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Icon set designer manual


September 24, 2003

This document will explain you how to create your own icon set.

To create a new set:
  1. Create a new folder in "Myriad Documents/Icons" the folder name will be the name of the set.
  2. For each icon you want to define, create a picture file. The name of the file will be nnnn.pct or nnnn.bmp, nnnn being the icon number. It is not necessary to redefine all icons. Undefined icons will be displayed as standard icons.
  3. If you want to define a mask for the icon, create a picture file under the name nnnnmask.pct or nnnnmask.bmp where nnnn is the icon number. The mask picture is made only of gray level. Black color will be opaque and white color transparent. All intermediate gray will be translucent.
  4. Create a text file named "readme.txt" including all informations about your icon set. The content of the file will be displayed in the "Icons" panel.
Some tips:
  • It is not necessary to quit and relaunch the program to see the result of modified icons
  • If you use Harmony, create a little MyrScript with this line:
    and relate this script to a keyboard key (Configuration>Editi keyboard shortcuts). So you will be able to see instantly your changes by pressing a single key.

Here is the list of the  icons that will be "customizable".
Below each of them, its unique identifier (nnnn), used by the program to retrieve it.

Icons Description

129 Standard background icon
130 Selected background icon
131 Standard background icon with mouse over it
132 Selected background icon with mouse over it

Play palette
Edit palette
Miscellaneous palette
Clef, key, time signature change palette
Record tool palette
Action tools palette
Miscellaneous icons
Album icons
MyrScript menus icons
Staff margin icons
Myrscript interface and manual icons
Tutorials icons
Master palette icons

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