management of the "group eighths by 4" check box
  3. MusicXML Import: Fixed crash when importing some mis files
  4. Harmony Assistant / MyrScript: When editing a source file, the text was duplicated
  5. Harmony Assistant / MyrScript: Possible crash in the TextWindow.Erase(...) function
  6. Harmony Assistant / MyrScript: Fixed script for wind instruments fingering

Harmony Assistant 9.6.2

Melody Assistant 7.6.2

January-May 2012


  1. Graphic objects (effects, free objects, graphics related to a staff, background) can now be in JPG, PNG, GIF or TIFF format
  2. Ornaments of type "Graphics" can now be related to notes
  3. Ornaments (or graphics) can be related to Clef objects
  4. Staves in a system can be joined by a vertical line on right side
  5. In the management of curves related to staves, the current curve can now be deleted quickly.
  6. Tablature computation on multi-voices staves.
  7. TAB export of multi-voices staves.
  8. New mode for applying staff appearance settings: "to all merged staves"
  9. New commands in the multi-voice staff management contextual menu
  10. Braces, ties and slurs are now drawn and printed as actual curves.
  11. Slur "tension" can be adjusted in order to make them more flat and their ends hooked.
  12. Fine management of lyrics positioning and masking: for each bar, it's now possible to insert or mask any line by right-clicking a cell.
  13. File format has changed in order to manage the new features. Old versions of the program won't read the new files.
  14. Windows & Linux : mouse pointer size can be adjusted.


  1. A new setting in the staff appearance enables to tell whether the grace note stems are aligned on the staff center line
  2. Improvement in time signature and upbeat bar selection when creating a new document from a template.
  3. Better error management while opening files for writing.
  4. "Edit" menu items now follow selected object kind.
  5. Changing ghosts rests into rests now splits them according to beat
  6. Now possible to mask, on each staff, each kind of object (lyrics, text, graphics, dynamics...)
  7. Triplets made of notes with different slur directions are now properly grouped. This can change the appearance of previous scores.
  8. Better management of objects, notes an lyrics position when inserting or deleting bars, or when changing the time signature.
  9. New keyboard shortcuts: fast forward and rewind. This can be especially useful to those who rehearse a score using a footswitch.
  10. New management for the default document file name.
  11. The area-driven discontinuous selection now only applies to the selected parts in merged (multivoice) staves.
  12. MusicXML import/export: better management of ottava (8va,8vb, etc)
  13. Virtual Singer: management of note slurs and bend effects
  14. Harmony Assistant: In engraver mode, note position calculation has been sped up.
  15. Harmony Assistant: When forcing the number of bars per line, the automatic computation of bar width in engraver mode is deactivated.
  16. Harmony Assistant in page mode: improvement of document window maximize/minimize/restore management
  17. Linux version: Compatibility with Ubuntu 10.04 - 11.10, KUbuntu, XUbuntu, Ubuntu Studio, Mint 12, Fedora 15, Mandriva One 2011, OpenSuse 2.1, Debian 6.0.3.


  1. Virtual Singer :  SAMPA Q in English.
  2. Audi sync problems could occur when the score contains both notes with negative delay and tempo changes
  3. Jump & target display on text staves.
  4. CMF export.
  5. Graphical objects dialog box: file import.
  6. Text formating while writing an email.
  7. Palette duplication while hide all /show all.
  8. Score file loading, as well as some editing operations, didn't work on very heavy staves (more than 32,000 symbols)
  9. Fixed appearance of curve over triplets
  10. Fixed clef change problem on merged (multi-voice) staves
  11. Fixed vu-meter display on staff with lyrics when output is MIDI.
  12. Possible to deactivate the cautionary key signature display at end of line once activated
  13. In some cases, some objects were graphically misplaced when viewing the staff in the Karaoke window
  14. Multi-voice staves couldn't be properly duplicated
  15. Fixed digital track contextual menu.
  16. Fixed page setup problem when "score" object were used within a score.
  17. Harmony Assistant: Fixed MyrScript problems on staff merging
  18. Harmony Assistant: in engraver mode, display of tied notes connected by a special beam
  19. Macintosh, Linux: Fixed palette handling problem on multi-screens
  20. Windows: in some tutorials, squares appeared in text.

Minor versions

Harmony Assistant v9.6.2m / Melody Assistant v7.6.2m (May 29, 2012)

  1. The "syringe" tool actions on rests have been extended. It's now possible to inject a dot or an ornament to a rest.
  2. Positioning of line between notehead and text in "rule text" ornament has been improved
  3. MusicXML Import: chord tags are now processed as staff-related chord line..
  4. Parameter curve editing: better display of curves usage status in the pop-up menu
  5. Better display of the target when inserting tempo changes: rests are now taken into account.
  6. New replacement patterns have been added in header and footer edit
  1. Possible crash when a note that is involved in a slur or a special beam was replaced by a new note.
  2. Problem with accented characters in document template names.
  3. When editing lyrics text with a non-100% scale, some graphic updates were not properly performed
  4. In some scores that included complex tempo changes and a note with a negative delay, playing could go out of sync.
  5. Fixed parameter curve editing on a staff other than the first one.
  6. Harmony Assistant: Closing a split area of the score window while playing could produce a crash.
  7. Fixed display of some shape-note heads when scale is not 100%
  8. Minor fix in ABC export.
  9. Windows / Harmony Assistant:  problem with the "Test" button in the hardware settings window that opens when the application is started for the first time.
  10. Windows: when quitting the program, clicking "Cancel" in the warning box that asks for saving the document exited anyway (without saving). 
  11. MacOS: fixed access to alternate palette icons
  12. Linux: The "standard" font, used for displaying dialog boxes, could be wrongly detected, resulting in unreadable items

Harmony Assistant v9.6.2k / Melody Assistant v7.6.2k (May 15, 2012)

  1. Now possible to extract and export pictures that are used in free objects

  1. Better sorting of fonts names in the text style palette.
  2. MusicXML import : management of multiple styles in Title/Composer/Remarks
  3. MusicXML import/export : better page settings, better positioning of text objects
  4. Windows : when selecting a font through a pop-up menu, they are sorted alphabetically
  5. Windows : MP3 export : Exported lyrics didn't show in Windows Media Player
  1. Possible crash when making a change to the score while setting a special beam or a slur.
  2. In a score sung by Virtual Singer, when the music starting point was set to bar #1, the program ignored the selected repeat number.
  3. Fixed chord display in harmonica tablatures
  4. Small glitches in ABC import/export
  5. Merged staff curve edit in page mode : only the first and last staff could be edited
  6. Fixed accented user name in page footer
  7. Harmony Assistant : fixed MP3 export of drum staves with a lyrics line
  8. Harmony Assistant / MyrScript : changing chord line font or size didn't update graphically
  9. Windows: the digital output "Test" button in the hardware setup box didn't work.
  10. Mac OS : Fixed printing of very big embedded pictures
  11. Mac OS / Harmony Assistant / MyrScript : Fixed Graph.GetPixel.

Harmony Assistant v9.6.2j / Melody Assistant v7.6.2j (May 3, 2012)

  1. When moving the middle point of an existing slur, movement will be limited in order to avoid too odd curves
  2. Editing curves on merged staves didn't work well
  3. When an audio device is not available, the box asking for adapting output to existing devices will appear less often
  4. Time signature display on tablatures has been redesigned
  5. Harmonica tablature calculation now manages grace notes (in no-symbol display mode)
  6. After updating the software, the box asking to clear the preferences won't appear anymore
  7. Importing staves from another document excluded the invisible staves
  8. Harmony Assistant: In MyrScript debugging, now possible to select variable and log window font.
  1. Possible crash when working in page mode, especially when copying/pasting notes related to rules, in edit mode limited to one bar
  2. Saving graphical data from a staff-related object resulted in a corrupted file.
  3. In some cases, MP3 export could generate an empty file
  4. Crash on MP3 export from the digital audio data import window
  5. Harmony Assistant: Fixed crash when applying default tuning on tablatures
  6. Harmony Assistant / Myrscript: Possible crash when clicking the "stop" icon in step-by-step debugging
  7. Harmony Assistant / MyrScript / MacOS: Fixed a font problem on Macintosh in the AddOrnament function
  8. Windows: Some pictures inserted on score could appear on a black background when printing
  9. MacOS: Printing some BMP pictures could fail
  10. MacOS: 8-bits PICT display could be incorrect

Harmony Assistant v9.6.2i / Melody Assistant v7.6.2i (April 19 2012)


  1. Transparency management (alpha channel) for picture objects in GIF, PNG ... format
  2. New harmonica tablature display: hole number on two rows (draw/blow)
  3. Now possible to define Lydian tuning for diatonic harmonicas
  1. New calculation of tempo object default size
  2. Better positioning of break symbol text at end of bar (DS, DC...)
  3. Better management of merged staves with priority tablature
  4. MP3 export: when several staves with lyrics are present, now possible to select which one to use
  5. MP3 export: Better compatibility of ID3 tags with Windows Media Player
  6. ABC import now manages ISO 8859 (Windows) and UTF-8 character encoding
  7. ABC export can be set up to generate either of these formats
  1. Fixed control handle display when moving a dynamic in page mode
  2. Fixed cursor trail when inserting a tempo object
  3. Possible crashes when editing / loading tablatures
  4. Possible problems when using ornaments related to a clef
  5. Possible crashes when editing and adding picture objects
  6. Positioning and music duration problem when no break symbol is present and the list of played bars is fixed.
  7. Virtual Singer: problem in the singer language default value when not recognized
  8. Linux: impossible to print twice in a row from the preview window
  9. Harmony Assistant : possible crashes in Band In A Box file import

Harmony Assistant v9.6.2h / Melody Assistant v7.6.2h (March 28 2012)


  1. MP3 Export: lyrics can be exported in the MP3 file, as a full text or as synchronized lyrics
  2. MP3 import: synchronized lyrics or full text les paroles en texte complet ou syllabes synchronisées sont importées.
  3. Windows: now embedding a low latency software synthesizer, in order to provide echo for master MIDI keyboard input (Hardware configuration, "MIDI Echo" section)
  1. A "patch" for "Grand Piano 1" and "Grand Piano 1 Soft" sounds of the GOLD 2 sound base has been included. Fix is therefore automatic.
  2. Detection of new versions of the program has been improved
  3. A graphic mark enables to locate the first note to which a dynamic applies.
  4. When inserting and moving (de)crescendo, ottava or smooth tempo change, notes that match the beginning and the end of the action are marked
  5. "Real-time" MIDI input: Midi echo device is set to the instrument of the selected staff
  6. Change in the order of the phonemes to be recorded in RealSinger to create a new voice
  7. MP3 export: Now possible to select the tag format:: old format, ID3 ISO 8859 or ID3 Unicode.
  8. When pasting notes with automatic beaming deactivated, original stem directions an beaming are preserved
  9. Some text operations have been sped up
  10. Accuracy improvement when inserting dynamics
  11. Improvement in tablature calculation on merged (multi-voice) staves
  12. When moving a text object in the staff margin that follows a multi-rest bar doesn't "break" the rest anymore.
  13. MusicXML Import/Export: processing of slurs used as ties.
  14. Harmony Assistant, MusicXML Export: change in the multi-rest bar export, in order to improve compatibility with other programs
  15. Harmony Assistant: When running the application, script browsing has been sped up.
  16. Harmony Assistant: Better display of script names in the keyboard shortcut map.
  17. Harmony Assistant: Improvement of the NoteWorthy import script
  18. Harmony Assistant: Improvement of the Finale import script (beaming and triplet problems).
  19. Harmony Assistant: Improvement and fixes in the "About scripts" summary
  20. Harmony Assistant: Now possible to change column width in the MyrScript variables window
  21. Windows/Linux: Double echo when inserting a note in step-by-step MIDI input has been removed
  1. Possible crash when deleting bars that contains slurs or special beams
  2. Trills and some other ornaments could not play the right notes when last bar repeat symbols are present on the staff
  3. Possible crash in multi-voice tablature management
  4. Fixed position of break symbols (D.C, D.S) over multi-rest bars
  5. When deleting or inserting bars, some lyrics text styles could be altered.
  6. Fixed a problem in automatic dot positioning within a chord
  7. Crashes when moving a dynamic, text, line, graphic from a staff to another in scroll mode when displaying distances
  8. Fixed lyrics line count when unmasking lyric cells
  9. Fixed problem in masked lyric cells when loading a file
  10. Unmasking lyric cells could make an extra bar appear at the end of the piece
  11. Possible problems when displaying lyrics at the end of the score in page mode
  12. Fixed problem in Italian resources.
  13. Fixed a problem in default templates. 
  14. Fixed ABC import module (custom key signatures)
  15. Fixed resizing problems in symbol-related picture object
  16. Fixed a problem with the hammer tool
  17. Cosmetic problem of stem end over the beams
  18. Graphics color could be incorrect on printed page
  19. Fixed MusicXML import problems
  20. Fixed mouse pointer display when inserting some dynamics
  21. Fixed "Da segno", "Da coda" display when inserting.
  22. Possible file corruption when using digital tracks
  23. Several errors have been fixed in display and edit of styled text (containing font, size, color... changes)
  24. Some trills didn't play well when the staff contains previous bar repeat symbols.
  25. Possible crash when deleting bars if there were slurs or special beams over a barline
  26. Adjusting slurs on a priority tablature moved the slurs too far away from notes
  27. Harmony Assistant: MusicXML Export, null <backup> and <forward> could confuse some other programs.
  28. Harmony Assistant: Problems in keyboard note input when a document is split into several areas
  29. Harmony Assistant: Fixed display/edit of line number in the MyrScript manual
  30. Harmony Assistant: Fixed some interactive samples in the MyrScript manual
  31. Harmony Assistant: Fixed SAMPA extraction in MyrScript when there are language changes in the lyrics.
  32. Windows: problems in standard mouse pointer management (window resizing arrows)
  33. Mac OS X: Fixed MIDI output
  34. Linux: Fixed GetCapability
  35. Linux: Fixed filehandle overload

Harmony Assistant v9.6.2g / Melody Assistant v7.6.2g (February 15th 2012)

  1. Improvement of accidental automatic positioning
  2. Improvement of automatic language recognition in Virtual Singer 
  3. Enlargement of the area on the left of the staff, that makes the score scroll when expanding the selection range with the mouse
  4. When syntax errors are present in multi-piece ABC files, the alert now appears only once.
  5. MIDI Import: improvement in GOLD base sound / MIDI program change matching.
  6. When inserting a dynamics, the Shift key deactivates the automatic magnetism to the previous dynamics line
  7. Internal management of file access paths have been sped up
  8. Windows: Mouse cursor zooming is now available in any display depth, in all Windows versions.
  1. An extra measure could be added at the end when masking lyrics lines
  2. Editing lyrics (Staff > Edit lyrics) deleted the text styles
  3. Fixed lyrics position after some operations that change the score structure
  4. Possible problems when undoing the last command (Edit > Undo) when music is playing
  5. Fixed possible crashes when playing digital tracks or Virtual Singer
  6. Fixed possible crash when playing a Virtual Singer staff that contains characters impossible to sing
  7. Possible crash when forcing the default note stem direction of a staff
  8. Graphical fix: Ghost plots when moving a free object
  9. Graphical fix: Plots when inserting a crescendo
  10. Graphical fix: Missing parts when editing a styled text
  11. Fixed minor memory leaks
  12. Fixed a palette positioning problem in "magnetic" mode
  13. Fixed activity of staff-related chord line play mode when creating it
  14. Harmony Assistant, ETF import: fixed accented characters management, unbreakable spaces and rest triplets
  15. Harmony Assistant, Macintosh: fixed background of imported pictures
  16. Harmony Assistant: Possible crash when exporting a score that contains rules to MusicXML format
  17. MyrScript: Inserting pieces of text in a styled text could erase some following styles
  18. Macintosh: Fixed fretted instrument tuning file saving
  19. Linux: some document templates were missing

Harmony Assistant v9.6.2f / Melody Assistant v7.6.2f (February 1st 2012)

  1. Now possible to insert the document creator's name in any new document default header or footer (<name> tag)
  2. Harmony Assistant: the NoteWorthy import now manages shape notes (Fasola)
  3. Harmony Assistant: the NoteWorthy import now manages staff grouping symbols (brackets and braces in the margin)
  4. In special text, a new separator, "/", enables to unbeam notes within a tuplet group.
  1. Fixed an error in tablature calculation
  2. Fixed a problem in the display of the new $Q anf $Y commands from version 9.6.2d/7.6.2d
  3. Changing a tempo object value by right-clicking it might not work properly.
  4. When deleting bars, the lyrics following the delete point might be deleted
  5. Problem in handling and moving text ornaments when written using the Stoccata music font
  6. Background of lyrics text that is never played appeared in gray on printed page
  7. Offset between the stem and the notehead when using a symbol scale other than 100%
  8. Windows: problem when editing text in Stoccata music font

Harmony Assistant v9.6.2e / Melody Assistant v7.6.2e (January 23rd 2012)

  1. Better sync between the sound and the pressed key on the Virtual Keyboard
  2. Some minor changes in harmonica tablatures
  3. Harmony Assistant: Improvement when forcing the number of pages, when the required value cannot be reached
  4. Harmony Assistant: The NoteWorthy import script now manages v2.5
  5. Windows: product version can now be seen in their installer's properties
  1. In the music following box, pressing a key that is not available in the list could generate a crash.
  2. Loading or saving a file whose name starts with "-" inserted a separation line in the "Open recent" menu
  3. In karaoke mode, lyrics text did not appear
  4. When loading old files, the staff object masking option wasn't managed well
  5. The staccato dot could disappear at small scales
  6. Harmony Assistant: The "Cancel" button in the printing option box could generate a crash
  7. Harmony Assistant: On Windows, file names containing accented characters weren't managed well in the user Web space management (MUSL).
  8. Harmony Assistant Possible crashes when playing a score that only contains digital tracks
  9. Windows: Loading or saving a file with the ";" in its name made the application crash when opening the "Open recent" menu

Harmony Assistant v9.6.2d / Melody Assistant v7.6.2d (January 16, 2012)

  1. Anti-aliasing for most of objects display (*)
  2. Document templates appearance has been improved
  3. New method for automatic language detection in Virtual Singer
  4. New management of multiple rests, more logical and more compact (*)
  5. In page header, page footer and free text, two new commands have been added:
    - $Q: page number, only displayed if more than one page in the document (no need to display "1" when there is only one page)
    - $Y: score creation year (for copyright)
  6. Better management of invisible key change (*).
  7. Harmony Assistant: New default display scale when creating a new document
  1. Program could block when displaying complex tuplets
  2. Management of graphical objects containing a great number of Bezier curves
  3. Default font for chord grid, defined in global setup, is now used when creating a new document
  4. When adding lyrics to a staff, the lyrics line could be misplaced
  5. Possible crash in tablature creation
  6. Linux: Curve printing (slurs, braces...)
  7. Windows: display problem on "My xxx" fonts, provided with the software
  8. Windows: some palette icons, as well as some musical symbols (for instance dots) could disappear from screen at low scale.
(*) These improvements might change the appearance of scores created with previous versions of the software.

Harmony Assistant v9.6.2c / Melody Assistant v7.6.2c (January 2, 2012)

  1. Fixed a problem of epidemic file corruption
  2. Fixed additional space for lyrics when applied to all staves
  3. Melody Assistant: Fixed default display scale for new documents
  4. Harmony Assistant: MusicXML Export: fixed conditional part (endings) export, as well as empty bars (rest) export.
  5. Harmony Assistant: MyrScript: copying a document now manages views
  6. Harmony Assistant: MyrScript: copying the selection is now configurable
  7. Harmony Assistant: MyrScript: fixed CreateFolder.
  8. Harmony Assistant: MyrScript: fixed a crash that affected the Instrument Group Generator script

Harmony Assistant 9.6.1

Melody Assistant 7.6.1

September 2011

This is the first version available on Linux (Ubuntu/GTK).

Harmony Assistant 9.6

Melody Assistant 7.6

March 2011

The main new feature in this version is the embedding of the Kooplet music search engine.
Directly from Melody Assistant or Harmony Assistant, you can search the thousands of score files publically available on the Internet (*) for a music pattern or a text excerpt.
On top of a music score editor, a huge music library is at your disposal.

(*) Usage rights for downloaded music files have to be checked from the original hosting site or from the score author. You must ensure that the score is free of right before any private or public use.


  1. Embedding of the Kooplet search engine (new icon in the "Edit tools" palette)
  2. In order to simplify the license management of our products, a new "Manage my licenses" option has appeared. On Windows, this option is available in the "?" menu, and on Macintosh in the application's menu.
  3. Harmony Assistant: Management and printing of tablatures for Zither
  4. New available keyboard shortcuts:
    - Tempo tool activation
    - Clef change activation
    - Time signature change activation
    - Key signature change activation
  5. Now possible to set a note split duration greater than its actual duration. The note then appears longer than the real duration.
  6. Possible to select the appearance of the eighth rest: "modern" look, as it appeared in the previous versions, and "ancient" look, in which it appears as an inverted sixteenth rest
  7. New symbol fonts, that can be used in any text input
  8. Harmony Assistant: New music fonts, new management of the font list for an easier use. Possible to set the font for a new document.


  1. When a crescendo/decrescendo is inserted, it now matched what is shown on the mouse pointer.
  2. In the note duration change box, the default value is now the one selected in the palette.
  3. In order to avoid confusion, the note head shape selected in the "Note display tools" palette is no more memorized when exiting the program. It is now reset to the default value (round full head shape).
  4. For single-button mouse users, Ctrl+Click can be used instead of the long right click.
  5. When opened, the Jukebox window now fits the screen dimension.
  6. When changing the character size in the staff appearance, dynamics and text position is recalculated to fit the new staff height.
  7. Jukebox: the purely alphabetical sort has been replaced by an alpha/digit mixed sort
  8. Improvement of dotted notes management by the quantize algorithm.
  9. Holding the Shift key down while loading a file saved with an old version moves back the dynamics and tempo changes to their original position.
  10. MusicXML import: better management of empty lyrics (repeat the previous line)
  11. MusicXML import: New management of beamed tuplets.
  12. When importing a multi-score files in ABC format, it is now possible to listen to the tunes before selecting the one to load and edit.
  13. Virtual Singer: now possible to apply a semi-tone offset to the Virtual Singer voice.
  14. Harmony Assistant, Tabledit import: management of Dulcimer tablatures


  1. Editing a symbol could ruin the page layout
  2. Fixed problem of slur handles grabbing.
  3. Fixed text ornament style edit when they are at their default value
  4. Fixed problem of slur move
  5. Fixed problem of stem size on guitar tablatuires
  6. Fixed problem of beam display of a guitar tablature when an offset is required between the note and its stem.
  7. Search on the interface didn't include User Spaces
  8. Fixed problem of list update
  9. Fixed problem of child palettes opening from the master palette
  10. Fixed problem of key shortcuts in the virtual keyboard
  11. Fixed problem of zoomed user windows when loading
  12. Fixed minor problem in copy/paste
  13. Fixed problem of music playing from the album
  14. Fixed display problem in the chord line
  15. Fixed display problem of "barres" in some chord diagrams
  16. Fixed problem on "undo"
  17. Fixed crash in S3M import (index overflow)
  18. Fixed multi-staves ABC file export problem
  19. Fixed problem of note duration in ABC import
  20. Fixed overflow in MIDI import on some very special files
  21. Fixed "duplicate note with inverted stem" when several notes are selected.
  22. Fixed cursor appearance when inserting a crescendo/decrescendo.
  23. Fixed crash when forcing the played bar list to an empty list, when the score includes a digital track.
  24. Fixed problem when in accidental display on grace notes
  25. Fixed key signature display problem when the clef is hidden
  26. Fixed user keyboard shortcut saving.
  27. Harmony Assistant: Fixed problem of margin in GuitatPro import
  28. Harmony Assistant: Fixed problem on NoteWorthy import (dynamics)
  29. Harmony Assistant: Fixed Tabledit import
  30. Harmony Assistant: Fixed Finale import.
  31. Harmony Assistant, MusicXML import:  full-bar rests management was wrong, that could generate rests of uneven durations in non-empty bars
  32. Harmony Assistant: Fixed problem of accordion tablature calculation on grace notes.
  33. Harmony Assistant: Fixed problem in the MUSL space management. 
  34. Harmony Assistant: Fixed digital instrument group generation script.
  35. Harmony Assistant: Fixed problem in font setting on lyrics text script
  36. Macintosh: Fixed drag and drop problem 
  37. Macintosh: Fixed minor problem (cosmetic) on installer
  38. Macintosh: Fixed text rotation problem 
  39. Macintosh: Fixed relation between file extensions and our programs

Minor versions

Harmony Assistant v9.6.0c / Melody Assistant v7.6.0c (March 17, 2011)

  1. On Windows, implementation of a copy/paste menu from a mouse right-click on any editable field. On Macintosh, partial implementation, only on fields that edit a styled text.
  1. Yamaha style file (.STY) import: better management of files that do not comply with the MIDI file specifications, save by a PSR S550.
  2. When adding a slur between two notes of same pitch, the graphical appearance of a tie is applied
  1. Kooplet search: possible crash when clicking or double-clicking at the end of the result list
  2. Kooplet search: possible crash when  the Internet connection was unavailable
  3. Kooplet search: possible crash when playing the note pattern in its context
  4. If a negative pitch offset was set to a Virtual Singer voice, it became positive when loading the file.
  5. Fixed a problem when setting up the palette scale.
  6. Macintosh PPC: Fixed mail sending

Harmony Assistant v9.6.0d / Melody Assistant v7.6.0d (March 24, 2011)

  1. Fixed graphical appearance slurs on consecutive notes of same pitch
  2. Kooplet search: better management of filenames that contain non-standard characters
  3. Fixed graphical glitches in keyboard shortcut editing
  4. Harmony Assistant, MusicXML import: some chords were incorrectly considered as arpeggiated.

Harmony Assistant v9.6.0f / Melody Assistant v7.6.0f (March 28, 2011)

  1. In Harmony Assistant, when running an unregistered version, a button leads to the licence management panel.
  1. The automatic slur setting was reset when double-clicking the slur to edit it
  2. Windows: some Internet accesses (tutorials, MyrScript manual...) didn't work properly


Translation of the new features in the program interface:
Dutch: Roeland Bekker
German: Lutz Stalhofen
Italian: Pietro Cecchi
Japanese: Norio Kusumoto
Portuguese: Carlos Pinto de Oliveira
Spanish: Jose Alfredo Oliveira &  José Luís Blasco

(c) Myriad