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You will find here downloadable software for Windows, Mac OS and Linux.
Try them without time limit, and do not hesitate to ask us questions.

Whether you are a composer, student or teacher, choirmaster or choir singer, whether you play the guitar, bass, piano, drums or any other instrument, our music programs are designed for you.

You will notice that licenses for our programs are sold at a very low price, all the more since they are lifetime.
Some of our programs are even free of charge.

Be assured it is not done to the detriment of quality. We are simply willing to enable everyone to access powerful and user-friendly tools.

What's new?
February the 8th, 2021
Harmony Assistant 9.9.3e
Melody Assistant 7.9.3e
January the 26th, 2021
PDFtoMusic Pro 1.7.2d
PDFtoMusic 1.7.2d
Melody Player 6.6.3d
January the 12th, 2021
OMeR 2.4.1
January the 5th, 2021
QuickLook Plug-in 3.2.0
April 8th, 2020
Awale 5.0

The new versions can now be installed in native 64-bit. You might need a license extension to register this edition

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