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01/26/2014 11:13 GMT

The 28th Friendly Contest will ends in some days. You still can submit your work.
See here for all details :


Best regards
09/25/2012 15:19 GMT
Just a little note to remind you that our Music Contest (27th session) is open, and you are invited to compose a music piece and submit it. The closing date is December 31, 2012.

This time, the topic is "The music box or other mechanical music", and the first prize is a "programmable" music box with a pre-punched music piece, as well as a puncher and blank cards to create your own cards.

More information on the contest Web page.

06/27/2012 11:02 GMT

You own a license for Harmony Assistant, and you'd wish to use this program on another OS ?

You can purchase an additional Harmony Assistant personal license for any OS (Windows, Mac OS or Linux) at a discount price.

If you live outside Europe, for only US$50 instead of US$85 :


If you live in Europe, for 40 euros instead of 70 :


To order, you'll need the 5 first characters of your current Harmony Assistant registration code.

This offer is valid until September 16, 2012 and is limited to one additional license for any Harmony Assistant license previously purchased at full price.

Note: if you wish to order via post mail, please contact us.

Best Regards,
03/05/2012 16:12 GMT
A new section is now available on our site.
It will list the special offers currently running for our products.

We started by an offer for a special price for switching from Melody Assistant to Melody Assistant: if you already own a license for Melody Assistant from before January 2012, you can order a license for Harmony Assistant for US$65 (55 euros) instead of US$85(70 euros) on the platform of your choice (Windows, Mac OS, Linux).

More information here.
09/09/2009 10:47 GMT

Here are some news from Myriad (it has been a while):

- The new friendly music contest has started, with an exciting topic: "Put together or oppose in a same piece two different music styles". Please don't be shy, send us your work ;-)
Click here

- Congratulations to Nicolas Demetri, who won the previous version of the contest. Congrats also to Kevin Dickinson (2nd), Jack Smith (3rd) and all the other competitors.
Click here

- We are presently working hard on the next version of Harmony Assistant. A major new feature will be the "user spaces". Each user of Harmony will be granted a Web space to display their music pieces on the Internet.
All will be managed very easily (no IT skill needed) from the next version of Harmony Assistant.
The dedicated website is already up and running, and you can view it here.

The new version of Harmony Assistant, that include the user space management functions, is currently in beta-test. If you wish to test it in exclusive preview, you can download and install the beta-version of Harmony Assistant.
This beta installs in a separate folder from the current version, so you'll still be able to use the latter if something wrong prevents you to run the beta-version properly. Please in such case, provide feedback so that we could fix the problem.

Links to beta-versions are available in this forum thread.

Thanks for your constant support!
04/23/2009 13:09 GMT

New versions of several Myriad applications are available. You can update for free:

- Harmony Assistant 9.4.7

- Melody Assistant 7.4.7

- PDFtoMusic Pro 1.2.0

- PDFtoMusic 1.2.0

- Melody Player 6.1.3

- Myriad Music Plug-in 5.4.7

Best Regards,
10/14/2008 14:32 GMT
The new versions of Harmony Assistant (9.4.6d), Melody Assistant (7.4.6d), PDFtoMusic (1.1.0), PDFtoMusic Pro (1.1.0), Melody Player (6.1.2d) and Myriad Plug-in (5.4.6d) are available on our Website. Of course, updates are free of charge, as usual.

To update your program, you just have to download the new version and install it over the one you already own.

You can read the detail of the changelog for Melody and Harmony Assistant here.

If you still doesn't own the GOLD Sound Base, please note that it can now be purchased as a downloadable file. For more information about the GOLD Sound Base, please follow this link.

Best Regards,
The authors
04/05/2007 13:35 GMT
The demos files are now up to date.
04/04/2007 12:50 GMT
17th contest is closed. The winners will be announced here end of May.
18th contest will begin soon.
03/14/2007 17:03 GMT
New contest entries from Mr Berkovtis, Coquerel, Faivre, Hazlett, Johnston, Meylan, Reitan, Riom, Roger, Ruel, Senica, Stahlhofen,Valentin.
02/06/2007 14:36 GMT

We are glad to announce the very first release of our new program, PDFtoMusic.

Did you ever suffer for not being able to simply hear a PDF score you downloaded on the Internet?
Did you, at least once, give up from using the score file sent by a friend, because his music program wasn't compatible with yours?
If you changed your score editor in the past, did you ever lose some music pieces you entered in the old one, because there was no easy way to convert them into a format that could be read by the new program?

PDFtoMusic is tailored for you! Open a PDF document, and after a few seconds, you'll just have to click an icon to hear the score playing, and even the lyrics be sung!

PDFtoMusic gives you full access at last to the huge PDF music score collection available on the Internet.

If you wish to go further, with Melody Assistant or Harmony Assistant, you'll be able to alter the score, remove parts, transpose them, or completely rearrange the whole piece.

For the most demanding users, the "Pro" version of PDFtoMusic also enables to export the result in MusicXML format, which is managed by most of the professional score editors, as well as tune up finely the calculation settings.
Considering that creating a PDF file from any program (even old or discontinued products) is a breeze, PDFtoMusic Pro then becomes the ideal bridge between your miscellaneous score editors.

So don't hesitate longer, download PDFtoMusic or PDFtoMusic Pro, and give it a try. You'll be amazed of how it will broaden your musical outlook.

For more information about PDFtoMusic, click here :

For more information about PDFtoMusic Pro, click here:

The Myriad Team
01/31/2007 16:37 GMT
New contest entries from Mr Grillo, Miguel, Pernet, Smith, Zsenak.
01/05/2007 17:02 GMT
New contest entries from Mr Crider, Eisemann, Levi, Sky, Smith, Tubb.
12/04/2006 16:43 GMT
New contest entries from Mr Bataille, Cecchi, Comeau, Emadi, Gennell, Gossart, Mullen, Sandhu, Wilson
10/09/2006 15:26 GMT
New contest entries from Mr Bonzanini; Carslmose; Collin.
09/22/2006 15:32 GMT
First entries from Mr Allan and Sawyer for 17th Contest.
09/03/2006 18:35 GMT
The contest ends now with the last entries from Mr Comeau, Gaskin, Gregory,Masse,Miersma, Moroni,O Connor, Sear, Shiley, Stahle, Thoorens.
The jury will new begin to work.
And a new contest will begin soon !
08/24/2006 16:05 GMT
New contest entries from Mr Collin, Coquerell, Cechi, Faivre,Thoorens, Vauclin. Still some few days to send us your work !
08/10/2006 15:54 GMT
New contest entries from Mr Berkovits,Genell,Hale,Romero,Vauclin,Vigano.
07/12/2006 16:07 GMT
New Contest entries from Mr Brandt, Genell, Roger, Vigano.
06/09/2006 15:17 GMT
New contest entries from Mr Bernardin,Duchene, Garcia, Meinecke.
05/29/2006 16:12 GMT
New contest entries from Mr : Rodrigo, Kaj, Huwe, Lambotte, Kumanan, Ted.
By the way, the link page was updated (at last).
Best regards
05/09/2006 16:24 GMT
New contest entries (sorry for the delay but we are working on new versions) from Mr Johnson, Levi, Nesiah, Sky, Zivan.
03/08/2006 16:37 GMT
Update of demo tune pages:
03/03/2006 13:14 GMT
First entries for the 16th Contest "Tribute to Mozart" from Mr Carlsmose, Eisemann, Navdeep et Verpeaux.
01/16/2006 16:51 GMT
The 15th contest will end January 31, you still can send your work or listen to submitted tunes here :
08/08/2005 17:19 GMT
New contest entries from Mr Deschatelets , Cherrier; Ted, Mustone, Nguyen, Reihheiser, Sawyer, Schreurs.
The contest will be closed the 30th august...
07/08/2005 14:55 GMT
New contest entries from Mr Cattin, Comeay, Dickinson, Hawke, Mustone, Nguyen, Reihheiser, Swayer, Toniello, Zhenya.
06/20/2005 12:15 GMT
New contest entries from Mr Allain, Carlsmose, Fidermutz, Hazlette, Ighina, Perrin, Pinc, Prudent, Reihheiser, Toniello.
06/02/2005 15:33 GMT
We are pleased to inform you the winners of the 13th Contest are :
1- Laurier Nappert for Trinidadité
2- Anthony Mustone for Strange Utopia
3- Ole Carlsmose for Little Annie
The winner of Mandatory Topic "Andromeda" is Lutz Stahlhofen

Please remember the 14th contest is running, you can submit your work !

Best regards
05/31/2005 08:55 GMT
New contest entries from Mr Carlsmose, Diserens, Dilly, Fiedermutz, Hazlett, Inga, O Neil,Oconnor, Perrin, Reihheiser, Shiley, Wilson.
05/18/2005 13:19 GMT
New contest entries from Mr Bataille, Bonzanini, Carlsmose, Cecchi, Comean, Hazlett, O Neil, Verpeaux, Villedey.
04/29/2005 14:25 GMT
Demo music pages is updated.
04/01/2005 13:42 GMT
The 13th contest ends with the submissions from Mr Bataille, Bekker, Diserens, Furler,Gregory, Lzehnev, Lyon, Masse, Moroni, Morzier, Oconnor,Tudico, Villedey. The 14th Contest start now !
03/16/2005 17:08 GMT
New contest entries from Mr Bekker, Comeau, Delage, Fontenot, Grandhay, Habeck, Han, Homer, La Francesca, Larher, Oconnor (Father), Oconnor (Son), Save,Scherues, Smith, Stahlhofen, Thibordeau.
02/15/2005 16:50 GMT
New contest entries from Mr Buffat,Cherruer, Comeau, Ighina, Schwartz,Smith, Stahlhofen
01/23/2005 14:43 GMT
New contest entries from Mr Coanet, Deschatelets, Dete, Diserens,Habeck,Nappert,Robet,Stahlhofen.
01/14/2005 15:39 GMT
Demo page updated.
01/12/2005 17:22 GMT
New contest entries for the 13th contes from Mr Bernardin,Buffat, Habeck; Mustone, Oconnor,Oliveria, Weber.

Mr Zarkh wins the 12the contest, his interview is here :
and other winners are here :

Best regards
12/28/2004 15:07 GMT
New contest entries from Mr MM Barsov, Bernardin, Carlsmose, Cecchi, Hazlette, Le Sabazec, Morgan, Nappert, Pernet, Smith, Verpeaux.
12/07/2004 09:46 GMT
First entries for the 13 the Contest from Mr MM Bertrand, Cecchi, Deschatelets, Dickinso, Grandhay, Lesbros, Liserens, Nappert, Samson, Swayer, Tudico, Verpeaux.
10/29/2004 14:03 GMT
New contest entries from Mr Allain, Diebold, Hitrov, Masse, Munoz,Nappert, Oconnor, Prabowo, Verpeaux, Vieugue.
10/21/2004 09:38 GMT
New contest entries from Mr Berthuit, Carlsmose, Grandhay, La Francesca, Munoz, Oconnor, Pernet Prabowo, Riom Thibodeau, Zarh.
09/12/2004 09:16 GMT
New contest entries from Mr Diebold, Le sabazec, Moroni, Newby, Nguyen, Storms,Thibodeau,Yu Hong.
08/26/2004 15:25 GMT
New contest entries from Mr Bernardin Carlsmose, Chu, Le sabazec, Zarkh
08/06/2004 11:15 GMT
New contest entries from Mr Bekker, Berthet, Brown, Clapton, Nappert, Nguyen, Pernet, Pfaulm, Sawyer, Zarkh.
Results of 11th contest are available on the web site.
07/07/2004 11:05 GMT
Music demo pages updated.
07/07/2004 08:03 GMT
New contest entries from Mr Clapton, Eisemann, Nappert, Sawyer, Vlahakis.
06/21/2004 15:33 GMT
First entries for the 12 th Contest from Mr Brown, Garcia, Habeck, Nappert, Pfaulm, Vlahakis.
05/28/2004 13:12 GMT
New 11th contest entries from M Alway, Brandt, Delagree,Hitrov,Masse,Moffat, Zarkh.
Be aware, contest will be closed May 31, 24:00.
05/18/2004 08:31 GMT
New contest entries from Mr Bernardin, Berthuit, Engel, Haan, Harper, Moffatt, Nguyen, Park, Pernet, Roy.
05/03/2004 11:59 GMT
New entries for the 11th Contest from M Engel, Hazlett, Lavoux, Lussignol, Means, Nguyen, Romero, Soeters, Vlhahakis
04/09/2004 14:14 GMT
New contest entries from Mr Allain, Bernardin, Carlmose,Eisemann,Engel, Habeck,Herper,Means,Reynolds,Valzania, Von Kaenel.
03/01/2004 12:40 GMT
Contest page updated with tunes from Mr Bocquet, Diebold, Engel, Means, Portnoy.
02/16/2004 14:55 GMT

Harmony Assistant 8.4.4 and Melody Assistant 6.4.4 are available for download on our main page or through the Internet Automatic Update option.

List of all additions, improvements and fixes can be viewed in this page

Best Regards,
02/11/2004 13:15 GMT
A new Melody version (6.4.3) and Harmony version (8.4.3) is available from the integrated Internet update or by manual update on our web site.
Contest page was updated.
02/09/2004 10:36 GMT
First 11 th contest entries from Mr Always, Carlsmose, Nappert, Pfaulm, Schreurs, Colgrove.
02/04/2004 11:37 GMT
The new version of the Myriad Web site is now available, with new sections. Go to www.myriad-online.com to take a look on it.
01/31/2004 14:25 GMT
Last contest entries from M Behrens, Bouquer, Brandt, Donohue, Hazlette Masse, Pernet, Sherriff, Yap, Zarkh.
01/27/2004 16:31 GMT
New contest entries from M MM Hitrov, Benoit, Carlsmose, Demetri, Diebold, Hazlett Larher, Mazza, Munoz, Pernet,Zark, Zhao.
01/09/2004 14:05 GMT
New contest entries from Mr Allain, Alway, Diccecco, Means, Munoz, Reynolds, Zarkh.
12/24/2003 09:59 GMT
New contest entries from Mr Behrens, Duchene, Engel, Kenig, Means and Zarkh.
11/30/2003 13:18 GMT
New contest entries from Mr Bocquet, Cialec, Zarkh
11/21/2003 16:53 GMT
5 voices for RealSinger II (requires Harmony Assistant 8.4/Melody Assistant 6.4 or more) can be downloaded from the goodies page :
Two French female voices (Myriam/Celine)
Two French male voices (Didier/Laurier)
One English male voice (Robert)
Thanks to Laurier Nappert and Robert Allgeyer, who recorded their own voice and accepted to share their work with the community !
11/14/2003 17:15 GMT
New contest entries from Mr : Bernardin, Bocquet, Cialec, Engel, Nappert, Pasquier, Segaud.
11/06/2003 14:03 GMT
First submissions to the 10 th contest from Mr Benois, Bernardin, Engle,Nappert,Pasquier.
Harmony 8.4 and Melody 6.4 are now available in public beta 8.
11/01/2003 05:15 GMT
9th contest is closed with entries from Mr Alway,Donohue,Duchene, Fairweather,Grandhay, Masse,Schwartz,Von Kaenel.
10/28/2003 16:26 GMT
New contest entries from Mr Alway, Cialec, Engel, Hazlett, Hecht, Masse,Robert, Zarkh, Lachapelle.
10/15/2003 12:02 GMT
New contest entrise from : Alon, Boucher, Eisemann, Engel, Grandhay, Jourdane, Larher, Le sabazec, Pernet, SHerrif, Zarkh.
09/25/2003 08:13 GMT
New tunes for contest from Mr Eisemann, Grun, Hazlett, Nappert, Pelletier, Segaud, Yu, Zollner
09/24/2003 12:20 GMT
The new goodies page is under construction.
You will find here, for example, the Icon Designer Manual (enables to design new icon sets for customizing Harmony v8.4/Melody v6.4 or more)
09/15/2003 12:13 GMT
Democratic workshop pages have just been updated. All pending votes and feature requests have been processed.
09/15/2003 09:14 GMT
The results of the 8th contest are available on the contest web page :
Thanks to all competitors !
09/12/2003 05:27 GMT
Tunes page updated.
09/11/2003 08:39 GMT
New contest entries from Mr Bernardin, Gunnarsson, Hamilton, Napper, Segaud, Stahlhofen, Zarkh, Zollner.
08/27/2003 14:07 GMT
New tunes from Mr Arvanitis, Boucher, Crhounek, Engel, Gerard, Kheloufi, Perne.
08/13/2003 08:56 GMT
First entries for the 9th Contest session from Mr Nappert and Arvanitis.
And first submission for the mandatory topic.
07/31/2003 17:32 GMT
The 8th contest is closed. The 9th begin with a new category, see the contest page for all details...
07/04/2003 13:49 GMT
A web page has been set up for an event that took place in France two weeks ago, the "fête de la musique". You can see pictures and hear audio excerpts of this event here. (in English)
06/23/2003 15:23 GMT
New entries for the 8th contest from Mr MM Baxter, Desbonnez, Engel, Gaarden, Gerard, Hawke, Masse, Nappert, Vieugue.
06/08/2003 06:00 GMT
New contest entries from Mr Allain, Baxter, Bonzanini, Gerard, Gerbaud, Hazlett, Jourdane, Lockett, Pernet, Von Kaenel, Zarkh, Zhao.
05/26/2003 07:48 GMT
Music demo pages updated (69 hours)
05/26/2003 05:59 GMT
New contest entries from Mr Bernardin, Bonzanini, Gunnarsson, Karlsson, Menut, Mustone, Pin.
05/07/2003 06:10 GMT
New contest entries from Mr MM Bernardin, Hecht, Lockett, Romero, Stahlofen.
04/29/2003 09:21 GMT
7th contest winners are available !
04/22/2003 15:45 GMT
These new versions are available from the Myriad Web site :
- Harmony Assistant 8.3.3
- Melody Assistant 6.3.3
04/18/2003 12:20 GMT
First entries for the 8th Contest : musics from Mr Bernardin, Kehloufi, Locket, Nappert, Ohara, Zhao.
04/03/2003 13:14 GMT
- The Democratic Workshop pages have been updated
- New tutorial viewing method (no more pop-up windows) on the Tutorials page.
03/26/2003 16:54 GMT
The Demo page has just been updated on the Myriad Website. Now almost 67 hours of music !
03/18/2003 16:11 GMT
Shared experience section :
Added "Leggi sui diritti di autore", by Angelo Tringale, Italian translation of "an overview of copyright laws", by Laurier Nappert.

Friendly contest :
The 7th tune friendly contest has just been closed. Jury will start reviewing the submitted pieces soon.
The 8th session begins today.
03/11/2003 07:51 GMT
New contest entries from MM MM Ainsley, Akkad, Alway, Bocquet, Nappert, Peacock, Parbowo, Sherriff, Villedey, Zhao
02/26/2003 09:41 GMT
New contest entries from Mr Blaire, Briggs, Cialec, Duchene, Hecht, Locatelli, Lockett, Vieugue, Zarkh
02/05/2003 12:25 GMT
The Democratic Workshop pages have been updated.
Options that could be implemented using the new MyrScript scripting language are now marked using a specific icon. (see the Webboard for more information about MyrScript)
01/29/2003 09:41 GMT
New contest entries from Mr Alway, Bernardin, Cecchi, Duchene, Kheloufi, Lockett, Loebl, Marois, Nappert, Nguyen, Zarkh, Zhao.
01/20/2003 06:40 GMT
Demo pages updated.
01/08/2003 12:29 GMT
First entries for the 7th contest from Mr Carbis, Cherrier, Gerard, Gerbaud, Hazlett Mustone, Nappert, Nguyen, Wezel, Zark, Zollner
01/06/2003 17:42 GMT
New theme on the Windows theme download page : Silver, by JM Jourdane.
01/02/2003 13:15 GMT
Iubito theme updated on Windows theme download page.
12/16/2002 18:17 GMT
Last entries for the 6th contest from : .Mr Belotti,Berndt, Birsan, Bouchereau, Desbonnez, Einikis; Gerard, Hazlett, Masse, Samaras, Soeters, Zarkh.
12/09/2002 15:18 GMT
New contest entries from :Alway, Arthurs, Baledent, Biggi, Galperin, Gerbault, Mac Farland, Nguyen, Pesec, Pfaulm, Von Kaenel, Zhao.
11/23/2002 07:02 GMT
Demo pages updated.
11/21/2002 07:44 GMT
New contest entries from : Mr Aguila, Ainsley, Baudon, Biggi, Lahrer, Locket, Miggello, Moyen, Ziegler.
11/12/2002 11:56 GMT
A new theme for Melody/Harmony Assistant, called "Desert chrome", can be downloaded from the Additional Theme Webpage.
11/04/2002 08:00 GMT
New contest entries from Mr M Aguila, Bernardin, Gladu, Lockett, Soeters, Takahta, Yu.
10/21/2002 06:35 GMT
New contest entries from Mr Aguila, Gatt, Gladu, Hawke.
10/09/2002 14:18 GMT
Votes for the democratic workshop since July 2002 (!) have been processed.

Four new features added :

LATEXP Graphical export in LaTeX format, Lilypond compatible.

LUTABFILE Export (/Import ?) in tablature file format from Wayne Cripps' TAB program

TABSTEM A different way for displaying note stems on tablature (see picture on the workshop page)

MORECHORD HARMONY ASSISTANT : More than 4 divisions per bar (8 or 16) in the Harmony Assistant's chord grid
09/25/2002 06:50 GMT
First entries for the 6th Contest from Mr : Lee, Brice, Desjardins, Jourdane, Kheloufi, Letourneux, Vaughan. The jury is still working on the musics submitted for the 5th Contest, results will be published October 16th 2002.
08/30/2002 09:00 GMT
New contest entries from Mr :Aguila, Berndt, Bouquet, Desjardins, Larher, Samaras, Vautard, Zlatko.
08/26/2002 07:05 GMT
New contest entries from Mr:Boisvert,Brice, Cecchi, Larher, Mercer,Vautard.
08/06/2002 14:23 GMT
New contest entries from Mr : Beaudry, Behrens,Belotti, Gerard, Hale, Kheloufi, Wezel.
07/26/2002 06:57 GMT
Demo pages updated.
07/24/2002 07:57 GMT
New contest entries from Mr: Ainsley, Behrens, Boisvert, Guyot, Thibault, Underwood.
07/22/2002 07:49 GMT
New entries in the shared experience section :
-An overview of Copyright laws.
07/08/2002 11:20 GMT
New contest entries from Mr and Ms : Aguila, Behrens, Cannara, Desbonnez, Knutson, Moyen, Nappert.
06/24/2002 13:45 GMT
New contest entries from M : Behrens, Cialec, Kehloufi, Lachapelle, Letrouneux, Moyen, Romero.
New tutorials and new look for the tutorial page.
06/11/2002 13:01 GMT
New contest tunes from Mr Ainsley, Bernardin, Cialec,Kehloufi, Letourneux, MacFraland Prosperi.
06/03/2002 07:47 GMT
First submissions for the 4th contest. Works from M Donatelli,Nappert, Peacock, Soeters, Stahlhofen.
The demos page is updated too.
05/28/2002 16:41 GMT
À new Webboard system has been set up.
It should be more useful and user-friendly.

If, when viewing this new page, the old Webboard still appears, press the "Reload" button of your browser.
05/22/2002 12:20 GMT
New tutorials are available from the tutorial pages.

Require Myriad Music Plug-in v.3.1.
05/15/2002 13:44 GMT
A new version of the Myriad Music Plugin (3.0.0) is available.
This version now enables to view online animated tutorials that explain Harmony and Melody features.
A new section has been added to the Website for this purpose : online tutorials.

This improvement is still experimental.
Technical issues must be reported to mmplug@myriad-online.com
Comment or advices about the tutorial content must be sent to yannick@myriad-online.com

We hope you will enjoy this new capability.
05/04/2002 14:19 GMT
Demos page updated. If you already had submitted demos files, you can fill the categories informations and send us again the files (in an archive if you can), so your files will also be listed in the "Categories" page.
04/27/2002 16:07 GMT
New Web page : documents backgrounds
04/27/2002 16:06 GMT
New Contest tunes from Mr : Benoit, Cho, Desjardins, Jokisch, Letourneux, Sauf, Setiawan.
04/22/2002 10:53 GMT
New contest entries from :Cho, Jourdane Andrei, Jourdane Jean-Marie, Machefert, Sauf, Setiawan,Weatherwax.
04/18/2002 15:58 GMT
New contest tunes from Mr: Ducatillon, Escobedo, Habon, Jourdane, Marion, Orlando, Roderer, Setiawan, Zlatko, Zollner.
04/11/2002 09:19 GMT
New contest entries from Mr Akkad Izre'el ,Berndt Uwe,Ducatillon Michel,Pesec Jovan,Sauf Cyril ,Townsend Richard,Zhao Mike.
03/21/2002 13:51 GMT
New contest entries :Allain, Baxter, Desserprit, Escobedo, Letrouneux, Massé, Romero, Townsend.
03/16/2002 07:10 GMT
Demo page updated.
03/14/2002 08:31 GMT
New Contest entries from Mr Belotti, Colgrove, Guyot, Letourneux, Nappert, Zarkh.
03/05/2002 17:53 GMT
We plan to open an alternate site in order to improve reliability and speed up download for US citizens and other out-of-Europe customers.

But before subscribing to this new service, we need to be sure the transfer speed will be high enough to satisfy the customers' expectations.

For this reason a transfer speed test page has been set up. We encourage you to help us by trying it and telling us back the result.

On this page, you will be able to download the same file from several sites all over the word. Please time the transfer from the first of them, as well as for another one, chosen randomly, then send us back the results.

All info about how to to is provided at :
03/05/2002 16:55 GMT
New entries for the contest page : Cecchi, Condit-Schultz, Letourneux, Stewart.
02/13/2002 17:51 GMT
New tunes for the contest page from :Bader, Boyd, Cannata, Dicecco, Erskin, Mustone, Nappert, Peacock et Wezel.
02/12/2002 17:25 GMT
New article in the Shared Experience section : The Guitar, by Laurier Nappert. This article is mainly about the use of guitar accompaniment, chords and the modification of chords on the guitar.
02/07/2002 05:44 GMT
Demos page updated.
02/06/2002 17:43 GMT
New entries for the contest page with tunes from Mr MM Devoddere, Dicecco, Letourneux, Nappert and Peacock.
01/29/2002 06:30 GMT
Demos page updated.
01/28/2002 18:38 GMT
Contest page updated with tunes from M Mustone and Letourneux
01/25/2002 15:41 GMT
New entries for the contest from Mr Romero,Bernardin,Loebl and Peacock.
01/21/2002 07:15 GMT
Contest update with new tunes from Mr Nappert and Mc Mullin
01/04/2002 07:59 GMT
Demo tunes update.
01/03/2002 15:50 GMT
The Democratic Workshop has been re-organized :

It is now splitted into three parts.
In a first page, explanations about how it works, and what is currently available, developed or planned.
In a second page, the items that are either new, or many users already voted for.
In a third page, the items that only collected a few votes till now.
01/03/2002 07:56 GMT
New entry in the Democratic Workshop : SVG export
12/28/2001 11:00 GMT
New entries in the Democratic Workshop :

Enables the user to relate a third-party musical font to a document. This font will be used to display musical symbols.

New module for generating "calculated" user sounds through various techniques :
sound mixing, morphing, spectral deformation...

New palette that displays visual effects according to the music currently played.

WINDOWS only : option to configure proxy address/port, in order to enable Internet accesses of the program though a proxy server.
12/27/2001 14:26 GMT
Myriad Download Wizard is now available for Macintosh.
Go to the Myriad Download Wizard Web page to download this new freeware product, that improve download reliability for programs on the Myriad site.

Requirements : Power Macintosh under MacOS 8.6 to 9.2 with a recent Carbonlib, or MacOS X.

Please tell us back what you think about this product.
12/26/2001 15:31 GMT
- New Workshop votes have been counted.

- Search word index rebuilt.
12/26/2001 12:44 GMT
Introducing new product : Myriad Download Wizard (Freeware, Windows only)
Myriad Download Wizard is a little program for downloading quickly and efficiently all the installable archives from Myriad.
Depending on your Internet connection, breaks can occur when downloading a large file from your Web browser, resulting in a truncated file.

By using the Myriad Download Wizard, all downloads will be completed even when connection is interrupted.
Its built-in transparent resume features will continue to download after a connection has been broken, and will enable a file download to be stopped then restarted later.

At present, only the Windows (95,98,ME,NT4,2000 or XP) version is available.

Please follow this link to get info and download the Myriad Download Wizard.

This link is not available from the Website main page at present. Please send us back comments and reports at webmaster@myriad-online.com.
12/24/2001 10:50 GMT
New entry in the Democratic Workshop :
A script interpreter would be included in the program.
Script files would be written in a structured language, and would enable to apply automatic operations to the whole document, a staff or the selection range.
It could also ask the user for information, export data...
Any user could then write his own scripts in order to add new features to the program.
12/19/2001 09:26 GMT
New entry in the Workshop. Harmonica Tablature with circles.(HARMCIRC)
12/13/2001 13:37 GMT
New entry in the experience sharing section : converting digital audio data to score by Mr Rea and Nappert.
12/12/2001 10:45 GMT
Problem with the Harmony X archive fixed on our server.
12/11/2001 16:38 GMT
Now, program download is resumable.
If your browser supports this system, a download that has been broken because of a connection loss can be restarted later.
12/04/2001 17:01 GMT
New Workshop votes have been counted.
Search word index rebuilt, to take the new version of all download webpages, manuals, etc. into account.
12/03/2001 14:34 GMT
New version of the "Search" script. Now, words of 3 characters or less are taken into account.
12/01/2001 07:57 GMT
Demos page update with more than 30 hours of music. (650 files)
12/01/2001 07:07 GMT
The contest is closed, the jury will begin to work. Very hard work with more than 5h30 of music to listen. The result here in some weeks.
11/30/2001 12:58 GMT
New tunes for the contest (the dead line is in some hours) from Mr Tavitian, Desjardins, Boucher, Bernardin and Devizia.
11/29/2001 15:44 GMT
New articles for the Experience sharing section :
- Using SoundFonts in Harmony Assistant (English/Spanish) by Enrique Feás
- La Guitare (French) by Laurier Nappert
11/28/2001 15:44 GMT
New tunes for the contest by Mr Nappert, James and Townsley.
11/28/2001 05:31 GMT
New entry in the Democratic Workshop : Stick Tablature
11/26/2001 17:51 GMT
New tunes for the contest from Mr Orlando, Tuck and Kimmel.
11/26/2001 12:55 GMT
A new feature had been added today : search by content on the entire site or part of it. You will find this feature at the bottom of the front page or on the Webboard.
11/26/2001 07:44 GMT
Contest page update with tunes from Mr Soeters, Allain, Orlando. The contest end this week... The deadline is the November 30th,24H Gmt.
11/21/2001 10:06 GMT
New items added to the Democratic workshop :
11/21/2001 10:04 GMT
Vote counts for the Democratic workshop updated.
11/21/2001 10:02 GMT
Updated page, and new page (French translation of an existing article) added to the Shared experience section.
11/16/2001 09:42 GMT
The contest page is now updated with files by Mr Escodebo, Nappert and Dicceco.
11/11/2001 17:39 GMT
The contest page is now updated with new musics from Mr Dicceco, Proulx, Zhao, Hazlett.
There are now 80 tunes in contest (more than 4 hours)
11/10/2001 06:10 GMT
New MP3 demo (Italian language) on the Virtual Singer page.
11/06/2001 16:53 GMT
New musique added to the contest page : "There must be a reason why.mus" by andrew Cannata
11/06/2001 16:50 GMT
New tune for the contest :
"Prisonniers du temps" by Sebastien Navarro
11/06/2001 16:44 GMT
Adding new tune to the contest page :
Mr Zollner : Lord of the Ring
11/06/2001 12:47 GMT
A new page has been added to the Shared experience section :
It is Rehearsing choral music, some simple instructions for singers who just want to rehearse, by Alan Gapes.
11/06/2001 10:49 GMT
General announcement
The newsletter system has been setup on the Myriad site.
You can now either read the news messages for each topic on the Web, or subscribe to receive these messages on your mailbox.

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