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We asked the same questions to the contest winners.
Read here they answers.

Bernhard Watzer Winner of 27th contest
Jean Georges Sieffert Winner of 25th contest
Etienne Ngom  Winner of 23th contest
Nicolas Demetri Winner of 21th contest
Dominic Lapointe Winner of 20th contest
Jean-Paul Verpeaux Winner of 19th contest
Daniel Coquerel Winner of 18th contest
Yannick Dilly Winner of 17th contest
Jean-Armand Moroni Winner of 16th contest
Yannick Fournier Winner of 15th contest
Florent Toniello Winner of 14th contest
Laurier Nappert Winner of 13th contest
Lutz Stahlhofen Winner of mandatory topic "Andromeda"
Henry Zarkh  Winner of 12th contest
Vangelis Vlahakis Winner of 11th contest
Laurier Nappert Winner of mandatory topic "Harvesters"
Alfonso Romero Winner of 10th contest
Franck Robert Winner of 9th contest
Andreï Jourdane Winner of mandatory topic "Camille Pissarro"
Jaime Romero Winner of 8th contest

Louis René Blaire Winner of 7th contest
Frank Aguila Winner of 6th contest
Claude Lachapelle Winner of 5th contest
Esmeralda Weatherwax Winner of 4th contest
David Clark Winner of 3th contest
Dragomir Draganov Winner of 2th contest
Mark Strange  Winner of 1st contest

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