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How to play a Karaoke

Select "Play Karaoke" in the "Score" menu.
If only one staff with lyrics is defined, it is used.
If you have defined several staves, you are asked to choose between them. If you click "All", they will be taken together.

The Karaoke display window opens, and the tune starts.

You can see scrolling text. The part to be sung is displayed in red.
If you notice a delay between what you hear and what is displayed, it is probably due to an incorrect digital output configuration.
Select "Configuration>digital output configuration" and manually adjust the time offset (this value can vary from one computer to another).

Under Windows, the lyrics may display jerkily. For smoother operation, try changing to Optimized mode in the menu "Configuration>digital output configuration".

Display of the scrolling line:
In the case of a multi-voice karaoke, the upper part divides itself into as many lines as there are staves with lyrics.

Display of notes:
If you select this option, the notes of the staff being played are displayed.

You can adjust the height of this display zone by by clicking on the little red triangle and dragging it up or down.

To change the font used in the scrolling line, click on it and choose the new font (this can also be done through the global setup menu).

The complete text of your staff is displayed, with the sung part highlighted. If you have several staves with words, you can change the text by clicking on the ">>" button or by hitting the tab key.

Different buttons allow you to adjust your karaoke: they all have keyboard equivalents:

        Replay karaoke (or space bar): restart the music from the beginning
        Speed (or left/right arrow): increase or decrease the playing speed
        Size (page up/page down): increase or decrease the size of the text characters
        Pitch (up arrow/down arrow): transpose the music in semitone steps
        Voice volume (+,-): change the volume of the associated staff

Some keyboard keys have specific functions:

        P or F: switches the window to full screen mode
        Home/End: changes the height of the scrolling line
        C: centers or justifies left the whole text
        N: activates or deactivates the staff display

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