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29th Tune

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29th Contest

This session of the contest isn't started yet

The contest topic will be available here ASAP.

Please keep in mind that, besides the quality of composition itself, the visual layout and sound adjustements of the score will also be taken into account.

To rank the pieces, the jury will have to evaluate three facets of each:
- On 20 points, the musical expression
- On 10 points, the score appearance
- On 10 points, the care taken to the instrumentation and the miscellaneous sound settings.

Click here to read the rules.
If you have any question about this contest, please contact us.

Music Pieces

No music piece has been submitted yet.


1st Prize

A Myriad T-shirt

2nd prize
A Myriad USB flashdrive
A Myriad T-Shirt

3rd prize
A Myriad T-Shirt

The previous contest session

28th Contest

Closed January 31st 2014

The contest topic was"The duet". Submitted pieces had to be designed for being performed by two instrumentalists and/or singers. Style and duration were free.

music room

1st Prize

Wins a harmonica 

He will be part of the jury for the next sessions

"Very pleaseant piece, with a real dialogue between instruments, and a strong and recognisable theme that comes up after suitable modulations. So, a nice and well-balanced piece.
Too bad the panning adjustments have not been set up, and that some existing voices seem to be missing on score. However, an excellent mastering of the software, especially in the tempo variations, empowers this piece with an undisputed efficiency.

"Excellent piece, with rich and well-placed dynamics, and a good sound rendering.
Only two items, that don't harm the piece, have to be reported : the last measure only lasts one beat (there is no grace note), and a music start barline is missing. Congratulations!"
2nd Prize

Wins a Myriad USB flashdrive and a Myriad T-Shirt

"Panning effects are well used, which is rare in this contest session, even though the topic (a duet) is well-suited for such adjustments.
Alternating between fast-slow-fast on a D minor modulation makes this piece more interesting and pleasant, compared to other pieces in this contest, rather monotonous."

"A pleasant piece, even if the clarinette part in the first movement lacks a bit of originality and surprise, by simply modulating on the piano chords. But the other movements put things back on track."

"Very nice piece, even if we can't call it a Sonata. The sound space is well used, and the rendering is very pleasant. A score end barline should have required a score start bar."

Wins a Myriad T-Shirt

"Varied and entertaining piece, but that would benefit from more rhythmic or key modulations to create an element of surprise from time to time. A few mistakes on the score, otherwise quite well designed. For instance, why using piano pedal symbols for a guitar? A more marked sound spatialization between the two instruments would also contribute to sound elegance."

"An interesting piece, that benefits for a well-built writing. Only the last part lacks of expression because of the a missing cadence. When writing a music end barline, a music start barline must not be forgotten.
When examining the measures, in measure 3, on the E4, there is a whole note that fills completely the measure, and two sixteenth in excess.

The other sessions

Some winners have answered a short set of questions.

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