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  English (128 tutorials)
    How to handle the program
    Editing a score
    Editing staves
    Editing bars, break and barlines
    Editing clef, key, time signatures
    Notes and rests
    Other symbols
    Tablatures, drums, lyrics
    How to configure a score for a better display
    How to configure a score for playing
    How to use Virtual Singer
     How to manage files
2 mn
How to create a document model (template).
3 mn
How to convert a MIDI file to MP3 or other digital format like Wav, Aiff...
4 mn
Score graphical export and insertion in a text document. Line width setup.
3 mn
Protecting a music file. How to enable reading and playing but not editing and printing.
6 mn
Finalizing a document before posting it on the Internet. File size, protection, signature, page setup...
    How to configure your hardware
  Francais (131 didacticiels)
  Castellano (12 tutoriales)

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