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All manuals are provided as electronic documents. Because they are updated very often, there is no paper version for sale.


Introduction to Harmony Assistant
Introduction to Melody Assistant
Differences between Melody Assistant
and Harmony Assistant.
Galerie : Quick start
Myriad Download Wizard documentation

User manuals

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Harmony Assistant
Virtual Singer
Melody Assistant
Virtual Singer

PDFtoMusic Pro



Melody Player





Read Me Russian Awale read-me file (outdated)
by Serge Trophimov

Technical manuals

Myrweb score sharing

Myrweb advanced settings

Theme designer manual

Icon designer manual

SToccata Font Revealed
This font is used in our applications to display music symbols

The .mya file format
This format stores several music files in a single one.
FFMPEG download link
Installing this program is needed if you want to perform video exports from our applications

Recording an instrument for the GOLD sound base

Pre-printed manuals

Some manuals are provided in pre-printed version (PDF).

Rules, regulation and legal announcements

Friendly Music Contest rules.

Sales terms and conditions.

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