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   Author  Topic: About MyrScript - Read this first  (Read 8211 times)
Olivier Guillion

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About MyrScript - Read this first  
« on: Feb 3rd, 2003, 6:16pm »

What is MyrScript ?
Harmony Assistant opens its sources to even better fit your needs.
A feature is lacking ? Now you can write it...
The MyrScript language provides all you need to control the Harmony Assistant internal features.  
How to try MyrScript ?
Download the latest Harmony Assistant version. MyrScript is integrated by default in Harmony.
What to do if I experience a problem ?
It is neither necessary, nor recommended, to report crashes and inssues on this forum, except if you consider it can be of interest for other users.
Send them directly to instead.
What if I have suggestions, or more general questions ?
Then feel free to use this forum to post comments or suggestions about MyrScript, or to share your impressions with other users.
 In order to clarify this and make this forum more useable, here is what could be done when starting a new topic :  
 - If the topic is about a feature you would want to be added, start the subject by REQ: (Request)  
 Doing this, users that can program using MyrScript will know what features other users need.  
 - If the topic is about a feature you are planning to program (or currently programming), start the subject by ANN: (Announcement)  
 It will avoid other programmers to start implementing the same feature, or let you know whether another MyrScript programmer already made it or worked on this subject.  
 - If the topic is about a technical problem, bug report, or any other question about developping in MyrScript, start the subject by DEV: (Development)  
 It will enable users who do not know anything about programming not to be lost in technical discussions.  
 - If the topic does not belong to any of the categories above, you won't have to start the subject with anything special.  
Best Regards,
The Myriad Team
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Olivier Guillion
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