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Apr 7th, 2020, 10:11am 
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   english pronunciation of verb "live"
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   Author  Topic: english pronunciation of verb "live"  (Read 385 times)
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Re: english pronunciation of verb "live"  
« Reply #15 on: Dec 10th, 2019, 10:57am »
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Well, I had a look in MuS with Inspector and definitely it shows that the lyrics in question is labelled as second line. How it went there I dunno, but it's like that.
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Re: english pronunciation of verb "live"  
« Reply #16 on: Dec 31st, 2019, 5:12pm »
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It seems you've worked out the nature of the immediate problem, so I just want to add a bit of my experience with Virtual Singer.
VS has a fairly good algorithm for distinguishing between homonyms, but English is a tricky language and I'm not sure a perfect algorithm can be devised.  As the writer Robert Heinlein once pointed out, what are we to make of a phrase such as, "though the tough cough plough him through," where (for historical reasons) the "ough" has developed into a different pronunciation in each word.  In such situations, SAMPA is truly your friend.
Occasionally you will encounter problems in the VS dictionary for a particular language.  For example, in some of the Latin languages, "Y" is pronounced "i-grec", "i-griego", etc., which is simply the name of the letter, not its pronunciation.  (For some reason, the problem exists only with the majuscule letter, not the minuscule.)
In British English, the dictionary for the word "Bethlehem" specifies a pronunciation of "Bethooem," whereas in American English it is pronounced correctly.  There are also cases in which the pronunciation in the dictionary, while not precisely incorrect, does not meet my standards.  To cope with this, I maintain a file on my hard drive with various words linked with the SAMPA rendition of my favourite pronunciation, which I can then easily cut and paste into the lyrics editing window.  (Don't forget that there is a global search and replace function in the editing window, for heavily-used words.)
Given that the cost of HA and VS is trivial compared to the cost of other music software, I tend to be content with this sort of workaround for most problems, rather than to trouble the brothers Guillon.
Of course, all this is only a consideration if one intends to distribute an MP3 of the score.  For private use, I generally don't bother with these corrections.
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