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What are the differences between
PDFtoMusic and PDFtoMusic PRO?


From a PDF file generated by a score editor, PDFtoMusic and PDFtoMusic can play music, sing lyrics and convert this music to miscelaneous file formats.

All PDFtoMusic features are included in PDFtoMusic PRO but the reverse is not true: many features are available in PDFtoMusicPro only, we are going to see the main ones in this document.

The same license for MacOs and Windows

PDFtoMusic PRO license works on both MacOS and Windows.

MusicXML export

PDFtoMusic Pro can export in MusicXML file format which is the standard of exchange between musical programs.

Myrweb export

PDFtoMusic Pro can export in MyrWeb file format, enabling to display scores and play them on the Internet without needing any add-on or plug-in.
You can see an example here.

SVG and Multipage SVG export

PDFtoMusic Pro can export in SVG file format, a scalable picture format handled by web browsers.
You can use this format to insert easily high-quality pictures of your scores in your Web pages.
For instance :

Separate export of singers

PDFtoMusic Pro allows you to create in a single operation, one file per singer with this one ahead of the others.

Batch export

PDFtoMusic Pro can process all files included in a folder and sub-folder.

 "Expert" mode

Expert settings let the user override the automated settings of PDFtoMusic Pro up in order to improve recognition of one or several documents.

You'll intervene directly on the internal algorithms of PDFtoMusic Pro.
By default, PDFtoMusic Pro is set to mean values, that work well for most of the PDF files. But for some specific files, these settings can lead to errors, that you can fix from here.

"Lectern" mode

In PDFtoMusic Pro, the lectern mode is designed for performers who need to follow music on screen.
Pages are displayed side by side, along with reading directions.
In no event the page currently played moves or disappears from screen, and the next measures are always displayed.

When the linear playback of the score is broken by a barline or a jump, the target measure is highlighted.

Lyrics display (karaoke)

With PDFtoMusic Pro, a lyrics window is available. It displays the lyrics for the miscellaneous staves of the document.

During playback, the currently sung syllable is highlighted. A click on a syllable shows it on the score view.


With PDFtoMusic Pro, you can create and edit annotations.

Score semitone offset (transposition)

PDFtoMusic Pro can shift played pitch by any number of semitone for the whole score.

Command line

PDFtoMusic Pro can be used in command-line mode (without graphical interface)

Virtual Singer

PDFtoMusic Pro provides much more different human voices

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