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Virtual Singer is an additional module for Melody Assistant, Harmony Assistant or PDFtoMusic.
It is offered with licenses for PDFtoMusic Pro

It generates a human voice from the score lyrics: your computer will sing.


apercu general


This module is completely included into the host program and appears as an additional palette.

The miscellaneous singers are displayed as icons.
Singer location on the stage shows: laterally, the voice panning (right or left location in the stereophonic space), by its depth, the voice power (volume).
To each singer, a different voice and language can be related.
Each singer can be fine-tuned, by modifying its timbre, intonation or kind of voice (man, women, child, tenor, soprano, etc) Above this, several different voices will be able to sing at the same time, in several languages:

British English
American English
Basque (Euskadi)
Romani (tsigane)


Virtual Singer includes the Real Singer II technology: you create a voice from recordings of your own voice.
Demo files and a user manual (included in the Melody or Harmony Assistant user manual) are provided.


Virtual Singer is downloaded within all our products: Melody Assistant, Harmony Assistant, PDFtoMusic, PDFtoMusic Pro, Melody Player.

You can download for free additional voices on this page.

Some samples

Here are some song excerpts, sung by Virtual Singer:

Classic Virtual Singer Voice samples
”La vie en rose”
French language
predefined female voice
piano accompaniment
MP3 format, mono, 106 Kb, 11 seconds
English language

standard male voice
orchestral accompaniment
MP3 format ,mono, 71 Kb, 8 seconds
”Salve regina”
Latin language
Tenor voice a capella
MP3 format, mono, 56 Kb, 7 seconds.
Japanese language

Female voice
orchestral accompaniment
MP3 format, mono, 32 Kb, 3 seconds.
”Gentil coquelicot”
French language,
Child voice,
guitar accompaniment
MP3 format, mono, 68 Kb, 8 seconds.
Occitan language

3 voices choir a capella
MP3 format, mono, 120 Kb, 14 seconds.
”Ave Maria (Schubert)”
German language

Slow Tenor voice
piano accompaniment piano
MP3 format, mono, 104 Kb, 13 seconds.
”O miracol d’Amor (Paolo Ragazzo)”
Italian language
4 voices choir a capella
MP3 format, stereo, 148 Kb, 9 seconds.

RealSinger Voice samples
”Gloria In Excelsis Deo”
Latin language
4 RealSinger II soloists +
4 Virtual Singer choir voices, piano accompaniment
  MP3 format, stereo, 1845 KB, 2 minutes
”Da Pacem”
Latin language
3 RealSinger II a capella
MP3 format, stereo, 1064 KB, 1 mn 08 s
”Mon Coeur”
French language
4 RealSinger II™ voices
a capella
MP3 format, stereo, 600 KB, 11 seconds
”Il est né le Divin Enfant”
French language
4 RealSinger II voices +
4 Virtual Singer Classic choir voices, a capella
MP3 format ,stereo, 71 Kb, 8 seconds
”L'aigle noir”
French language
RealSinger™ voice
orchestral accompaniment
MP3 format, mono, 195 KB, 24 seconds.
”Queen of the Night”
RealSinger™ voice
orchestral accompaniment

MP3 format, mono, 160 Kb, 20 seconds.


Price for a Virtual Singer license is or .
While your copy of Virtual Singer is not registered, each time the application is launched, only a given number of sung part processing are enabled.
When this number is reached, Virtual Singer becomes "voiceless".
You can then either purchase a personal license number for Virtual Singer, or quit Melody/Harmony then run it again to continue evaluating Virtual Singer.

If you decide to purchase a personal license number, you will then be able to enter it in the program to unlock this limit.
Purchasing a license for Virtual Singer doesn't obviate the need to purchase a license for the host program: Melody Assistant, Harmony Assistant, PDFtoMusic.

Updates are free of charge for all the versions to come.

The miscellaneous accepted payment modes are described here.

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