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Virtual Singer
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Virtual Singer



Virtual Singer is an additional module for Melody Assistant or Harmony Assistant.
Virtual Singer will make your computer sing: it will generate human voices for staves with lyrics.

Virtual Singer can be configured according to your needs, by modifying timbre, intonation, and kind of voice (man, woman, tenor, soprano, etc.).   Furthermore, several different voices, in different languages, will be able to sing at the same time.

Virtual Singer can also sing "La-La-La", follow the shaped-notes nomenclature (solmization), sing the note names, or even automatically generate Jazz Scat.

The current version of Virtual Singer includes the following languages: Northern French, Southern French, UK English, US English, Latin, Spanish, Italian, Finnish, German, Occitan and Japanese.
Future versions will add to this list.


You can find the latest Virtual Singer version for free download on our web site:

When Virtual Singer is installed, you should get a subfolder called "VirtualSinger" within the Melody or Harmony folder.

In the "Myriad Documents/VirtualSinger" subfolder, you'll find a "Demos" folder, which contains sample tunes using Virtual Singer. You can also use all the demo files provided with Melody or Harmony.


Drag its folder onto the trashcan to uninstall it.


Good system settings will improve the Virtual Singer speed and voice quality. Virtual Singer uses digital audio tracks to generate human voices. The settings belows are thus also valid for using any other form of digital audio track.

For example:

      1) Digital output settings
      "Configuration" menu, "Digital output configuration" option: 44kHz, 16 bits, stereo, quality, effect processors enabled, 64 voices, "Standard" mode selected.

      2) Digital track settings
      "Configuration" menu, "Global setup" option, "Digital" tab: transfer buffer size 1024Kb, Create temporary files in standard folder, Use temporary memory.

      3) Virtual Singer Setup
      "Windows" menu, "Virtual Singer" option: Computing mode slider is set to 50%.


Virtual Singer is an add-on for Melody or Harmony Assistant. If you are not interested in using it, drag its folder onto the trashcan to uninstall it.

During evaluation of the add-on, each time the application is launched, you will only be able to process a certain number of sung parts.  When this number is reached, Virtual Singer becomes "voiceless".
You can then either purchase a license for Virtual Singer (Order submenu) or quit Melody/Harmony and run it again to continue to try Virtual Singer.

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