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Jul 3rd, 2022, 1:55am 
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   My own Myr files won't open on my PC
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   Author  Topic: My own Myr files won't open on my PC  (Read 570 times)
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Re: My own Myr files won't open on my PC  
« Reply #15 on: May 16th, 2022, 9:53pm »
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Interesting comments, all.  
Thank you for your insight.  
As I said, “so far, so good”, but you never know how things might develop over time; indeed, who know what the Future holds in store for we mere mortals
And again, although I am “at home” in a simple programming environment, I do aim to concentrate on music, and so endeavour to stay away from anything which might conceal “a maze beset with brutal pitfalls”*.  
Thus I heed advice from a Greater Authority:
on May 16th, 2022, 1:27pm, Sylvain Machefert wrote:

The undo history inside %APPDATA%/ACAMPREF is good to get lightweight .myr files, but is more touchy in case of .myr having same name in differents folders.

So who needs “touchy” myr files, anyway?
It can cause confusion or crash...

Sounds like “brutal pitfalls” to me!!
On a less philosophical note, when I selected the “Don't save undo” option in General Settings, the option to save in a seperate file was already unchecked. Which leads me to infer that although I have just reinstalled this version, the Undo History is saved in the dedicated file and not in the current myr file. I have never knowingly changed this option, and so hopefully am not condemned to facing “mega-enormous” (Tony Deff) file sizes and related indigestion!
In conclusion, I do admit to being lured by the call to investigate %APPDATA%/ACAMPREF. A call not unlike that of the mermaid to an unwary mariner: hypnotic and deadly!
Again, I shall provide updates, wherever appropriate.
Many thanks, I repeat  

*“a maze beset with brutal pitfalls”: a quote from "Bullets over Broadway" (Woody Allen)!

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