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MIDI input

If a MIDI keyboard is connected to your computer, you can use it to enter notes. Several methods of recording are available: a simplified input mode in which only note pitch is taken into account, and a real-time input mode, in which all information about pitch, duration, velocity, channel... is processed.
Note: You can also use your computer keyboard to enter notes in simplified input mode. (See "Configuration>Global Setup>Keyboard")


It is necessary to configure the program to specify which MIDI input to use.  This is done in "Configuration>Midi Input configuration" (Macintosh) or "Configuration > Hardware Configuration" (other platforms):  define the MIDI input device by selecting in in the pop-up menu at the bottom of the window.

Simplified input

In the keyboard setup window ("Configuration>Edit keyboard"), select "+Midi keyboard". Set the cursor location to where you want notes to be inserted. Select a note duration in the appropriate tool palette, and play on your MIDI keyboard. Notes are inserted at the current cursor location with the specified duration.

You can define a key (of your computer keyboard) to quickly toggle between MIDI input active and inactive. This allows you, for example, to play on your MIDI keyboard without inserting notes on your score.

Real-time input

In the "Recording tools” palette, select MIDI input by clicking on its icon, then start recording. The music starts playing and you can play on your MIDI keyboard.
To apply what you have recorded, stop the music. A window opens and you are asked to specify the staff to which the recorded notes are to be added.

If you record notes from several MIDI channels, several staves will be used as targets.

MIDI notes are quantized according to the parameters set in "Configuration>Global setup>MIDI".

Tip: You can record a digital audio track at the same time as you record MIDI data. In this way you can play on your MIDI keyboard while singing into the microphone, and both will be recorded at the same time.

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