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Article 1 - This contest is opened to any user of Melody or Harmony, registered or not, without age limit.
Article 2 - It applies to any music piece sent to didier@myriad-online.com from the closing date of the previous contest.
Article 3 - Provided sample pieces, prize-winning or not, will be published on the Myriad Website as well as on the Myriad CD-ROM.
Article 4 - Provided pieces have to be original, free of right, signed by their author; the piece category, Title and Composer fields must also be set.
Article 5 - The only accepted file formats are MUS, MYR or MU3 (standard/packed formats for Melody or Harmony Assistant).
Article 6 - Piece length or style is not limited. Using digital effects, user sounds and Virtual Singer is allowed.
Article 7 - Reference sound base for listening the pieces is the extended soundbase (GMSEBASE) or GOLD base if the music piece was created with it.
Article 8 - In a same session, a same author can submit only one piece. The size of the piece cannot exceed 500 KB. If more than one piece is submitted, only the last one will be considered.
Article 9 - File name for each piece must not exceed 20 characters, and must only include letters, digits and space (accented characters, punctuation mark and characters like #, @, %, parenthesis ... must be avoided)
Article 10 - Myriad can eliminate any piece too close from an existing one.
Article 11 - Myriad can reject any piece whose lyrics can be discriminatory, insulting, promotional or infringing the current international laws.
Article 12 - Panel of judges will be composed of selected users, as well as winners of previous contests.
Article 13 - 1st prize winner will be included in the panel of judges from the next contest and therefore won't be able to participate more than once.
Article 14 - A private link will be provided to judges, in order to let them download the whole pieces of a contest session in a single packed file.
Article 15 - Each judge will have to give a note to the music pieces according to three criteria:
  - On 20 points, the musical expression
  - On 10 points, the score appearance
  - On 10 points, the care taken to the instrumentation and the miscellaneous sound settings.
Article 16 - The global note of each piece will be the sum of all the partial notes of each member of the jury. The author of the piece that gets the greatest number of points will be declared as prize-winner. This piece will be selected to appear on the result page.
Article 17 - Only one prize will be delivered to a same family (same name or same postal address)
Article 18 - Musics will be published at the contest end.
Article 19 - In case of equality, the shorter file (packed version) will be chosen.
Article 20 - Prizes, closing date and ranking will be displayed on the Myriad Web site.
Article 21 - Myriad can cancel a session if there are not enough music pieces.

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