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Harmony Assistant 9.8.1

Melody Assistant 7.8.1

April 2018

Harmony Assistant 9.8.1 / Melody Assistant 7.8.1 - April 26th, 2018

New features
  1. Possible to export .myr score files as a .zip archive. This prevents file corruption during transfers.
  2. Possible to open a mono or mult-file .zip archive, and extract any music file from it.
  3. To override the limit to only one slur starting or ending on each note, an unlimited number of "slur" ornaments can be added to any note, rest or clef
  4. Harmony Assistant, Accordion tablatures: possible to define the left hand notes (basses and chords) pressure time
  5. Harmony Assistant, Accordion tablatures: possible to disable the imposed push-pull direction by left hand when computing right hand


  1. Possible to define individual display scale of each dynamic, ottava or pedal symbol
  2. Moving any note in a group of notes tied together by slur symbols will now move the whole group
  3. Slur symbols used to tie notes together avoid the note dot if necessary
  4. Encore file import script has been sped up when the file isn't at the right format
  5. Accordion tablatures: cell number display in chord is now in ascending order
  6. Some operations could corrupt the current score display scale and position. These operations include:
    • Myrweb Export (Harmony Assistant)
    • MusicXML export (Harmony Assistant)
    • Multi-pages SVG export (Harmony Assistant)
    • Karaoke play mode
    • Forcing number of measures per line (Harmony Assistant)
    • Key signature change
    • Graphical export from print preview
    • Score printing
    • Chord grid printing (Harmony Assistant)
    • Lyrics printing
    • Street organ cards printing (Harmony Assistant)
    • Staff template display using MyrScript (Harmony Assistant)
  7. New default settings for score display. This only affects new scores
  8. MusicXML import: text alignment modes in lyrics are processed
  9. MusicXML import: vertical position of lyrics line is processed
  10. MusicXML import: consistency check between line number and precise position. This enables to properly import MusicXML files in which lyrics line numbers are incorrect.
  11. Harmony Assistant, MusicXML export: lyrics position has been fixed, they are now exported using two coordinate systems (line and absolute position) to ensure higher compatibility
  12.  Harmony Assistant, MyrScript: the function to quickly play a group of notes has been improved to manage non-interger semitone values, enabling to play quarter tones and commas
  13.  Harmony Assistant, MyrScript: Added "Rawtable.ToBase64(),
    RawTable.FromBase64(), Instrument.Duplicate()
  14. Linux version: main window size and position is now saved when exiting the application
  1. Fixed melisma display problem on line start
  2. Crash when loading some scores without staves or notes
  3. Fixed staff conversion to digital track (the audio was one octave too low)
  4. In "nwclike" keyboard layout, crash when hittng Ctrl + Backspace on an empty staff or when the cursor is before the first note
  5. Fixed a possible crash source at application start
  6. Fixed chord diagram display in the display settings window
  7. Fixed crash or vanishing icons when deactivating/reactivating Dock
  8. Fixed graphical offset between selection range display and its actual position on some text windows (e.g example sections in MyrScript manual)
  9. Possible crash when loading MP3 files that include Unicode ID3 tags
  10. Fixed MIDI output forcing when playing scores from the Jukebox
  11. Fixed problem when changing note duration in selection range, when the selection covers several staves, or a merged staff
  12. Fixed potential problem of user sound or Realsinger voice recording. This problem was especially noticeable on MacOS and Linux
  13. Channel number display in staves/instrument edit
  14. Changing fingering on a guitat tablature didn't recompute chord line diagrams
  15. Fixed default cell number in guitar tablature contextual menu
  16. Fixed chord diagram calculation from tablature fingering on high-pitched notes
  17. Implemented automatic cleaning of chord diagrams that have been automatically generated to match tablature
  18. Fixed problem (inconsistent string) when inserting a note on the standard staff of a priority tablature
  19. Fixed dynamics display scale problem in MusicXML import
  20. Myriad HQ: fixed crash when playing on a MyrSynth instrument that own less strings than the tablature (for instance, playing a 7-string lute score on a 6-strings guitar)
  21. Harmony Assistant, MusicXML export: MIDI channel numbers were wrong
  22. Harmony Assistant, MusicXML export: ppppp dynamics export
  23. Harmony Assistant: fixed beats graphical position in MusicXML
  24. Harmony Assistant: Myrweb export from a view other than general view corrupted the general view settings
  25. Harmony Assistant, MyrScript: Fixed problems in date/time management functions
  26. Harmony Assistant: In language other than French or English, the MUSL space file pannel didn't refresh well
  27. Windows: Moving notes in discontinuous selection briefly displayed green note stems in the document window upper left corner
  28. Linux: Problem in crash management, preventing the reports to be sent

Harmony Assistant 9.8.1c / Melody Assistant 7.8.1c - April 27th, 2018


  1. Wrong printing of "slur" ornaments on notes, rests and clefs
  2. Item inconsistencies in the "Save" settings panel
  3. Unexpected "GetShortPotard" alert box when closing some windows, for instance the crescendo/decrescendo dynamics edit box.
  4. Melody Assistant: problem on some GUI items in languages other than French

Harmony Assistant 9.8.1d / Melody Assistant 7.8.1d - May 18th, 2018

  1. Harmony Assistant: the script that shows note names has been completed with notation by degrees.
    Degrees in minor keys can be processed according to 3 modes: natural minor (aeolian), harmonic minor and melodic minor.


  1. When calculating the ideal position for slurs, they tried to avoid overlapping with "slur" ornaments, making uneasy to adjust them
  2. Added slur ornament in "Marks 2" (classic palette and Dock), and adjusted the MyrScript constants accordingly
  3. Better spacing between key and time signature when clef isn't displayed
  4. Harmony Assistant: Improvement of accordion tablature calculation when chords impose the push-pull direction.
  5. Harmony Assistant: Better positioning of key/time signatures in music fonts other than standard
  6. MyrSynth: Improvement in string determination

  1. Note duration selection in Edit > Action > Change duration"
  2. Arpeggio selection and dragging
  3. Fixed crash when a sung (actually, spoken) lyrics staff was played using a forced measure list
  4. Fixed crash in jukebox when playing or activating metronome
  5. Metronome before playback could be at the wrong speed when playback didn't start at the beginning of the score, and there were time signature changes
  6. Fixed arrow keys management in jukebox
  7. Fixed unwanted display of contextual help in font selector

Harmony Assistant 9.8.1e / Melody Assistant 7.8.1e - July 13th, 2018

  1. Windows / Linux: Added "Windows 10" interface theme (skin)


  1. Displaying PCT graphic objects: some text could be wrongly rendered on screen
  2. Digital track loading speed has been improved
  3. Harmony Assistant / SVG/EPS/PDF Export: better character outlines for some fonts (e.g. Times.dfont)
  4. Harmony Assistant / SVG/EPS/PDF Export: better management of graphics fonts (e.g. WingDings3)
  5. Harmony Assistant / PDF Export: management of non-ASCII characters
  6. Harmony Assistant / MUSL: account creation has been improved, in order to ensure compatibility with our new server
  7. Harmony Assistant / MUSL: better management of accented characters in account full name and country name

  1. Outline/shadow text style combination wasn't properly rendered on screen
  2. Possible crash when converting a staff to digital track
  3. Digital track saving was incorrect when the "compact standard files" option was deselected
  4. Played bar lists wasn't immediately recomputed when deselecting the "Impose list" check box in break symbols edit window
  5. Possible crash when changing tab in windows that use this feature
  6. Possible crash when closing the text style palette
  7. Fixed intermittend problem when entering non-latin characters (cyrillic, etc) in lyrics under the staff
  8. Myriad HQ: possible crash when echoing notes to a MyrSynth instrument
  9. Harmony Assistant / SVG/EPS/PDF Export: Fixed crashes
  10. Harmony Assistant / Myrweb Export: problem when exporting played bars list. During playback, the progress bar could stop before the end
  11. Harmony Assistant: Fixed some errors / verification of accompaniment matrix consistency on file load
  12. Harmony Assistant / MusicXML Export: Fixed wrong tempo change value when reference note was absent
  13. Harmony Assistant / MyrScript: possible crash when echoing notes with commas
  14. Harmony Assistant / MyrScript: fixed memory management issue when converting to and from Base64

Harmony Assistant 9.8.0

Melody Assistant 7.8.0

November 2017
April 2018

This version embeds the Myriad HQ module, providing high-quality sound and instruments

Minor versions

Harmony Assistant 9.8.0f / Melody Assistant 7.8.0f- February 28th 2018

New features
  1. The "Dock" can now be displayed on any side of the screen (setting in "Configuration > Global Setup > Dock")
  1. Crash when inserting some break symboles on the first clef of the score
  2. Crash when editing rhythm bar for the first time
  3. Crash when changing a whole texy (for instance the complete song lyrics) after editing a dynamics)
  4. Crash when enabling or disabling the Dock
  5. Crash in WAV export when Myriad HQ is deactivated
  6. Exporting WAV files could lead to an empty file
  7. Crash when clicking the help buttons on the Myriad HQ palette

Harmony Assistant 9.8.0e / Melody Assistant 7.8.0e- February 16th, 2018

New features
  1. New script-driven palette to add a text annotation to score files.
    1. MP3 Import/Export: ID3 tag encoding can now be of 4 kinds: ISO-8859-1 (Windows), UTF-16LE with BOM, UTF-16BE without BOM or UTF-8.
    2. In the MP3 export box, ID3 tags are selected through a menu. The selected value is preserved between sessions.
    3. In script editor, now possible to define the standard text color
    4. Improvement of Dock appearance: different placement of the miscellaneous tool strip, movements and scale change of icons are limited
    5. Windows: Improvement of crash reports to our tech support: fail-safe procedures for screen copy, mouse position is now marked
    6. Management of ".musicxml" file extension for MusicXML files
    7. Improvement of staff lines and clefs drawing accuracy in Gregorian mode
    8. Now, sixteenth note beams are split on half-beat when this setting is set to "Very strong"
    9. Added page in manual to explain Dock management
    10. In MyrScript, whole kit for managing chord diagrams related to chord lines, and  fingering in chord diagrams.
    11.  Myriad HQ: Workarounds to improve VSTi modules compatibility - module list updated  
    12. Possible to define that the default path when selecting "Save As..." is the document's original folder.
    13. Harmony Assistant: PDF export has been improved to make these file processed better by PDFtoMusic.
    14. F1 and F2 keyboard shortcuts are available in the whole program. 
      F1 display the manual, F2 provides a form to contact tech support.
    15. SVG/PDF/Myrweb export: better management of Unicode-32 font charset
    16. MacOS: SVG/PDF/Myrweb export had probmem with Geneva, Courier, Monaco, Helvetica and Times fonts, that are provided by Apple in a non-standard format. This format is now properly managed
    1. Application crash or freeze when inserting a note on Accordion tablature through right-click
    2. Fixed a potential problem of alternate fingering seeking on Accordion tablatures
    3. Crash when adding a lyrics line to a digital track
    4. MusicXML Import: Fixed management of some tempo indicators (tempo was then set to 5000)
    5. Myrweb Export: fixed wrong metronome "tick" export (were replaced by metronome "bell")
    6. Fixed possible application crash or unstability source when pasting at the very beginning of a staff 
    7. Unwanted alert about missing VSTi module when importing non-native files
    8. MP3 Import/Export : Fixed ID3 tags in unicode format (added BOM at the beginning of each tag)
    9. Fixed crash when sending scores to the MUSL space
    10. Fixed incomplete update of MUSL space due to special characters in space description
    11. Fixed possible crash when using automatic accompaniments based on an empty pattern
    12. Possible crash in special text management, when defining tuplet with a first number greater than 15
    13. Fixed infinite loop in fretted string instrument tablature editing
    14. Fixed crash when using Master palette
    15. Fixed several problems in the "Digital Sound > Change Pitch/Tempo" script
    16. Fixed (rare) statics sounds due to a digital saturation in some effect processors
    17. Fixed crash in management of some fonts when exporting in SVG/PDF/Myrweb format
    18. Windows / Linux: better positioning of child palettes when the master palette is horizontal
    19. MUSL: erreur in comment management. Comments from the first page were duplicated on all the other pages. To fix this, the user will have to upload these files again
    20. MyrScript: fixed possible crash in variable window
    21. MacOs: fixed non-persistance of selected interface language
    22. It was possible to change neck when editing chord diagrams related to the chord line or chord grid
    23. Fixed crash in management of some VSTi modules (when the module provides more than 8 output channels)
    24. Fixed problem when copying chords to the album
    25. Fixed memory corruption problem in copy/paste operations
    26. Fixed missing fonts when exporting to PDF from the print preview
    27. In the same box, crash when exporting to PDF or EPS after exporting pixel image (BMP, PNG...)
    28. Fixed export of text and graphics ornament related to a note
    29. When editing staff chord line, update problem when changing parameters in real time
    30. On MacOS, fixed default path for "Save as"

    Harmony Assistant 9.8.0d / Melody Assistant 7.8.0d - January 12, 2018

    1. New options for sending e-mail to the tech support: send frontmost document, send a screen capture, send several files chosen by the user...
    2. New crash management: with the user agreement, all necessary information will be sent to tech support, including all the open document at the time of the crash, and a screen capture
    3. Myriad HQ: new guitars, new ukuleles
    1. Improvement of sharp symbol appearance in the default music font (SToccata / Myriad Music Font): vertical lines have been shortened to avoid overlapping in chords
    2. Improvement of digital export settings: sample rate, bit depth, number of channels in WAV, AIFF and BRT export
    3. Dots for square-head notes (Fasola notation) were shifted right. They are now aligned with those for other notehead shapes
    4. Key changes in the middle of a line were too close to the barline
    5. Improvement of the "graphics" ornalement editing: in the note edit box, the "Edit effect" button enables to select another graphic file
    6. MusicXML Import: automatic management of cautionary clefs, keys and time signature at end of line
    7. Jukebox: space bar can be used to start/stop playback again
    8. Myriad HQ: Management (exclusion) of crashing external modules during initialization phase. A button has been added to process again such modules excluded because of their instability.
    9. Myriad HQ: In optimized echo mode, MyrSynth and VSTi instrument echo is now instantaneous
    10. Myriad HQ: Tuning for MyrSynth instruments didn't offer neither all the strings setups for Harmony/Melody, nor the user-defined settings
    11. Myriad HQ: when replacing automatically a a "sound base" instrument by a MyrSynth instrument, tuning is selected so that all notes currently present on the score for this instrument can be played
    12. Myriad HQ: entering license number instantly unlock all the module capabilities.
    13. Harmony Assistant / MyrScript: the "Guitar & color" script can now color notes composing a chord according to they relative position from the root note
    14. Windows, Linux: graphical improvement for zoomed icons
    15. Windows: Installer improvement: on some versions, the installer got folder access right issues
    1. Problem when playing back slurs used as ties
    2. Using pedal symbols on overlapping staff brace groups could lead to freezes in score playback
    3. Fixed crash when loading a too wide PNG file (>9700 pixels wide)
    4. Saving a score "broke" graphics related to notes (e.g. wind instruments tablature), as well as slur types
    5. Virtual Keyboard: keys remained highlighted (pressed) when playing note echo
    6. MP3 Export: wrong management of input sample rate
    7. MyrScript: modifying digital track data by indexing on NormalizedDigitalData element didn't work
    8. Graphical export, "Page mode" option didn't manage forced page size
    9. Fixed default value for user instrument digital data compression quality (empty field and export error)
    10. Fixed crash in "Fix all" option in staff object global edit window
    11. Fix in list management of global setup
    12. MusicXML import: fixed time signature error, leading in unexpected tempo change when playing the score back
    13. Myriad HQ: deactivating HD output deactivated VSTi external modules
    14. Windows, Linux: crash when displaying an alert box over the staff chord setup box
    15. Mac OS: error in function providing file size
    16. Mac OS: Fixed palette masking issue in Sierra mode
    17. Linux: fixed crash when building the audio devices list, on some input & output 
    18. Linux: fixed freezes when playing note echo on some audio cards

    Harmony Assistant 9.8.0c / Melody Assistant 7.8.0c - December 14, 2017

    1. A long right-click on the Play icon (non-Dock palettes) enables to adjust the score general volume
    2. A long right-click on the metronome icon (non-Dock palettes) enables to adjust the metronome volume
    3. Option to reset the ornaments settings to their factory values (all, or only the currently edited type)
    1. MusicXML import: tempo change objects could be invisible. They are now visible by default
    2. Macintosh: The "Times" font, provided from the beginning of MacOS isn't included anymore in MacOS 10.13. We adjusted our font substitution strategy to manage this
    3. Stability improvement for VSTi plugins support
    4. Improvement of general settings default values:
      - Old-style palettes
      - Only third-party file format have their instruments converted to MyrSynth
    1. Miscellaneous crashes when editing score that include views
    2. In MP3 export settings box, ghost pop-up menus could appear when clicking on an empty area
    3. Fixed crash when playing echo for a MyrSynth instrument on an empty staff
    4. Fixed crash when a multi-rest measure was located at the very end of the score
    5. Impossible to select the Myriad HQ palette in "Dock" interface mode
    6. Fixed information display for tempo objects in the global edit box.
    7. Fixed problem on the German version of Melody Assistant
    8. Crashes related to a discontinued feature (management of old desktop accessories of MacOS 9) could occur randomly on Windows and Linux
    9. Numbered ending management has been restored to the old version, the new algorithm could generate infinite score repeat
    10. User-defined ornament default settings were not applied when adding the ornement through the note edit window
    11. Crash when playing some trills with Virtual Singer
    12. Some fixes on guitar tablature display
    13. Fixed merged tablature display in scroll mode
    14. Fixed crash when a part sung by Virtual Singer contained more than 32000 syllables. Maximum score duration Virtual Singer can sing is still limited to 3h1/4 though
    15. Fixed chord diagram preview in score display setup
    16. Fixed mistakes when adjusting instruments to existing sound devices on file loading or import
    17. Fixed MyrSynth and VSTi instrument use on rule-driven multi-instrument staves (could crash with VSTi)
    18. VSTi plugins: problem when several staves were sharing the same instrument
    19. Myrweb export: crash when the document included a digital track
    20. Myrweb export, SVG and PDF graphical export: fixed export of Chinese Unicode characters

    Major version

    Harmony Assistant v9.8.0 - Melody Assistant v7.8.0

    November 27, 2017


    1. Myriad HQ module that improves sound output for the application:
      • High-definition digital output and PCM export (up to 96 kHz, 32 bits)
      • High-definition digital post-processing, with a multi-band equalizer
      • Multi-channel digital output (up to 8 loudspeakers -7.1-)
      • MyrSynth-Guitar Physical Modeling Synthesizer, for realistic guitars, basses, etc
      • VSTi external module support, for using third-party sound modules
    2. New splash screen that shows the additional module status (Virtual Singer, Myriad HQ, GOLD Base)
    3. New management of chord diagrams (fretted string instruments)
    4. Possible to define the preferred chord diagrams for each document
    5. In chord diagrams, added a 5th finger to use thumb for some chords
    6. When chord diagrams are related to a playable chord line, the diagrams are actually played, as if the chord was really strummed
    7. New option to add chord diagram library at the end of the score
    8. Piano chord diagrams
    9. Ambitus notation has been included in the program. It is set up globally for the score, but can be disabled on a per-staff basis. Its appearance can be set up for each score, and it's automatically updated when changes are made to the score
    10. Dialog box to view all the additional objects related to a staff: dymamics, ottavi, tempi, text objects, etc. From there, object settings can be seen or objects deleted
    11. Added keyboard shortcuts for increasing/decreasing volume, activate AGC, bass boost, reverb, etc
    12. Harmony Assistant: New script to play grace notes earlier so that the main note plays at its written position (time for grace notes is then borrowed from the previous note)


    1. Improvement of TAB files import
    2. Management of complex clipping regions (used to hide measures) in SVG, PDF and EPS export
    3. Measures are automatically added when the user enters lyrics after the last measure
    4. Improvement of tablature calculation when grace notes or a glissendo define the string to be played
    5. When editing graphical objects related to a staff, problems are detected, and errors displayed, with an option for automatic correction
    6. Better splitting of ghosts rests, and rests when created from ghost rests
    7. Partial implementation of loop point storage in WAV files when exporting instrument samples
    8. Possible to directly edit tablature display settings from staff display settings edit box
    9. MusicXML: general tempo is Imported/Exported
    10. Improvement of MUSL upload. In the 1st (automatic) conversion, very long tunes are truncated to 15mn, in order to avoid a too fast storage space overload. They can be exported in a longer form afterward.
    11. From the jukebox, when exporting in Myrweb format files that are protected with the same password, this password is asked only once.
    12. Multi-page PDF files can be created from the print previex.
    13. In "distance values display" mode, digits after the decimal dot can be edited directly on the document.
    14. New option in the staff contextual menu to activate/deactivate quickly chord playbackl
    15. Changes in security management for protected documents.
    16. MacOS versions are now digitally signed.
    17. Macintosh: text display through CoreText
    18. Macintosh: digital audio input through CoreAudio
    19. Better display of grace notes on accordion tablatures.
    20. New notation for the "Note names" script: dTAB.
    21. Now possible to display a cautionary accidental on grace notes
    22. Noteworthy import improvement: marcato problem
    23. Improvement of documentation to explain more clearly the relations between Harmony Assistant and Melody Player
    24. Note management in accordion tabletures has been improved:
      - Now the miscellaneous chord notes can be accessed directly from the tablature
      - When changing push/pull state for a note or a chord, the other notes are computed accordingly.
      - Row display has been improved to manage complex chords
    25. When asking for playing the accordion left hand through a chord line and a chord isn't present in the playable chords list, nothing is heard. Now, an alert is displayed to warn the user. 
    26. When notes isn't found for right hand in the push/pull state defined by left hand, a "?" is displayed on the line that matches push/pull
    27. Management of tempo changes in ABC export.
    28. New option in staff display settings, to print empty staves, even if the "Do not print empty staves" option is on in print setup
    29. When changing settings of an ornament related to a note, these latest values will be used as default when :
      - adding a new ornament from the note edit window
      - injecting a new ornament directly on score
      - adding ornament to several notes from the "Apply to selection" box
      These default value will apply to all documents, and are kept when launching the program again
    30. Slash chords (inversions) are managed in chord names
    31. Management of maj7 chords (alternate spelling for M7)
    32. File overwriting confirmation box now also applied to multi-pages graphical exports.
    33. Improvement of ornament positioning in TAB text files
    34. Commands have been adder to the contextual menu in page mode: group two by two, separate page, etc
    35. Option to deactivate addition of scripts to other application menus
    36. Improvement of conditional parts (endings) in nested repeats
    37. Improvement of triplet automatic beaming over barlines
    38. When editing ornaments related to symbols, only useful ornaments are displayed, in particular when editing rests.
      This mode can be disabled in global settings in order to add any ornament to rests, when editing symbols or using the injector tool
    39. Possible to activate/deactivate lyrics on staff directly from the staff display mode window
    40. Improved automatic correction of GOLD base, "Bouzouki" instrument, when loading old files


    1. Problem of notes that didn't disappear from the virtual keyboard after having played slides or grace notes
    2. Possible incorrect windows size after import of documents created by PDFtoMusic
    3. Fixed Dock automatic activation after program update
    4. Fixed appearance of staff-related digital effects edit box
    5. Fixed problem when creating chord diagrams for Ukulele.
    6. In dynamics edit box: second value was edited for simple dynamics
    7. Fixed click problem in tree list scroll bar, that opened the first folder.
    8. Fixed horizontal offset for grace notes drawn after the note on harmonica tablatures
    9. Fixed lyrics line masking problems
    10. Fixed multi-rest bar calculation when end-of-line positions are forced
    11. Fixed lyrics export problem in MIDI Karaoke (.kar) files when chords are displayed on the sung staff
    12. Virtual Singer crash when playing notes with a 0% pressure time
    13. MusicXML import: some misplaced objects could lead to measures with extra length
    14. MusicXML import: fixed wrong measure duration when followed by a time signature change
    15. Quite important graphical positionning problems fixed in clef, key and time signature display.
    16. Problems when importing/exporting barlines at the end of a measure (e.g. repeat end barline) when the measure is split by a clef or key signature change
    17. Clicking "No" when the program asked for truncating a too long score coule leat to a crash
    18. Fixed crash when exporting chord diagrams in PDF format
    19. Fixed lyrics printing on organ cards
    20. Fixes on chord diagrams printing
    21. Fixed extra/unnecessary staff name display in page mode with control handles on
    22. Fixed crash when closing the About box when virtual keyboard palette is open.
    23. Fixed Tablature palette graphical update when switching to another document.
    24. Fixed display problem on guitar tablatures
    25. Fixed Myrweb export problem in tryout mode.
    26. On MacOS, fixed default path management when opening folders
    27. Fixed tempo change positionning in ABC import
    28. Fixed problems in TAB import
    29. Fixed problem in Unicode characters transcoding (e.g. bullet) into HTML
    30. Fixed option mismatch in Dutch version, for the staff display mode edit box
    31. Fixed compatibility problem between Dock and rhythm editing
    32. Fixed user palette refresh when all palettes are deactivated
    33. Fixed "Full width" mode in automatic document resizing  when loaded
    34. Fixed horizontal scroll bar when editing text without line break
    35. Music playback module has been redesigned, to fix some mistakes. For instance, grace notes after the main notes weren't played when trying with the hammer or from the note edit box
    36. Linux: Fixed copy/paste to Harmony/Melody from another application


    Translation of the new features in the program interface:
    Dutch: Roeland Bekker
    German: Lutz Stalhofen
    Italian: Pietro Cecchi
    Japanese: Norio Kusumoto
    Portuguese: Carlos Pinto de Oliveira
    Spanish: Jose Alfredo Oliveira &  José Luís Blasco

    Myriad HQ logo: Gaël Martin

    Previous versions

    => Harmony 9.6 - Melody 7.6 - (March 2011 - October 2016) Kooplet
    => Harmony 9.5 - Melody 7.5 - (April 2010-February 2011) MUSL user space
    => Harmony 9.4 - Melody 7.4 - (April 2008-March 2010) Introducing Views (Harmony Assistant)
    => Harmony 9.3 - Melody 7.3 - (April-May 2007) Import/Export in MusicXML 1.1 format (export only available in Harmony Assistant)
    => Harmony 9.2 - Melody 7.2 - (May-June 2006) New document wizard, Unicode text, text style and rotation...
    => Harmony 9.1 - Melody 7.1 - (April-October 2005) independent staff positioning, better sound output quality, new graphical objects, GOLD 2 sound base
    => Harmony 9.0 - Melody 7.0 - (July-December 2004) -Special beams, advanced ties, conditional dynamics
    => Harmony 8.4 - Melody 6.4 - (December 2003) - Icon sets, Real Singer II.
    => Harmony 8.3 - Melody 6.3 - (April-May 2003) - MyrScript, OGG support.
    => Harmony 8.2 - Melody 6.2 - (January 2003) - Mixer, real-time keyboard input.
    => Harmony 8.1, Melody 6.1 -(September 2002)  High quality GOLD base. More than 20 new features.
    => Harmony 8.0, Melody 6.0 -(April 2002) New interface, new jukebox. More than 50 new features.
    => Harmony 7.9, Melody 5.9 -(December 2001) Graphical Quality, Editing,Drums and Real Singer
    => Harmony 7.8 - Melody 5.8 (September 2001)- Engraver Mode, Free Objects
    => Harmony 7.7 - Melody 5.7 - (July 2001) Notation and edition
    => Harmony 7.6 - Melody 5.6 - (May 2001) New Web Feature
    => Harmony 7.5 - Melody 5.5 - (February 2001) New Tablature, New Display Mode
    => Harmony 7.4 - Melody 5.4 (October 2000); New management for break symbols
    => Harmony 7.3 - Melody 5.3 (August 2000) And now it sing !
    => Harmony 7.2 - Melody 5.2 (June  2000)
    => Harmony 7.1 - Melody 5.1 (April-May  2000); New sound databases
    => Harmony 7.0 - Melody 5.0 (February  2000); Internet, MIDI and Digital Tracks
    => Harmony 6.3 - Melody 4.3 (December 24 1999)
    => Harmony 6.1 - Melody 4.1 (November 99)
    => Harmony 6.0 - Melody 4.0 (September 99)
    => Harmony 5.4 - Melody 3.4 (19 may 1999)
    => Harmony 5.3.0 - Melody 3.3.0 (April 20 1999)
    => Harmony 5.2.0c - Melody 3.2.0c  (March 23th, 1999)
    => Harmony 5.1.0 - Melody 3.1.0 (Feb 22th 99)
    => Harmony 4.0 Melody  2.0 September 1998
    => Harmony 3.1 Melody  1.4 May 1998
    => Harmony 3.0. Melody  1.0. February 1998
    =>  Harmony 2.0: Mars 1996
    =>  Harmony 1.0: November 1994

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