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May 2, 2005

Here, you can download icon sets. Icons sets change palettes and dialog windows appearance.  This works on Windows and Macintosh with Harmony version 8.4 or greater, Melody version 6.4 or greater.

Here is how to proceed to install a new icon set in Harmony/Melody:

  1. Download the set you want, you will get a .zip file
  2. If the archive does not unpack automatically, unpack it using Winzip on Windows, Stuffit on Macintosh, you will get a folder.
  3. Drag this folder in the "Icons" sub-folder, in the "Myriad Documents" folder (you can open it through the "Help > Open Myriad Documents folder" menu option of Melody/Harmony). Please note you do not need to quit and relaunch Harmony/Melody during this operation.
  4. In the Preferences, "Icons" panel, select the icon set you want for the icons and for the icon background
Here are the icon sets.
Some sets only define background and can be used in combination with other icon sets.
Preview Name Author Description
Technical Moon
Didier Guillion
A complete set with gray icons.
Size 155 kb

preview Aqua
Henri Dete
A complete set with Aqua-like icons
Size 98 kb

preview Metal Background
Henri Dete A background set, with brushed metal effect
Size 9 kb

preview Rounded Aqua background
Henri Dete A rounded Aqua-like background set.
Size 11 kb

preview Wood Background
le-guitariste.com A background set, with wood effect
Size 4 kB
Recommended with the "Wood" theme on Windows

If you want to define your own icon set, your will find here a complete manual.

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