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The Myriad CD-ROM includes all you can download for free from our Web site.

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) download

The Myriad CD-ROM can be downloaded for free through the Bittorrent P2P network:

If you don't have installed any Bittorrent client software yet, we recommend µTorrent on Windows and Azureus on Macintosh. Once the Bittorrent client installed on your computer,

Click here to download the Windows version of the CD-ROM by Bittorrent (*)

Click here to download the Macintosh version of the CD-ROM by Bittorrent

(*) It is an ISO image of the CD-ROM. Use your CD burning software to produce from it an exact copy of the original CD-ROM.

 Please support the P2P system, by staying connected a bit after having downloaded the file. It will help other people to download faster.

The picture of the CD sticker can be downloaded here (updated soon). You are then able to get an exact copy of what we usually send by post mail.

Regular download


The most recent versions of all our programs are available on this CD-ROM. Of course, only the software itself is included, license numbers have to be purchased separately...

The GOLD Sound Base is not provided on the Myriad CD-ROM. It has to be ordered separately.


Participation to making, handling and shipping is US $13 (or 10 euros).

Accepted payment methods are described here.

Hardware requirements

A CD-ROM reader is required.
The CD-ROM is hybrid : it can be used under Mac OS as well as under Windows.

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