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Myriad Software

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Myriad Software was established in 1988. From its early beginning, it is located in Toulouse, a city in the South-West of France.
Toulouse has been given the name "the Pink City" ("la Ville Rose") because of the traditional pink bricks and tiles houses and ancient monuments (over 1000 years old) are made of.
The "Garonne" river and the "Canal du Midi" cut right across the city.

The team

Although team members are versatile, each of them developed a specialization.
Depending on your demand, here are the people you will get in touch with:  

Didier Guillion Olivier Guillion Sylvie Ricard
Didier Guillion
Born 1962
First program edited in 1982
Macintosh specialist
C language
In charge of software interface and ergonomics
Olivier Guillion
Born 1967
First program edited in 1982
Windows specialist
C language and assembler
In charge of research
Sylvie Ricard
Born 1970
Joined the team in 2001
In charge of order processing and delivery
Public relations
Web referencing

Our credo

Since 1982 as free-lance programmers, our sphere of activity has always been music, graphics and multimedia. In 1996, we decided to use the Internet as a medium to distribute our products worldwide.
We immediately adopted the shareware system (try-before-you-buy) because it appeared to be in line with our processes.

Richness of contacts we established with thousands of passionate users led us quickly to set up a special way of working, based on cooperation.

We centralize all users' ideas and suggestions in order to add new features continuously. A Democratic Workshop  enables everyone to view the work in progress, ask for an enhancement, and vote for suggestions already made by other users.
Each demand, even very specific, is taken into account: only the users' enthusiasm and the project feasibility are important.
It already resulted, for example, in implementing Shape-note and Gregorian notations, Virtual Singer, street organ cards printout, tablatures for guitar, banjo, dulcimer, harmonica, accordion and others...

Some products, like the GOLD Sound Database, are the direct result af an active collaboration from users: many sound they collected and recorder have been included in this sound bank, in order to provide more versatility and variety.

Around these programs, a real community has been formed, gathering over 90 different nationalities, speaking freely on the message board.

Translations in different languages and beta-tests are performed by teams of volunteers, who validate the program enhancements and report problems. Permanently, parts of the Web site are dedicated to these teams, in order to help them to work together.

In counterpart, we are bound to distribute these products at a small price, and provide the new versions in free download on this Website.
This work takes our whole time, so updates are frequent: a new version is released about each three months.

A music contest has been set up, to help the creators to present their pieces and to spread them via our Website. Access is open to everyone.

The success of this uncommon application of cooperative work proves anyway that  involving actively users in the evolution process of a software program constitutes the best insurance for a reliable, long-lasting and well-suited tool.

The whole Myriad team wishes you long hours of creative work.

The Shareware

The shareware system is an alternative to the common software distribution process. It doesn't need expensive advertisement or sale structure and allows independent programmers or small companies (like ours) to put on the international market interesting and original solutions, at a very attractive price.

From the user's point of view, advantages are also obvious. By letting you try the software before buying it, you are sure to purchase only products that match your requirements. Above this, your remarks and suggestions are really listened, without being filtered by several layers of customer services set up by the giants of the software industry, sometimes costly and often not very competent.

If you still hesitate to pay your fee, answer frankly these two questions:

  • If I erase the software from my hard disk, will I miss it?
  • Does the registration fee seem just in comparison with the services the software provides?
If you answered "yes" to these two questions, you don't have to hesitate anymore. It seems that you must pay for the product you are using, and, believe us, you won't be sorry to do it.

The whole team wishes you a lot of creative work.

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