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Welcome on the Awale documentation

You'll find here some explanations about how to use the "Awale" software.
If you need precise informations about the Awale rules, open the "Rules" menu and select the "Print manual" option.
You can also read the explanations about a particular rule with the option "See rule".

To print the whole manual click: Print manual

New in this version :

Awale is freeware!

Features in the last versions:

You can now play against another player through the Internet !
Awale can connect you on a forum and allow you to talk with other Awale players. You'll be able to challenge somebody (or to receive challenges) and to play against players from everywhere in the world.
An International Awale players rating has been set up. You'll gain rating points with each victory, and you'll evaluate the other players' level by consulting their rating points.
This new game option is described in the chapter : the Internet.
            16 different rules, from all over the world, from India to Barbados !
            Strategies explanations and examples (see chapter "Some strategies")

"An enemy defeated by truth will never return, but an enemy defeated by weapon is certain to return"
(Nigeria : Gikuyu proverb)

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