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Myriad HQ

Myriad HQ logo design by GaŽl Martin

Myriad HQ is an additional module for our music products. It brings an enhanced audio quality, new option for digital output, and high-quality sounds, generated by external plug-ins (VSTi) or by "MyrSynth-Guitar", our pinched string instrument generator

Trial vs registered version

The Myriad HQ module can be used free of charge in trial mode. All its features are then functional, but the module disables itself after some time in the session.
To continue trying it, you just have to quit the program then run it again.

If you are convinced by the tryout, you can then purchase a license for 30 euros (or US$37). You'll receive a personal registration code that unlocks the Myriad HQ limitations.

Control Panel

To activate or deactivate each component of Myriad HQ, open its palette in the "Windows" menu.
In this palette, a set of buttons will let you switch each component on or off:

- The "General" button activate or deactivate all the components at once
- "Digital high definition": hi-quality output and export
- "High definition post-processing": improve d score sound post-processing
- "Multi-channel output": to manage more than 2 loudspeakers (5.1, 7.1, etc)
- "MyrSynth-Guitar instruments": Sounds for guitars and other pinched string instruments
- "External instrument modules": use of VSTi plug-ins

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