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The Awale Worldwide Network

What is AwaNet?

AwaNet is the online system which enables Awale players to compete through the Internet. This system has been designed especially for playing this game, and is hosted on the Myriad Website.
This system is nor secured (so do not provide confidential information when chatting with other players), nor moderated (it is then your responsability to keep polite), but offers speed and reliability to the Awale players community all over the world.

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Awale Tournament Points Official Ranking

ATP is the ranking system of the computerized Awale game from Myriad.
Only playing through the Internet (using the AwaNet system) can make you gain (or lose) ATP points.
The above ranking is dynamically updated. Click your Web browser "Reload" button to view immediate changes.
A beginner starts with 100 points, each won game increases the player's ATP score and each lost or canceled game decreases the player's ATP score.

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Note: In the "Online" column, a red light means the player is currently connected to the AwaNet. To meet him, run the Awale program and select "Internet>Play on the Internet".

AwaNet Usage Statistics

This bar graph shows the average number of connected players for each period of time in the week. It enables you to connect at periods you have the most chances to find an opponent..
Current time ( ) is Thu May 26 16:57:10 2022 GMT

AwaNet Message Board

You can leave a message here. Messages are automatically deleted after a period of time defined by the message sender.
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AwaNet FAQ

How to play Awale on the Internet?

First, download the Awale program: Download
Install the program and run it.
Select "Internet>Play on the Internet"
Note: an Internet connection must be up and running before using the Awale Internet capabilities.

Is the "Awale" program really free of charge ?

Yes, absolutely. You don't have to pay anything to use it.

However, if you consider that the authors would deserve a small stipend for their work or for making available online and maintaining the game server, you can make a donation, of any amount you consider appropriate. 

If you live in Europe, enter the amount in euro in the "special order" field on this page, and enter "for Awale" in the "Comment" field.
If you live outside Europe, at the very bottom of this page, enter the amount in US$ (and still "for Awale" as comment).

Your support will be highly appreciated!

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