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Advanced settings

Before starting

Myrweb is designed to publish and share your music score without fuss. To personalize the Myrweb app look and feel, some advanced settings will need technical skills, especially in HTML language.

Basic settings

In Harmony Assistant, tick "Web export advanced setup" in "Configuration > Global setup > Print/Export". Next time you export a score in Myrweb format, a window opens

In this window, you select the data that will be included in the export, and will then be able to be displayed or heard : score and lyrics pictures, fingering, metronome information, included files and audio track separation for the mixer.

The Advanced button lets you adjust the Myrweb app look when displaying your score

Advanced settings

In the array, you can select the colors and look of the miscellaneous interface elements along with some options related to the music performance.
The toolset parameter is described in details in the last paragraph.

The "HTML setup" button enables to define the way the app will be embedded in the Web page. Please do not modify the HTML template unless you have serious knowledge about this language.

Page template

The edited text represents the complete content of the generated HTML page. Variables names are written between $ and are the following:

Complete title of the displayed score
$FILENAME$ File name of the displayed score
Complete Myrweb app, for being embedded in a stand-alone web page (that can be displayed offline)
$SCRIPTURL$ Web address of the latest version of the Myrweb app, for a page that will be viewed on the Internet
Unique identifier for the score, to enable multiple scores on the same page
Complete data for the exported score
The div that contains the score view must have be declared as of "myrweb" class.
The "data-myrweb" parameter forces the parameters written as a list  nom_parametre=valeur_parametre; (please refer to the parameter array in the previous box)

Tool icons selection

The toolset parameter of the advanced settings let you specify the tools to be displayed in the upper bar of the Myriad App when displaying your score.

The toolset contains the tool list in the bar, separated by spaces. A "-" before the name of the tool removes it from the bar.

default default tool set : rewind pause play fastfw volume mixer metronome detune
rewind rewind music
stop stop music
pause pause music
play play music
fastfw fast forward music
volume general volume
pgp next page (large size)
pgpr next page (small size)
pgm previous page (large size)
pgmr previous page (small size)
pgpop page number selection in a pop-up menu <not implemented>
pgfield edit field for page number
page page change icon set: pgm pgp
page-complete page change icon set: pgmr pgfield pgpr
page-reduced page change icon set: pgpop
zoomp zoom in (large size)
zoompr zoom in (smallsize)
zoomm zoom out (large size)
zoommr zoom out (small size)
zoompop zoom selection in a pop-up menu
zoomfield edit field for zoom <not implemented>
zoom zoom icon set: zoomm zoomp
zoom-complete zoom icon set: zoommr zoomfield zoompr
zoom-reduced zoom icon set: zoompop
view views menu
metronome metronome
lyrics lyrics list
mixer audio mixer
measures <not implemented>
timeslider <not implemented>
download file download
info information about Myrweb
fileinfo information about the score
tempo tempo change (unavailable on some browsers)
detune pitch change (unavailable on some browsers)

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