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Myriad Download Wizard  is a little program you can use to download quickly and efficiently all the installable archives from Myriad.

Depending on your Internet connection, breaks can occur when downloading a large file from your Web browser, resulting in a truncated, unusable file.
By using the Myriad Download Wizard, all downloads will be completed even if connection is interrupted. Its built-in transparent resume features will continue to download after a connection has been broken, and will also enable a file download to be stopped then restarted later.

Your Internet connection must be active before running the Myriad Download Wizard.

It is recommended to store the Myriad Download Wizard in a separate folder.

The Myriad Download Wizard window is divided in three parts.

    A : In the upper part, the last operation status, download progress and speed indicators.

    B : In the middle part (only displayed when no download is in progress) :
  •  You can select whether the downloaded file must be run once download is complete
  •  If one or more downloads have been started but not terminated, you can restart any of them from where it has been interrupted
  •  You get the list of all available programs from Myriad, in order to start a new download
   C: In the bottom part (only displayed when the selected new download needs more options), you can select the additional parameters for this download.

The downloaded files are stored in the Myriad Download Wizard folder. If you do not need a partially downloaded file anymore (or do not want to keep an old version on your hard disk), just drag this file to the trashcan before running the Myriad Download Wizard.

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