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What's new ?

This page describes the improvements of Melody and Harmony Assistant.
How does our version notation system work?
The version looks like this :
  • When we make a major change we add one to X.
  • When a new feature is added, we add one to Y
  • When a bug is fixed or a cosmetic detail is corrected, we add one to Z
Melody version 1.0 matches Harmony version 3.0.
If you own Melody, subtract 2 from the Harmony's major version number to know the changes made in your version.

Harmony Assistant 9.9.8

Melody Assistant 7.9.8

May 2024

Many significant improvements:

Deep overhaul of digital editing of distances
Implementation of the concept of "movement" to structure works
Improved accuracy in displaying texts

Harmony 9.9.8c / Melody 7.9.8c - May 22 2024

Bugfix version

New features

  1. Added keyboard shortcuts for several basic operations: Edit instrument, Allow multi-measure rests, etc.


  1. Unison symbols are not taken into account anymore for displaying empty staves


  1. Names of microtonal accidentals
  2. Interface element corrections
  3. Creation of corrupted undo files when the "Save undo files in a separate file" option is enabled
  4. Freezes or crashes during video export
  5. Application exit without warning when using the "Dock"
  6. Windows: Window contents not updating on Windows 7 and earlier (32 and 64 bit)
  7. Windows: "Precise display" option can be modified in the Font section of Global setup.
  8. macOS: Permission fixes on some folders

Harmony 9.9.8 / Melody 7.9.8 - May 14 2024

New features

  1. Sharing of lyrics through merged staves
  2. Ability to add appoggiaturas to rests
  3. Integration of a new language variant into Virtual Singer, created by Mr. André Baeck: "Gallican" Latin, meaning French pronunciation of Latin
  4. Harmony Assistant: Notion of movements
  5. Harmony Assistant: Addition and deletion of movements on the score
  6. Harmony Assistant: New tool in the measure bars palette for quickly defining a movement
  7. Harmony Assistant: Management of movement play: during music playback, consideration of limitation to one movement. Measures of the movement are treated as a whole, within which the playback occurs.
  8. Harmony Assistant: Creation of views based on movements
  9. Harmony Assistant: New submenu "Edit>Go to movement" to select and view a movement.
  10. Harmony Assistant: New submenu "Score>Play movement" to play a movement.
  11. Font sizes now accept decimal numbers.
  12. Repeat measure above: Unison. This is a new tool in the note duration palette with management of multi-voice staves, display configuration with font choice, and display or not of "Unis".
  1. Ability to save and load footers and headers
  2. Association of tempos and dynamics with certain views, as is already the case for texts.
  3. Adjustment of the interpretation of the "tremolo" ornament
  4. Footer:
    - Link to the manual
    - Addition of the "origin" command to the command list
    - "not on the first page" is now independent for each frame
  5. Display of font sizes and quick selection menu in the text style palette
  6. Precision in input and storage of text sizes (non-integer values)
  7. Precision in input and display of distances in page mode and "show distances"
  8. Handling of the mouse wheel on the list of headings in the score display settings editing panel
  9. Adding a staff to a score: time signature changes that are visible on other staves are now also visible on the added staff
  10. Stem direction calculation (better consistency, better calculations in case of note deletion or movement)
  11. Ornaments placed on an invisible rest will now be visible. May alter the appearance of existing documents.
  12. Hiding of parts, segno, and text hiding for breaks, by staff.
  13. When cutting staves into sung voices sharing a line of lyrics, preservation of groups (braces, brackets)
  14. Consideration of non-breaking spaces (Alt - 0160 on Windows) in song lyrics. This character could cause incorrect timings in singing.
  15. Improved display of page numbers in page change buttons
  16. Improved interpretation of figured bass: correction of several symbol recognition errors, better handling of alterations, and tracking of implied chords.
  17. Virtual Singer, Latin: modification of the pronunciation of "u" in finals such as "deus"
  18. Ability to input numerically the distance between the lyric line and the staff.
  19. Ability to input numerically the distance between the chord line and the staff.
  20. When displaying distances, right-clicking allows measurement of various objects in the document.
  21. Improved display and digital editing of layout distances.
  22. Ability to display movement information in a free text object.
  23. In scroll mode video export, tied notes are no longer separated by a line break.
  24. Implementation of a system allowing clicking on an object obscured by another, for instance, when a free object covers a staff or a line of text covers another text.
  25. Quick editing of figured bass.
  26. Ambitus: it is now calculated and displayed considering the first and last printed measure according to the current view.
  27. Ability to force paper size on import.
  28. Improved sorting by name in MUSL.
  29. Better handling of connection errors in MUSL.
  30. MusicXML Import: Special handling to compensate for erroneous export of lyric line numbers.
  31. MusicXML: Export and import of staff name attributes: color, position, etc...
  32. MusicXML: Improved positioning of certain objects
  33. MusicXML: Consideration of movements in import/export
  34. Fine-tuning of splitting multi-voice staves into separate parts, taken into account in MusicXML import
  35. Some MusicXML exporters provide incorrect stem lengths. They are detected and the data is ignored.
  36. Import/Export MusicXML: Transmission of Virtual Singer voices. Extension of the format to manage default voices
  37. MusicXML Import: Better handling of staves with two voices (treble/bass clef)
  38. MusicXML export of measure beginnings
  39. MusicXML export of texts associated with measure bars
  40. XML Import: Special handling to compensate for erroneous export of lyric line numbers
  41. MusicXML Export: Values not provided in MusicXML (non-representable note durations, unforeseen alignment values, etc.) now adhere to the standard to avoid rejection by other software
  42. Update of MyrWeb configuration box
  43. MyrWeb: Ability to export a new unsaved document
  44. MyrWeb: Export of the document as is, even if not saved
  45. MyrScript: Read and write access to digital output parameters
  46. MyrScript: Improvement of the graphical aspect of Graph.DrawRawTable
  47. MyrScript: Performance improvements, empty methods are no longer called
  48. MyrScript, Improvement: new management of UserData to be usable from the creation of the dialogue or object
  49. macOS: Implementation of Cmd+Quote to cycle through windows
  50. macOS: Avoidance of the system Dock when enlarging windows
  51. Added keyboard shortcut on Staves > Edit objects
  52. Display in gray of measure repetition symbols on multi-voice staves
  53. Consideration of invisible measure repetitions for calculating empty staff lines
  54. macOS: Standardization of text style rendering
  55. Myrweb export: addition of 3 parameters in the advanced export configuration, allowing not to offer the user the list of views, the list of lyrics, and the tempo change
  56. MyrScript: Addition of the entry allowing dynamically adding methods to the Dialog object
  57. macOS: Since the PCT format is no longer recognized by macOS, the default graphic export will be in PNG
  58. Possibility to cancel the application of the advanced offset/transposition tool
  59. Standardization of the maximum and minimum note head offsets.
  60. Possibility to move one of the two notes of a tie/slur independently via Ctrl+click


  1. The last selected template was no longer present in the list of templates under "File > New."
  2. MyrScript: Correction of errors in handling the "Track" method of scrollbars and sliders.
  3. Graphical aspects in the Kooplet dialog box.
  4. Possible crash in Kooplet in Melody Assistant.
  5. Display of an unnecessary ledger line on staves with less than 5 lines
  6. Transposition during key change: Correction of octave error in transposing B# and Cb.
  7. MusicXML: Correction of the export of <credit>.
  8. Possible resizing error of measures in page mode when the staff was at the top of the page.
  9. MusicXML: Correction of processing of titles, composer written in multiple styles.
  10. Problem in selecting the note head cutting duration.
  11. XML import: Correction of an error in lyric styles.
  12. Volume and tempo buttons in palettes were not functioning in user palettes.
  13. Error in applying ornament settings (staccato, staccatissimo, legato, etc.) to the entire chord: overflow onto subsequent chords.
  14. Formatting of multi-voice sung staves on XML import: Correction of an error in group calculation.
  15. Printing of ghost rests.
  16. Inability to change lyric text (in the case of multiple sung staves) when ribbon mode was previously activated.
  17. Display of a request for lyric conversion in the file selector.
  18. MyrScript: Correction of overflows in date conversions.
  19. MyrScript: Correction of incorrect reading of lexicon/translation files (incorrect handling of UTF BOM).
  20. Correction of an echo issue on MyrSynth (Myriad HQ) instruments after changing instrument settings.
  21. Myrweb: Some icons related to music playback remained present even when audio was not offered. This has been fixed.
  22. MyrWeb: Manual selection of staff groups to export separately as audio was not functioning.
  23. Correction of incorrect view display in some cases when inserting a score with multiple views as a free object.
  24. Correction of text selection color inside "text" objects in MyrScript scripts.
  25. MusicXML Export: Missed some key changes.
  26. MusicXML Export: Truncated export if the staff does not contain notes until the end.
  27. Correction: Disabling a staff by clicking on the small speaker icon in its margin did not mark the file as modified.
  28. MusicXML Import: Some lyrics were forgotten.
  29. Correction of digital track export in 2 channels (stereo): the left channel was duplicated on the right channel.
  30. Addition of complete folder to MUSL.
  31. Fix for macOS freeze issue when accessing font selection via the system.
  32. Printing could mark the document as modified.
  33. Transparency issue in SVG export.
  34. Change of font for variable centers and MyrScript log.
  35. Display of column resizing handles in the MyrScript variables window.
  36. Display of some structures in the MyrScript variables window.
  37. Windows: Correction of vertical positioning errors of texts written with some fonts. May alter the appearance of existing documents.
  38. The start marker affected MIDI and digital export.
  39. "Play Selection" mode affected MIDI files embedded in MyrWeb.
  40. "Duplicate note with stem invert" did not set stem directions as expected
  41. Windows: Fixed an error in a very low-level system function that caused graphical errors in window transparencies on zoomed screens
  42. Incorrect path that could prevent ffmpeg from launching
  43. File selector: Fixed a crash in the right-click menu of 'Recent' shortcuts
  44. MyrScript: Fixed a possible crash in the use of "UserData" storage before the dialogue is displayed
  45. MyrScript: Fixed confusion in the storage of dialogue "UserData" and its first object (item)
  46. MyrScript : Fixed setting Symbol values: IsRepeatBar, IsRepeatTwoLastBars, IsRepeatFourLastBars and IsRepeatBarAbove.
  47. macOS: Fixed an issue with manual installation
  48. Invisible measure repetition not handled
  49. Due to format incompatibility, the content of the album will be erased when launching the new version
  50. Correction of a very low-level issue that could graphically shift time and key signatures, as well as the positioning of certain texts at certain zoom levels.
  51. Virtual Singer: Correction of edge cases where a melisma could extend over long silences.
  52. Correction of the sporadic inactivity of the "Edit > Modify" menu option.
  53. macOS: Text rotation by Alt+Click.
  54. Linux: Fix for a graphical text update issue. Particularly affected the coloring of notes during playback.
  55. Fix for crashes when closing a document with Ctrl+W when the mouse hovered over certain palettes.
  56. MyrScript: Correction of the RGBSelectColor value before opening the first dialog.

Harmony Assistant 9.9.7

Melody Assistant 7.9.7

July-September 2023

Many improvements and fixes in this version, especially for the Linux platform.

Harmony 9.9.7e / Melody 7.9.7e - September 22, 2023

New Features

  1. MyrScript: Implementation of functions for quick visualization of numerical data for creating scripts to display mathematical analysis results.
  2. MyrScript: Implementation of the global method ScriptEdit to open the script editor from a script.
  3. New handling of previous measure repeat symbols: they remain at the beginning of the measure when adding or deleting notes before them.
  4. New handling of repeat symbols from the previous measure: they remain at the beginning of the measure if you add or remove notes before.
  5. In tree lists (templates, styles, staves, voices...), a right-click allows you to choose whether to hide empty folders.
  6. New metronome playing mode: based on the beaming of notes in the time signature. The metronome clicks at the beginning of measures and at the beginning of each group of beamed notes.


  1. Drastic acceleration of sheet music display.
  2. Acceleration of certain graphic operations when editing lyrics (IME input method window position calculation).
  3. General acceleration of graphic transfers
  4. MyrScript: Improvement of the quick visualization function for numerical data (DialogItem.DrawRawTable()).
  5. Acceleration of file display in the selector.
  6. Preview of ambitus in general document graphical editing.
  7. Calculation of chord names, sus4.
  8. Improved text size calculation accuracy for better visualization.
  9. Redesign of the chord line parameter setting box
  10. Modification of the 'Stringed Instruments > Alto' staff template to make it use the Alto instrument.
  11. Harmony Assistant, MyrScript: new methods and improvements to existing methods for real-time processing of digital inputs.
  12. Harmony Assistant, MyrScript: addition of a 'function' parameter to the Score.UserChooseStaves(...) method to filter the staves presented to the user


  1. Fixed a memory corruption issue that could lead to crashes when manipulating sheets containing lyrics in page mode with engraving mode disabled.
  2. MyrScript: Fixed an error in functions for drawing on the background of dialog boxes.
  3. Shifting of measure bars on empty staves with ambitus.
  4. Issue with saving the current path in certain MyrScript functions.
  5. Escape key to close general preferences and other list boxes.
  6. Lyrics-type staves were not considered in the calculation of empty measures for multi-silence measures.
  7. Fixed staff colors in MyrScript.
  8. Confusion between Fadd and Fa in chord names.
  9. Possible crash during undo.
  10. Incorrect handling of legato playing on staves containing alterations or microtonal key signatures.
  11. The scale of the scroll mode was not preserved upon saving.
  12. Script editing: correction of interaction issues between the selection area and highlighting of the current line.
  13. Issue with saving/loading text free objects.
  14. Correction of a configuration error in certain document templates, which erroneously appeared in the list of music styles.
  15. Crash when editing laws and using an anonymous instrument.
  16. Correction of crashes when applying echo on staves combining multi-voices and ornaments or microtonal key signatures.
  17. Correction of crashes when manipulating certain scrollbars.
  18. Crash in the file selector during operations on an empty folder.
  19. Harmony Assistant: Crash in XML export when using Myriad HQ in unregistered version
  20. Harmony Assistant, MyrScript: correction of an error in the values Dialog.IsFrontFloatingWindow and Dialog.IsFrontWindow, which checked for the presence of the window rather than its foreground position (since version 9.6.4). This may alter the behavior of previously written scripts.

Harmony 9.9.7d / Melody 7.9.7d - August 3, 2023


  1. MyrScript: Extension of the Dialog.EnableDrawing method to allow the script to take care of displaying the background of the box.
  2. Right-click on a symbol for repeating previous measures allows transforming the symbol into notes.
  3. MyrScript: Addition of methods to interface objects to add, modify, delete methods of items.
  4. MyrScript: Addition of user-defined item.Harmony Assistant: New script to erase all the rules of a document.

  1. Lyrics sizes are no longer considered in the calculation of note spacing in engraving mode when lyric display is deactivated in the graphical aspect. This may change the positioning and layout of existing scores.
  2. Better management of spoken voice substitution.


  1. Crash when storing the history of operations for undoing the last actions after loading a document. Undo history will be cleared when loading old files with the new version of the program.
  2. Windows: Crash when opening files with certain incorrect names.
  3. Possible crash during pedal interpretation.
  4. Color of the ambitus in "Control Handle" mode.
  5. Editing of ambitus in the graphical aspect of the staff.
  6. Inability to revert symbols or lines on the staff to the standard color.
  7. Recalculation of ambitus after quick transposition of the score.
  8. MyrScript: Second parameter of the Draw method in the dialog is nil.
  9. Display of "Control Handle" on the ruler in scroll mode (interaction with the File Selector Preview).
  10. Right-click>Search in the MyrScript manual.
  11. Echo in very limited cases of microtonal tonalities.
  12. Accompaniment playback did not activate when created by right-click on the matrix > New Accompaniment.
  13. Issues with accented characters in instrument names in the score.
  14. Slowdowns in the file selector.
  15. Handling of accented characters in system voice names.
  16. Application of the flow to spoken voices.
  17. Irregularity in the saving of undo operations.
  18. macOS 13: Generation of spoken voice via the system.
  19. Transparent background for the regeneration of target labels.

Harmony 9.9.7c / Melody 7.9.7c - July 19, 2023


  1. Harmony Assistant: New script to erase all the rules of a document.
  2. Harmony Assistant (already present in 9.9.7 but forgotten in the description): New script by J-P Butin to choose what the selected nuances apply to.
  3. Harmony Assistant, MyrScript: Addition of methods to choose the appearance of line endings.


  1. Complete mixing table, "live" mode: Crash when opening a pop-up menu without any score loaded.
  2. Crash when sending certain emails (especially for requesting a 64-bit license extension).
  3. Harmony Assistant: Crash when right-clicking on an empty rhythm grid.
  4. Harmony Assistant: Crash when selecting "Scripts > Search" while no script is open.
  5. MacOS: Selection color issue in editable fields.
  6. Linux: Color inversion on graphic export in certain formats

Harmony 9.9.7 / Melody 7.9.7 - July 12, 2023


  1. Improved echo on low-latency synthesizer. On Windows, the option to force echo on a single channel is now available.
  2. Added the ability to undo certain functions in the digital file import.
  3. In the file selector, a button has been added to exit Preview mode.
  4. Harmony Assistant/MyrScript: Improved the Graph.DrawRichString(...) method, allowing drawing without a background.
  5. Harmony Assistant/MyrScript: Added the Graph.RichStringSizes(...) method to return the size in pixels (exact in X, estimated in Y) of a string containing commands.
  6. Harmony Assistant/MyrScript: Added the Graph.GetPenSize(...) method to obtain the pen size in pixels.
  7. Improved ergonomics for the "nomad" mode (renamed to "Portable").
  8. Normalized operation in "portable" mode.
  9. Default graphical theme selection when the chosen theme is not usable.

  1. Windows: Fixed button overlap in the folder selector in list mode.
  2. Windows: Fixed exiting maximized mode of the desktop window when double-clicking on a document in Explorer or attempting to launch another version of the program. This may have also fixed these issues in PDFtoMusic (to be tested).
  3. Fixed the "Formatting" script.
  4. Linux: Freezing issue during music playback.
  5. Linux: Problems with the appearance and management of certain alert boxes, and incorrect saving of the application window's size and position upon closing.
  6. Linux: Button inversion in the print configuration dialog box.
  7. Linux: Fixed a crash in the file selector.
  8. Linux: Implemented system language detection.
  9. Linux: Fixed resizing of the desktop window to a very small dimension.
  10. Linux: Fixed a crash on launch when the desktop window size had incorrect dimensions from the previous exit.
  11. Linux: Fixed crash in graphical export
  12. Linux: Worked on improving the readability of audio/MIDI device names.
  13. Linux: Fixed issues with recognizing function keys.
  14. General preferences: Fixed a display issue with the background color setting in the MyrScript editor.
  15. Fixed an issue with devalidation of the "repeat the last 4 measures" tool when choosing another tool.
  16. Virtual Singer: Background color codes for lyrics in the format [%xxxxxx] are no longer sung.
  17. Fixed display issues in the MyrScript manual.
  18. Fixed issues with case-sensitive file systems.
  19. Fixed issues with deselecting options when choosing an installation folder.
  20. Fixed graphical issues in MyrScript "Surface" objects.
  21. Fixed page numbering in multi-view mode

Harmony Assistant 9.9.6

Melody Assistant 7.9.6

August-Sept 2022

Harmony 9.9.6c / Melody 7.9.6c - Sept 16, 2022


  1. Better management of comma values in ornament selection : if the value is default, it's replaced by the new one when selecting another comma, otherwise it's kept as is.
  2. Implementation of a safeguard against crashes in the file selector


  1. Possible infinite loop when loading a file while the number of possible undo has been changed
  2. Fixed PDF export. Generated PDF files were unreadable.
  3. Fixed accented characters problems when performing a search in the interface.
  4. Fixed crash when ruler display was on in "Options"
  5. Fixed problems when entering file name in "Save As..." or "Export"
  6. Fixed crash in "Help > Search" or "Help > Documentation"
  7. Cautionary key signature set to a single line didn't display anymore
  8. When both PDFtoMusic and Melody/Harmony were installed, MA/HA tended to select by default the reduced sound base dedicated to PDFtoMusic : GMPDFBase
  9. Dock: icon mismatch
  10. Dock: missing icon, symbol for repeating the 4 last bars
  11. Improvement and fix of search and launch of PDFtoMusic/PDFtoMusic Pro from Harmony Assistant
  12. Melody Assistant: fixed removal of harmonica tablatures when loading a file
  13. File selector: problem of file format selection, especially in graphical export
  14. File selector: crash when some files stored with an old format were present in the browsed folder
  15. File selector: crash when searching by name in an empty folder
  16. Windows, file selector: prise en compte des accentués dans les noms de disque
  17. Windows, file selector: "offline" network volumes are detected and removed from the selector
  18. Windows, file selector: Problem in file format selection (pop-up menu)
  19. Windows: Management of hi-resolution screens in Melody Assistant, PDFtoMusic, PDFtoMusic Pro et Melody Player
  20. Windows: fixed compatibility issues of 32-bit versions under Windows XP
  21. Windows: fixed graphical errors in menus and palettes transparency

Harmony 9.9.6 / Melody 7.9.6 - Aug 24, 2022


  1. New file/folder selector. Still possible to use the system boxes.
  2. "Repeat 4 last bars" symbol


  1. Editing staff objects as list: processing text outside the staff area
  2. Noticeable acceleration of Multipage SVG and PDF export
  3. Management of conversion to trill
  4. New option on right-click on a digital track, to shift its content from the clicked location, either in millisecond or by sending it to a given position in bar/beat
  5. Improvement in management of select area on digital tracks
  6. macOS : opening a document at maximum size avoids the system Dock
  7. Wind instrument tablature calculation: 
     - Added 16-holes ocarina
     - Display size selection
     - Added « Apply » button
  8. Faster picture drawing
  9. New feature in tablature editing: possible to apply a special fingering to all selected notes that match the pitch. This concerns guitar, harmonica and accordion tablatures.
  10. MyrScript: improvement in Midi.InBegin() et Midi.InEnd() in order not to alter the Midi input tool state. 
  11. Myrscript: added selectors to change the display mode of the complete mixer
  12. Grace note edit panel: better interaction between the preview and the check boxes, some items have been moved in order to ease comprehension
  13. Jubebox: changing title doesn't stop playing
  14. Drum set change: improvement of instrument change when it doesn't belong to the selected set
  15. Added new information to document: album name
  16. Added album name to MP3 tags
  17. Management of album name in the jukebox and mya files
  18. Complete integration of SVG format in ACAM and Harmony Assistant
    Free objects can include pictures in this format, that remain fine when zooming in
  19. Graphics as free objects: Shift key while resizing with mouse keeps the graphics original x/y ratio
  20. User digital instruments: management of samples in 24 and 32-bit
  21. User instruments: improvement in default position when importing a digital sound
  22. Improvement of relative chord inversion on the chord line related to a staff
  23. When creating an accompaniment pattern, default time signature will be taken from the music on which the accompaniment is created
  24. MyrScript: Line number display in script editing
  25. Myrscript script editing, special background color for the current line. This color can be selected from global settings
  26. When creating a video file, check that it is not write-protected
  27. Implementation of log files for video export, on order to locate potential problems more easily


  1. Fixed eror in applying microtonal key signatures (influence of microtonal accidentals after a bar change)
  2. Fixed text loading when located at the extreme left of the staff
  3. Fixed MIDI loading when "Split left and right hand" is active
  4. Myrweb has been updated to version 0.3.5. This version fixes problems in graphical shift of the score.
  5. The "Edit > Appearance > General" option was inactive when nothing was selected on score
  6. Crash in graphical export of a MyrScript script file to multipage SVG or PDF
  7. Fixed full-bar rest decentering problem when a staff with lyrics is present
  8. Fixed error in Multipage SVG / PDF export that exported spaces as pictures
  9. Fixed conversion of note groups to ornaments.
  10. Fixed deadlock in alternate string number calculation for guitar tablatures
  11. Fixed possible crash when adding a note on a staff in microtonal key signature
  12. Fixed switching to sensitive keyboard mode in global setup
  13. When automatically adjusting precomputation of VirtualSinger, the value wasn't saved
  14. Fixed cursor automatic advance in simplified keyboard note input
  15. Fixed undo problems on digital tracks, that could lead to unconsistencies or even crash
  16. Fixed: Jump to function in MyrScript editing
  17. Text style palette: fixed error in managing "Extended" text style
  18. Text style palette: fixed error in removing style duplicate in the used styles menu
  19. Fixed "Other possibility" mode in guitar tablatures
  20. MyrScript: Fixed error in Staff.CreateLyricsArray() : wong Sampa/fragment phonetics when the document contains break symbols
  21. Fixed crash when playing some video tutorials
  22. Fixed note graphical shift after inserting an incomplete bar
  23. Fixed display of merged guitar tablatures
  24. Fixed several problems in character diacritics management (pop-up menus / panels from the global setup)
  25. Linux: Clicking Cancel in the printing box printed anyway
  26. Linux: fixed several errors in printing and page setup box GUI
  27. Grace note editing: fixed translation error
  28. Fixed notes graphical shift in engraver mode, ,when the first note in the bar has an accidental. This fix can change the look of existing scores
  29. Fixed cases of disappearance of crescendo/decrescendo lines when loading old files
  30. Chord diagram kind selection: wrong option selected in menu
  31. Wrong management of some inverted piano chords in the grid
  32. Crash when resetting list of chord diagrams to factory settings
  33. Fixed cautionary key signature display
  34. Virtual Singer: fixed lag after time signature change
  35. Fixed graphical bug when drawing painted ovals, noticeable in tutorials when a part of the screen shows a magnified view
  36. Melody Assistant: keyboard keys reactivated in Jukebox
  37. Fixed offset in playing selection range on Virtual Singer staves when the score contains break symbols and tempo changes
  38. Fixed problems in syntax coloring in MyrScript edit winfows when using character escapement in strings
  39. Item inversion in Portuguese language
  40.  macOS, memory leaks when playing note echo
  41. Animation in the jukebox
  42.  macOS, possible crash in optimised note echo
  43. Fixed error in image cache management of the graphical interface. Performances can be improved
  44. macOS : management of text opacity
  45. Fixed lyrics text style problems, generally occurring in the first cell of the staff
  46. Fixed problem in caret graphical position in multi-style text
  47. Fixed error when moving a text object outside its original staff
  48. Fixed wrong printing position of some objects when printing a partial view
  49. Re-calculation of chord grid when changing its display mode
  50. macOS, fixed problem in palette priority
  51. Problem in managing time signatures in automatic accompaniment patterns
  52. Crash in automatic accompaniments, when validating an empty pattern
  53. Crash when applying advanced transpositions on multi-voice staves
  54. macOs: Drag & drop
  55. Fixed graphical glitch in rule editing
  56. Drum instrument management in MusicXML import
  57. Fixed graphical and interface problems when recording a new RealSinger voice
  58. Fixed display of commands between brackets in lyrics, when split by a style change
  59. Fixed error in text dimension in some cases, that could lead to malfunction or crash

Known issues

A problem has been reported on iOS when displaying MyrWeb files that are stored locally (it works from a server). After extensive searches, it appears that there is no solution to this problem, except using another browser than Safari.

Harmony Assistant 9.9.5

Melody Assistant 7.9.5

December 2021
January 2022

This version improves MIDI imports and brings a new mode for writing notes: insertion of a complete chord from a single mouse click

Harmony 9.9.5c / Melody 7.9.5c - January 5th, 2022


  1. Rewriting of the "Edit > Appearance > General" box : 
    - When nothing is selected on a document, applies to the whole document
    - A new "Actions" tab offers a set of actions to be applied to notes : auto-space, dot position reset and pitch shift
    - The "Target" tab is completed with note duration range, notehead shape, color, etc.
  2. New tab in score display setup:  "multi-voices" in which color for each voice can be selected.
  3. Management of occidental and microtonal accidentals in microtonal key signatures: implied and expressed accidentals are managed according to the regular music notation scheme.
  4. Contextual menu for the ruler is completed by several options than can be applied to the whole score or to selected bars
  5. Appearance of the note to be inserted when the mouse pointer is hovering the score. Accidentals from previous notes are taken into account
  6. New entry on the contextual menu from right-click on the staff name in page mode: "Edit display setup", a right-click then "Edit" or a double-click edits the name
  7. When editing staff or group name, style palette avoids to overlap the name area
  8. Braces edit: magnétism to align more easily the barce ends with the staff lines
  9. Video export: automatic file extension is automatically added when there is none
  10. When selecting digital audio export format: export settings are no more limited by the system audio capabilities

  1. Resource problem in Virtual Singer
  2. Chord name selection box
  3. macOS: Fixed mono digital exports (wav, aiff)
  4. macOS: Fixed "Try" button in the predefined chord selection box
  5. Staff convertion to digital track when MyriadHQ is deactivated
  6. Mono sound output
  7. Page area problem in Myrweb export on multi-view documents

Harmony 9.9.5 / Melody 7.9.5 - December 22nd, 2021


  1. Complete chord input in one click (right-click when using the note insert tool). A long right-click opens the chord settings menu
  2. New intelligent staff split into left and right hand, especially in MIDI imports
  3. Ornaments (gruppetto, mordant...) are detected and notated in MIDI import
  4. Harmony Assistant: New script for deleting extra front pages as well as the related free objects
  5. macOS: management of aggregated audio devices
  6. New attribute to print voices in color
  7. When globally editing lyrics, the target in which is located the currently edited syllsble is displayed
  8. Two new pages in the manual about staves templates and macOS sound output setup


  1. Improvement in the way staves containing microtonal accidentals or key signatures are played
  2. Better management of default Virtual Singer voices in MIDI import
  3. When inputing MIDI in real-time, the Esc key now opens the input validation box
  4. Dates in page header and footer, as well as free objects, can now be displayed in a selected language.
  5. Harmony Assistant: in the free object general management box, deletion of all objects from a page or the whole document.
  6. When importing a digital audio file, when the format isn't recognised by Harmony, ffmpeg is called. It enables for instance to extract the audio track from an MP4 video
  7. Harmony Assistant: Finale import : management of default instruments for staves with lyrics
  8. Harmony Assistant: script-driven palettes have now priority on other windows in keyboard keys management.
  9. Time spend on a document is now accurate: actual work time
  10. Output quality of the "tempo/pitch change" script on digital tracks
  11. Management of enter key to ease validation of some boxes
  12. Improvement of area playback accuracy on digital tracks. The exact selected area is played
  13. Right-click when inserting a note: pressing the Shift key inserts a single note regardeless of the "limit editing to one bar" mode
  14. Improvement of tempo/pitch change on digital track script
  15. Change in multichannel audio output test: now still working when digital effects are disabled
  16. Improvement in "no line break after this bar" icon in control handle display in page mode: now identical to what is displayed in ruler


  1. Fixed many calculation and positionning problems on digital staves: errors in size, position, or impossible to export in some formats
  2. Fixed several errors in keynboard shortcut list management
  3. Fixed accented characters in preferences topic names
  4. Fixed accented characters in break symbols names
  5. Fixed accented characters in some alert messages and menus
  6. Fixed a random problem when music starts playing
  7. Fixed help window that re-appeared after having being masked
  8. Fixed « play first 15 seconds » in the jukebox
  9. Fixed offset between fingering symbols in accordion tablatures
  10. Fixed control handle positionning in mirror mode
  11. Fixed crash in interaction between keyboard note input and undo function
  12. Moving some objects (tempi, dynamics, diagrams) didn't mark the document as modified
  13. Clipping problem when displaying notes from sensitive keyboard
  14. Symbol color conversion on files created wth version 9.6
  15. Custom harmonicas editing
  16. When playing, rests were displayed on tablatures
  17. Rests didn't display on priority harmonica tablatures
  18. Harmonica tablature optimised for breath
  19. Rest inserted in a chord on Posé de silence en accord en tablature harmonica 
  20. Drawing of symbol of previous bar repeat in harmonica tablature
  21. Chromatic harmonica tablature, division display offset when notes are in chord with a rest
  22. Harmony Assistant: fixed a problem in list selection when editing output devices
  23. Harmony Assistant: minor fixed in NWC import script
  24. Harmony Assistant: Fixed switch to scroll mode when loading a document
  25. Windows: error in hardware setup box: MIDI echo selection
  26. macOS: fixed Shift+Tab (backward indent) in text editing
  27. macOS: fixed access right problem for some folders when Harmony is running in non-admin mode
  28. macOS, opening of e-mail box through the F2 key
  29. Display color of some lists in dark mode
  30. Fixed menu activity
  31. When exporting lyrics in video format, selection range position depended on a previous export
  32. Video export could malfunction when a play start marker was set
  33. Problem when deleting free objects from the list
  34. MyrScript : Fixed parameters saving/restoring on some objects through GetLocalCopy/PutLocalCopy
  35. Fixed display color for some lists in dark mode.
  36. Fixed menu activity
  37. Fixed "Go to measure" in page mode
  38. Fixed position of dual-measure repeat in engraver mode
  39. MyrScript: fixed comments coloring when editing a script

Harmony Assistant 9.9.4

Melody Assistant 7.9.4

Sept 1st, 2021

The main new features in this version are microtonal accidentals and key signatures (greek modes, maqams...), and piano chord inversions.

Greetings for this version:

Spanish & Portuguese translation: J. Oliveira
Arabic translation: M Smyej
Microtonal key signatures: S. Machefert / M Smyej
"Glissando" script: J-P Butin
Many other scripts: Daniél Frouvelle
Thanks to all the beta-testers and especially Mr Toro

Harmony 9.9.4e / Melody 7.9.4e - Sept 1st 2021


  1. Injecting an ornament that changes the pressure time or the velocity (staccato, marcato...) for a note in a chord applies the changes to all notes in the chord, except if the user changed a value manually. Same process when adding a note with an ordnament to a chord.  Same process when deleting an ornament. Same process in MusicXML import.
  2. Management of avoidance of staff lines by ornaments when added through the array in note editing
  3. Improvement of chord name input in the chord line related to a staff. Now possible to enter the character "-" in chord names (e.g C7-9).


  1. Duplicated staves in mixer
  2. Windows : fixed error in management of folder names that contain accented characters. This could make the video export fail. 
  3. Crash in MIDI export of scores containing lyrics
  4. Problems when transposing some notes using the "Fast transpose" option
  5. Possible crash when the mouse pointer quit the staff area in scroll mode
  6. X and Y offset for ornaments in styles palette
  7. Graphical context problem in styles palette

Harmony 9.9.4d / Melody 7.9.4d - August 17th 2021


  1. New menu entry in EditNouvelle entrée dans le menu Edit>Appearance: Delete slurs

  1. Folder with name beginning by ( are skipped while processing jukebox.


  1. Crash sometimes when changing clef
  2. In Style palette fonts were incorrectly saved
  3. Crash in jukebox when file don't exist
  4. Problem while loading Harmony files created before 1999
  5. Problems when rotating palettes
  6. Problems when resizing palettes
  7. Fixed errors in fast transposition
  8. Fixed crash in text input
  9. Problem in text cursor (caret) display on some empty text fields.
  10. Linux: fixed management of some function keys (Ctrl, Alt)
  11. Linux: knobs weren't displayed properly

Melody 7.9.4c - August 6th 2021


  1. Text display on "about file" window
  2. Crash in BluePrint tool in Piano Roll mode 
  3. Melody Assistant: note duration display
  4. Crash in Encore import while merging staves
  5. Melody Assistant : Crash in accidentals tool
  6. Windows menu : accented characters problems in Dock mode
  7. Cursor display on empty edit texts
  8. Problems on themes files

Harmony 9.9.4 - Melody 7.9.4 - August 4th 2021


  1. Notation, performance, transposition of microtonal accidentals in arab, persian (sori and koron), 72-EDO (gost and wis), occidental quarter tone.
  2. Management of greek key signatures (ionien, dorien, phrygien modes, etc)
  3. Management of microtonal key signatures, greek modes and direct selection in a list of maqam
  4. Management of microtonaly in automatic accompaniments
  5. New palette : microtonal accidentals
  6. Import/export of microtonal values in MusicXML
  7. Calculation of chord inversion for piano on chord line in automatic computation mode
  8. Setting for inversion calculation
  9. MyrScript: implementation of neural networks to enable AI programming
  10. New GUI theme closer to macOS 11
  11. New entry in "Configuration > Sound base" menu, to convert one or serveral SF2 Soundfonts in as  many instruments as necessary
  12. Possible to display lyrics line character rotated by 90° : chinese notation...
  13. New mode for seeking chords that manages circle of fifths.
    Management of chord progression is based on a statistical analysis and chords slightly out of the modal array (II and III, v and vi) are processed
  14. New mode for automatic accompaniments based on a tablature.
  15. New option for video export : lyrics
  16. New option for video export : chord grid
  17. Management of bidirectional text
  18. First draft of GUI translation to Arabic
  19. New option in MIDI output setup to reset settings that have been altered while playing on external synth

  1. Explanation about undo elements in global setup
  2. Stacked accordion chords become optional
  3. Possible to ask for chord inversion calculation of manual chord lines.
  4. Possible to erase all inversions on manual chord lines
  5. Non-latin character exports in SVG/PDF
  6. Change in graphical look of piano diagrams
  7. Change in graphical look on chord grids with piano diagrams
  8. When editing chord line on score, real-time update of piano diagrams currently edited
  9. Better accuracy of active areas on notes, on the classical score and all types of tablatures, when measures are justified
  10. Look of deactivable alert boxes
  11. When changing chord name setting between latin (Do, Re, Mi...) and anglo-saxon (C, D, E...), chords in staff chord line are recomputed
  12. Improvement in chord octave when processing inversions in chord line related to the staff
  13. Better accuracy in EPS graphical export
  14. Mirror mode : margin handles and dynamics handling and movement
  15. macOS: better management of bold text on fonts that don't manage it
  16. SoundFont import
  17. macOS: Optimized echo management
  18. New edition of grace notes in the note edit box
  19. Implementation of a system of icons in the document window title to show the score states
  20. Predefined modes in key signature selection
  21. Management of double flat and double sharp in key signature
  22. In music performance palette, two new icons to quickly change volume and tempo
  23. Improvement of note echo on grid drum staff when editing
  24. Better definition of margins in MIDI import
  25. Possible to limit the pitch range of notes that are generated through an accompaniment
  26. In page mode, when a chord grid is displayed and music is playing, the played measure is highlighted
  27. Improvement of knobs in Windows 8/10 look
  28. Improvement of dynamics/pedal editing : some settings including the target of the object (staff only, meged staves, group or complete score) remember the last value.
  29. Improvement of time position for notes recorded from MIDI input
  30. Improvement of conversion from velocities to dynamics in MIDI input or import
  31. Improvement of MIDI input validation box
  32. Inversion of margins of header and footer for even-numbered pages
  33. Split between left and right hand in MIDI import
  34. Better management of multiple pedal action in MIDI import
  35. In video export box, shift-click on the preview button generates a previous 4 times longer
  36. Better deletion of temporary files when the video export encountered an error
  37. New option: "All" in the "Edit > Apply to" menu, to apply copy/paste to all score elements.
  38. New option: "Manage rules" in the "Edit > Apply to" menu, to specify whether note appearance can change when pasted, in order to match a rule that uses the same instrument as originally

  1. Stem display on accordion tablatures
  2. Chord inversion computation in chord line performance
  3. Confusion in non-latin characters when exporting in PDF format
  4. Display of piano chord diagrams could alter the chord line display.
  5. Windows: some fonts (those installed for the current user only) could be ignored in graphical exports
  6. Selection of undo history storage mode
  7. Empty bars repeat in chord grid
  8. Loading and handling scores containing several views
  9. Graphical glitch when entering a chord line with diagrams
  10. "Factory" button in MyrSynth setup
  11. Chord line transposition when chord inversion and piano diagrams are present.
  12. Crash when printing of exporting scores almost empty
  13. Bug in Windows system preventing the correct printing of right-to-left text (arab, hebrew...) when some text styles (extended, shadow) are applied
  14. Problem when editing general appearance of dynamics 
  15. Crash when an ornament was defined in a rule set
  16. Crash in general management of "classic" tool palettes
  17. Windows: Fixed error in management of fast MIDI echo
  18. Windows: Fixed mistake in sound base selection for low latency echo
  19. Crash when creating big text containing style, size or color changes
  20. Editing effects through right-click > Edit was resetting graphical offsets
  21. Problem when selecting accidentals in "classic" palettes
  22. Graphical glitch when displaying the wait icon when building Dock
  23. macOS: fixed text rotation
  24. Fixed MusicXML import problem that could remove some note stems
  25. Fixed several problems of display & click on grid drum staves
  26. Fixed "hotspot" error on one of the mouse pointers
  27. Fixed digital output configuration when MyriadHQ disables itself at the end of the trial period
  28. Changing state of a palette tool through a keyboard shortcut didn't affect the user palettes
  29. Fixed crash in step-by-step input from computer keyboard
  30. macOS : fixed possible crash when unplugging MIDI interface
  31. Fixed velocities display when erasing dynamics
  32. Fixed display in Jukebox
  33. Fixed problem when defining a key on external MIDI keyboard as command shortcut
  34. Management of note insertion in special key signatures
  35. Low level problem of note time position when deleting
  36. Graphical position when moving a note on a grid drum staff
  37. Echo when hovering notes (and some other echos) of notes that are altered by a microtonal key signature
  38. Crash when an error occurs in video export (e.g. disk full) 
  39. Pedal recording in MIDI input
  40. Problem for relating MIDI key to a command
  41. Crash or inconsistency when undoing while MIDI or digital input is in progress
  42. Confusion between right and left page margin handle in print preview
  43. Crash when moving handles in print preview
  44. Looping noise in muted parts (zero-velocity) sung by Virtual Singer
  45. Pressing a key on MIDI keyboard when input is deselected changed the selection range
  46. Ottava color change
  47. Macos: connection to microphone
  48. Crash when copying/pasting notes on staves with rules
  49. Linux: fixed display and positionning problems on text in "Condensed" or "Extended" style
  50. Saving ornament preferences
  51. Applying default vertical offset for ornaments
  52. Graphical problems in mirror mode: misplacement or disappearance of symbols when zoomed in
  53. Linux: Removed step-by-step note input with note duration depending on input time
  54. Braces display before systems in mirror mode
  55. Reset of ornament palettes

Harmony Assistant 9.9.3

Melody Assistant 7.9.3

Jan-Feb 2021

Harmony 9.9.3e / Melody 7.9.3e - February 3rd, 2021

  1. Special commands in chord lines
  2. Management of chord inversion in chord lines
  3. Maintained chords in chord lines
  4. Multiple stacked chords for left hand in accordion tablatures
  5. New chapter in the manual: chord lines

  1. Possible to undo object position and size changes (dynamics, text, etc)
  2. Better look of accompaniments when transferred to visible staves
  3. User instruments are no more converted to MyrSynth

  1. Fixed errors in management of undo on Views-related operations
  2. Fixed errors in object editing (dynamics, text, etc) when modifiong several objects at a time
  3. Fixed crash when changing general voolume in complete mixer.
  4. Conversion of instruments to MyrSynth at loading time (macOS)

Harmony 9.9.3d / Melody 7.9.3d - January 25th, 2021

  1. When a text is defined in a crescendo or a decrescendo, it is followed by a dotted line to show its range
  2. A substitution text can now be defined for ottava symbols
  3. Cautionary display for ottava and crescendo symbols at the start of a line can be set up for each document. It can also not be displayed by setting the 0 value.
  4. The complet mixing palette has been redesigned. Several staves can now be selected to apply changes to the whole group.
    A contextual menu enables to select all instruments of the same kind (string, brass, drums...)
    The miscellaneous elements of the palette are commented in the Help window.
    Dark mode is now managed on this palette.
  5. Selecting, resizing, moving "dynamics" objects (crescendo/decrescendo or ppp-fff) but also ottava, tempo and pedal objects is now easier in page mode when they extent on several lines
  6. In the "Interface" tab of the global settings, possible to reactivate maskable alerts
  1. Access to singer contextual menu from the Virtual Singer palette
  2. Opening the manual deactivated the "?" menu
  3. Fixed undo history
  4. day/month Inversion in English in the document comments
  5. Fixed merging of merged staff groups
  6. Sensitive keyboard was activated in Melody Assistant, it is now fixed
  7. Fixed Virtual Singer prononciation mistake of some single letters in French
  8. Fixed error in the display position of conditional part marker (endings)
  9. Fixed barline display on merged staves.
  10. Fixed position problem for effects on harmonica tablature
  11. Icons refresh when protecting/unprotecting a script
  12. Fixed possible crash when saving an empty Interface composer file
  13. Interface Composer and Floating window source files could not be password-protected. It has been fixed
  14. Fixed edit problem on chord line related to stave
  15. Fixed problem in history cleaning
  16. Fixed "Solfiles : error 4" alert followed by a crash when loading some files

Harmony 9.9.3c / Melody 7.9.3c - January 11th, 2021

  1. Problem in music performance when rules are present
  2. Problem when playing tremolos
  3. Problem when printing : unwanted display of selection area

  Harmony 9.9.3 / Melody 7.9.3 - January 5th, 2021

  1. Piano Roll staff type
  2. New item in the Edit menu : History. Enables to get quickly to any previous modification state of the score and instantly recover the document as it was at this time. Undo states can be saved in the file. 
  3. On Mac, management of multiple screens
  4. Note ornaments on staves with tablature can have a different positionning on the regular staff and on the tablature

  1. "Dock" palettes: global speed improvement, better click reactivity
  2. Dock : Now possible to disable animation on selected tools
  3. Real-time preview of the note being inserted from proportional (computer) keyboard input.
  4. Graphical exports (FPCT, SVG, PDF) and Myrweb now manage color gradients
  5. Start marker now managed in video export
  6. Improvement in double-click management
  7. User-defined keyboard shortcuts are displayed in menus when possible
  8. Virtual Singer parameters are saved in MusicXML files
  9. Alert when selecting hollow notehead in the palette is only displayed once.
  10. macOS : Management of communication between PDFtoMusic and Harmony via Myriad Manager
  11. Instruments for metronome are now displayed in sound mixers
  12. Note cursor color follows the "display voices in color" setting
  13. More accurate calculation for break symbols (coda, segno, endings) for a better active area enabling to clck & drag them
  14. When moving break symbols  (coda, segno, endings) the symbols follows better the mouse cursor
  15. When loading file, control of chord diagram areas, and fixing of any weirdness (negative or too large areas, etc)
  16.  MyrScript : New values to read and set areas and colord for chord diagrams
  17. Many problems of borderline cases in Virtual Singer, especially when a new voice appears suddenly in a staff, have been located and improved
  18. Management and selection of pixel sizes and frame rate in video export
  19. New algorithm for changing note duration in selection range, when "Limit editing to one bar" is on: better management of bar override
  20. Bar margins have been removed in automatic rhythm pattern editing, in order to improve readability
  21. Myrweb app has been improved to abide by the XHTML syntax
  22. Improvement of automatic positionning of visible area when editing lyrics and chords
  23. New check box in note ornaments to force their position. When the note they are attached to is moved, these ornaments won't be automatically adjusted to improve readability
  24. Windows only: in boxes with tabs (note edit, accompaniments...) possible to change tab by Ctrl Tab (next tab) and Ctrl Shift Tab (previous tab)
  25. In accompaniment and rhythm grids, right-click on an empty cell: in the menu, an "Extend" option to extend the previous element in the grid up to this cell.
  26. macOS: multithread mode in video export
  27. Now possible to abort video export just after the sound track generation
  28. When adding an ornament to a note via the array in note edit window, its position is automatically adjusted as it would be when added graphically on score.
  29. Video export: possible to select font for credits
  30. Video export: In order to improve text display on background picture, possible to define a colored shadow
  31. Improvement of preview centering on targeted notehead when editing note
  32. Video export: background image with offset and scale
  33. Video export: Load/Save last parameters in preferences
  34. Grabbing area of bar margin handles have been extended by 50% in order to ease their adjustments
  35. Spoken voice (system): better management of syllables timing when changing line on repeats
  36. Spoken voice (system): a bar without lyrics when repeated says the previous line instead of being mute
  37. Video export: for an unknown reason, soundtracks in MP3 format weren't played when the video was played on Safari (macOS/iOS). Export format has been changed to AAC
  38. Improvement of barlines position on clef/key change. By default, except at a line start, the barline (e.g. double barline) should appear after the clef
  39. Management of cover pages when defining page header and footer. Adding a cover page won't change the alternating position of page number, nor the "except first page" mode
  40. New contextual menu in "stage" mode on the complete mixer, in order to select all instruments of a given type
  41. Improvement of export/import of multiple parts in ABC format
  42. Improvement of "play selection range" mode on digital audio tracks and Virtual Singer.
  43. Display of digital audio tracks on complex cases
  44. Improvement of Piano chord diagrams
  45. When echo on note hovering was activated, some ornaments (trills, etc) could not sound exactly the same way than when the score is played.
  46. When activating/deactivating chords by degrees (relative chords) on the chord grid or on the staff chord line, the manually entered chord names are recalculated.
  47. Editing chords: better management of the defaut font for the inserted text when editing globally
  48. Creating a new document/Adding a staff: better selection of the default instrument for playing the chord line
  49. Simplified input of "/" character when entering chord line and lyrics
  50. Redesign of the chord line edit window.
  51. Management of WAV export of more than 44kHz / 16 bits in MyrScript
  52. Text staves: no more display of conditional parts, segno and break symbol text
  53. Karaoke mode: pausing lets the cursor where it stopped
  54. Virtual Singer: improvement of pronunciation for some extended diphthongs in hungarian
  55. When a cautionary key change at end of line shows accidental cancellation by natural symbols, these natural symbols don't appear anymore on the key change at start of bnext line. This can change the look of existing scores
  1. The « Activate information box about load and save » mode is removed
  2. After 26 years of good and loyal service, the .mus file extension becomes obsolete in writing. Of course it will still be recognised in reading.
  3. After 17 years, application icons drawn by Mr Walter Forrest are replaced by new versions


  1. Because it doesn't apply to page mode anymore, the "Page mode tools" palette becomes "Blueprint tools"


  1. Channel numbers display in MIDI palette
  2. Management of the 12 MIDI devices in the MIDI palette
  3. Text offset when editing objects related to the staff
  4. Potential graphical problem in objects position when importing MusicXML format
  5. Potential graphical problem in lyrics cell positions
  6. Management of click on "Stop" button on the progression window for long operations on digital tracks and Virtual Singer
  7. Conversion of ghost rests to rests when loading
  8. note position could shift when double-clicked
  9. Miscellaneous graphical display issues
  10. A jukebox list containing files from a more recent version could loop on the "too recent file" alert box
  11. "Miscellaneous" palette display in Aqua look
  12. Playing the jukebox could hang on the last piece
  13. Impossible to cancel file saving when it contained long digital tracks
  14. macOs : fixed file extension in Myrweb export
  15. Jukebox : fixed problem when doing play / stop / Myrweb export
  16. Street organ card printing only printed the first page
  17. macOS : Fixed error that prevented the printed document to get th eright name
  18. Truncated sentences in the Japanese version
  19. Problem of voice deactivation when printing merged staves
  20. ABC export : wrong export when tempi with non-integer values were present
  21. Interactions between jukebox play and time position palette
  22. Name change on merged staves
  23. Odd/even page printing mode:
    - Control handle display in print preview
    - Control hand adjustment in print preview
    - Distance display in page mode
  24. VSTi access problems from Harmony 64-bit
  25. Crash when double-clicking an empty cell on accompaniment or rhythm grid
  26. Colors on additional/ledger lines (when a note is above or below the regular 5 lines)
  27. Color of some special noteheads
  28. Myrweb app: Error when managing some diacritics (UTF-8), that could display "???" instead
  29. Jukebox: music start via spacebar was resetting the current selection range in the karaoke window
  30. Adjustment of control handles in Jukebox karaoke mode
  31. Position problem when only a part of the karaoke text was played
  32. Crash when importing a MusicXML file with no music
  33. Selection display in the jukebox score area
  34. Display problem on merged (multi-voice) tablature staves
  35. Improvement and validation of tuplet export in ABC format
  36. macOS: graphic smudge on score progress line display
  37. Problem of graphical inaccuracy in  hi-resolution rectangle display
  38. Windows: relative chords (by degree) management has been activated
  39. Fixed crash when loading XML files that contain more than 8000 measures
  40. Fixed frozen application when the computer isn't rebooted for several months.
  41. Windows: problem of graphic corruption in zoom 125%
  42. When loading a file, string instruments could be converted to MyrSynth instrument despite the setting value

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