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Here are short descriptions of all our music-related products.

Melody Assistant (shareware - US $37 / Europe: 30 )

Enables you to enter, play and print musical scores with astonishing ease. But its capabilities are much greater: a digital sound database is integrated so you can hear your tunes with high-quality sounds, even if you do not own professional hardware or an external MIDI keyboard.
With this technology, you will also be able to record your own sounds and use them as instruments in your tunes.
An extended "Gold" sound database, even more complete, can be ordered.
Guitar, Bass and Harmonica players will also be happy with Melody Assistant, since it is possible to calculate tablatures and chord diagrams automatically from a tune.

Available on Mac OS, Windows and Linux.

Question: What is meant by "shareware"?
You can try Melody Assistant free. If the program meets your requirements, you can then order a personal registration number (for US $25 or 20 euros if you live in Europe) and access the software's most advanced features. In this documentation, the options available only to registered users are clearly indicated.

Harmony Assistant (commercial product - US $85 / Europe: 70 )

Harmony Assistant can be considered Melody's "big brother". All the Melody Assistant features are, of course, included, but a wide range of new tools are added: full-page editing, engraver mode, chord grid calculation, automatic generation of harmony accompaniments or rhythm patterns, redefined or user-defined music styles, integrated scripting language, etc. Again, features only available in Harmony Assistant will be clearly indicated in this documentation.

Available on Mac OS, Windows and Linux.

Question: Is Harmony Assistant "shareware"?
No. It is a commercial product, which can be ordered for US $85, or 70 euros if you live in Europe. You can test the amazing harmonizing capabilities of Harmony Assistant by downloading a trial version. With the trial version, you will only have a reduced sound database, and you will not be able to save or print your musical documents. You will, however, be able to take a look at all features to ensure that they meet your requirements.

PDFtoMusic (US $49 / Europe: 40 ) and PDFtoMusic Pro (US $199/Europe: 199 )

You often download score files in PDF format from the Internet, and you'd wish to hear them?

You'd want to hear the Soprano part from the score your choir master owns on his computer?

PDFtoMusic is designed for you. Open a PDF document, and after a few seconds, you just have to click a button to hear the score playing, and even the lyrics be sung! You can then save it as an editable Melody/Harmony Assistant file, a MIDI file or, with PDFtoMusic Pro, as a MusicXML file that can be opened by most of the other professional score editors.

PDFtoMusic gives you full access at last to the giant PDF music score collection available on the Internet.

Please note that PDFtoMusic / PDFtoMusic Pro only processes PDF files that have been generated by a score editor. It doesn't process scanned music sheets.

Available on Mac OS and Windows.

OMeR (shareware - US $25 / Europe: 20 )

OMeR converts a printed musical score into a music file you can hear, modify and print with Melody Assistant or Harmony Assistant.
If you often transcribe printed scores to Melody Assistant or Harmony Assistant, and you own a scanner, OMeR will greatly ease your task.
OMeR will drive your scanner, collect one or several pages and analyze them to generate a musical document usable directly in Melody or Harmony.

Available on Mac OS and Windows.

Virtual Singer (shareware - US $25 / Europe: 20 )

Plug-in for Melody or Harmony. With Virtual Singer your computer will sing lyrics in different languages.

Available on Mac OS, Windows and Linux.

GOLD Sound Base -  (CD-ROM: US $37 / Europe: 30 , Download: US $25 / Europe: 20 )

The Gold Sound Database is a set of high-quality digital sounds, designed to be used in the Myriad software programs. The Gold Sound Database includes all the sounds of the General Midi 2 specification, as well as many additional sounds.
Thus, the Gold Sound Database improves not only the quality of tunes the software plays, but also the quality of WAV, AIFF, Ogg Vorbis or MP3 files the software exports.

Available on Mac OS, Windows and Linux.

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